Friday, 7 June 2013

Fitness Babe of the Week – Kayla Rose

Hey guys its fitness babe of the week time again, if you have not checked out last week’s fitness babe of the week go here to meet Shaunna Marie and read about her inspirational fitness story. This week I bring you a 19 year old up and coming fitness model, fitness competitor (NPC bikini competitor) Kayla Rose.

Fitness babe details:

Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose Fitness Chick

Age – 19
Height – 5’6”
Weight – 130lbs

Kayla is a disciplined young lady who believes that getting a great body is 80% diet and 20% working out. She also plans to participate in the Miss California Pageant 2014 according to her interview with  Kayla has a great body now, and a great mindset, but things did not come easy for her she has had her challenges being lactose intolerant, having scoliosis (a double spine curve that causes back pain) and she is also a celiac which means she must stay away from foods with gluten. She is an inspirational person who proves that if we really want to get fit we can instead of using things like certain medical problems as excuses to feel sorry for ourselves and not to get fit.

Kayla Rose Beautiful Fitness Chick

Kayla Rose fitness goddess
"It is my firm belief that fitness is the best preventative medicine!"
Kayla Rose girls who lift weight are beautiful
Do not fear weights ladies, good things happen when girls lift weights

Kayla Rose lean with beautiful abs
"Every journey, whether it is one mile or a thousand, it all begins with one step!" 
Kayla Rose bikini competition
Kayla Rose during a bikini competition looking lean

Kayla Rose posing during bikini competition
Kayla Rose posing during a bikini competition showing off her  legs and back.

Go check out her interview with where she shares her workout, diet and training philosophy:

Where to Find Kayla:

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