Friday, 28 June 2013

Fitness Babe of the Week – Christina Halkiopoulos

Everyone knows of the Spartans and how they were supposed to be fierce chiseled warriors but you do not often hear of the women. Today the fitness babe of the week is a Greek fitness goddess (who has been living in Australia for the last 13 years) with one of the most impressive waists and abdominal regions in fitness. I always saw her pictures online and I never knew who she was, she was one of those ladies whose picture was used by other girls as fitness motivation but somehow many people failed to tag her name or share her name on Tumblr, maybe it’s because they too did not know her name or they already knew her name, what-ever the case I am glad I know her name now. She always looked exotic so it was not surprising when I found out her name was Christina Halkiopoulos which is Greek.

Fitness babe info
Christina looking Awesone in NutriSups gear
Christina Halkiopoulos looking awesome in her Nutri-Sups gear

Age: 32
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 100lbs

Christina is a TV host, fitness model and beauty specialist. She had been living the fitness lifestyle for 10 years before Nutri-Sups Worldwide offered to sponsor her and she took professional photos. It is when those professional photos hit the internet when she blew up and became a fitspo for so thousands ladies out there.

Greek Fitness Goddess
This is the first pic I saw of Christina the Greek Goddess

Christina smiling and looking good at the beach
Christina having a good time at the beach

Christina halkiopoulos abs and waist
Here is that great waist and awesome female abs

Christina halkiopoulos selfie
Christina halkiopoulos whole body self-shot

Christina Halkiopouolos in gym lifting weights
Mirror reflection in white nutri-sups gear

christina halkiopoulos small waist
Christina Halkiopoulos side view with a dumbbell

Where to find Christina Halkiopoulos:

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