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Whats ups guys, my name is Eugene but you can call me Genie. I started this blog in December of 2011 as a way to keep track of my progress so I could one day look back and see how much progress I have made and exactly how I got there, I also wanted others to see that it was possible to get your dream body so long as you made goals and worked hard and consistently in order to attain those fitness goals . Another advantage of sharing my workouts and progress online was that anyone who visited my blog could then replicate my results and modify my workouts and approach to suit them so that they themselves could build a great body.

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When did my fitness journey begin?

I have always been into working out ever since I watched my first few martial arts and action movies. I did body weight exercises for a long time before I started lifting weights. I have gained over 15 kg(33 pounds) since I first joined the gym in Feb 2011 , most of this mass was gained in the first 6 months and since then I have been gaining slowly in order to put on lean mass with as little fat as possible.

me when I was starting to see real results towards the end of 2011

 This is a video of my 33lbs transformation

I currently weigh about 80kg(176lbs) and my ultimate goal is to get to between  85-90kg(  187-198lbs), it will all depend on how I look at that stage. I also want to maintain body fat that is as low as possible to look as ripped as possible, meaning I am aiming at under 10% (preferably 8%) at all times when I do reach my goal.
earlier this year 2012 starting to shape up but was a little fat.
after a workout earlier in 2012, was looking  leaner here.

This blog has a lot of content so do not hesitate to use the navigation menus provided to search for whatever interests you, and go back the archives because some of the information you might be interested in can be found there. There is also a search tool available at the top right hand corner of this blog to help you find posts. For some of my best content I recommend that you start here.

Please feel free to ask me questions, I will help where I can. We are all on a fitness journey so why not help each other out along the way to our dream physiques.