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Hey guys welcome to my fitness product review page, I have purchased and read all of these fitness products and I give my honest opinion on each product when I review them. I am an Affiliate for some of these fitness products so there may be affiliate links in the review, if you use the links to purchase the fitness product I get a commission for referring you. Using my link to purchase the product has no effect on the price of the product, it would cost you the same price even if you have went directly to the product page yourself. Thank you for visiting my site, I appreciate your support.


the laziest way to burn fat while keeping your muscle
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Eat Stop Eat is an intermittent fasting guide written by Brad Pilon a Nutrition expert who has spent a large chunk of his life researching fitness and nutrition topics, working in the fitness industry which led him to his findings on intermittent fasting, debunking myths about intermittent fasting and sharing his findings with the world. In July he added more content to his book so you will get more value for your money as well. [Read More]


To build lean aesthetic Hollywood style muscle
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Visual Impact Muscle Building is a fitness guide written by Rusty Moore the owner of popular fitness blog He offers a workout program thats tailored for someone who is more concerned with the aesthetic side of bodybuilding more than gaining size and becoming huge, his book is for people who want  to get ripped bodies like hollywood celebs, its for guys who want a physique that will be more appealing to the general public. [Read More]


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This is a short to the point affordable book available on amazon kindle written by my friend sport scientist Andreas Heller. His book teaches you about the benefits of whole body training, the benefit of compound training, and the benefits of functional training, it also shares workouts that help you to achieve all these objectives. [Read More]

MP45 - Get Ripped In 45 Days Using H.I.S.T.

MP45 guide to a ripped body in 45 days
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MP45 is a guide that helps you build solid lean and athletic muscle in 45 days, its not for people who are lazy, its for people who are determined to put in the work. There is nutrition part to help you with making food choices, there is a set workout plan so you know exactly which workouts to do and when to do them, its a progressive workout program which transforms you from a beginner to advanced level fit. Its written by Jaret Grossman on of the founders of who has been an athlete his whole life, and now is a businessman, personal trainer and a motivational speaker. [Read More]