Friday, 12 July 2013

Fitness Babe of the Week – Abbie Burrows

Hey guys what’s up, I hope you've had a great week, check out the fitness babe of the week from last week if have not had a look yet. This week I bring you a fitness diva who has been killing it in the fitness scene and inspiring many women to get in shape since 2010 when she became a Pro Bikini fitness competitor. I have only recently known her (from pics from Body Power Expo in the UK) but I have apparently known her abs for quite a while now, I noticed that one of her ab pics is one that I have seen countless times on Tumblr because people I follow on Tumblr are forever reblogging it, I think I have also reblogged it at one point on my fitness tumblr blog.

Abbie Burrows

IFBB PRO Abbie Burrows Gym Motivation for women
IFBB Pro Abbie Burrows
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 122 lbs (competition weight)

Abbie grew up loving sports, she played fast pitch softball for The Rebels and at university level, she skied for 15 years, snowboarded for 10 years, she was into cross country skiing and also mountain biking according to an interview she did with a few years ago. She is very competitive so it’s not surprising that she won her Pro Card after only competing in 3 national NPC shows. She always brings her A game to the fitness competition stage. She also achieved this while being a single mother and working 40 hour weeks at the time. Read the interview in the link I shared above to read more about this amazing woman. Since then she has become world famous appearing all over the internet and in fitness/bodybuilding magazines and she has become a sponsored fitness competitor (sponsored by SCITEC).

Beautiful Fitness Diva Abbie Burrows
beautiful fitness diva Abbie Burrows

Hardbody fitness competitor selfshot
Hardbody Fitness Competitor Abbie Burrows Selfshot

Fitness Girls and mirror Pictures showing progress

female gym motivation to look good

Abbie Burrows on stage
Abbie Burrows on stage

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