Friday, 14 June 2013

Fitness Babe of the Week – Eva Andressa Vieira

It’s Fitness Babe of the Week time again, check out last week’s fitness babe Kayla Rose if you have not checked her out yet. This week I bring a fitness babe who has quite a following in her native Brazil. Her name is Eva Andressa Vieira and she has all the physical attributes I have come to associate with Brazilian women, that is a pretty face, fit and curvy physiques.

Gym babe details:

Eva Andressa is a famous fitness model ( her videos get millions of views) and bodybuilder who lives in Brazil. They speak Portuguese in Brazil so her personal site and FB page and twitter page are updated in Portuguese but I will share a workout video by her so you can see what sort of condition she is in. You have got to love Brazil man, they love their women curvy and fitness is big there I watched a video of when Ronnie Coleman went there and the people went crazy he even went as far as to say the Brazilian crowd was the best or one of the best crowds he has ever met.

Height:  5’4”
Weight: 123lbs competition weight
Age: 28

eva andressa fancy brazilian gym attire

Eva Andressa Vieira Quadcity
Eva has awesome quads
eva andressa cycling
Regular physical activity help maintain a healthy body. Lets ride?
eva andressa is thankful to god for her blessings

Eva Andressa taking selfies during a photoshoot
Eva Andressa Vieira taking selfies during a photoshoot

Eva Andressa Sharing one of her favourite exercises.

Where to find Eva Andressa:

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