workout inspiration! Aesthetic physiques

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In no particular order here are some of the most aesthetic and ripped guys on the planet and I one day want to look like them, If I could be half as ripped and shredded as these guys I will be satisfied. They have everything right when it comes to being physically attractive to the opposite sex, they do not have that bulky and over muscular body and they still fit into normal pants and jeans . These are just 5 of the people that inspire me, there are many other awesome fitness guys.

Greg Plitt
Max "the body" Philisaire


 NOTE: Click on the picture above and watch video #4

Zyzz (the late misc king of aesthetics)

Akiva Stopford

8 Pack Abs Progress

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Earlier this month I wrote about two of my ab routines which I do on a weekly basis. Today I am uploading a pic to show how my abs look now. I have made good progress in terms of thickness and the split in the middle of my abs is visible under better lighting. I will upload pics taken under good light with a proper camera as soon as possible to show ab visibility from the side view.

8 pack abs for the new year
xmas eve

I have been a bit hesitant in the cardio department, I find it to be a chore.Though I did do sprints and a bit of skipping this week and intend to fix my bike and do abit of cycling. I've always enjoyed outdoor cycling. I think once I have a proper cardio routine the fat in my abdorminal region will decrease enough for me to see the kind of results I want. To add to this I think the creatine I am taking is also affecting the appearance if my abs, before taking it I used to feel tight around the abs every morning when I woke up and even When I was hungry, now it makes no difference.
abs are getting thicker
side view of abs still on X4

visible 6 pack abs

Building Muscle Fast Like Hollywood Celebrities

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I always wondered how celebs managed to transform their bodies in months especially for super hero movies like Thor, Spiderman, Captain america, Batman and even epic movies like 300. Then a friend of mine reminded me that celebs are not like us normal civilians. They have millions of dollars at hand and can afford the best trainers and nutritionist money can buy. Some may even use steroids to speed up the muscle building process. To add to that they don't have normal daily jobs like us so when they are preparing for a big film they dedicate a whole 6 or more months for just workouts and clean diets, a luxury normal people can't afford.
chris hemsworth got mighty buff as thor
Chris Hemsworth got mighty buff for Thor

I have realized that you don't need to be a celeb to be able to build a great body in a short period of time; you don't need to have a personal trainer to push you and tell you what to do; you don't even need to pay anyone for fitness information. You just need to have the drive within you to want to change your lifestyle first, then you need to be willing to put in the hours of research and hard work needed to get you to the fitness level you desire. You need to set goals for yourself and learn how you are going to accomplish those goals then implement what you have learnt into your lifestyle to achieve those fitness goals.

When I get lazy I just look at past pictures and remember why I workout and then I remember where I want to be and how I want to look. I look at people who have achieved their fitness goals for inspiration and that makes me work even harder and push myself. YOU don't need others to push YOU, YOU just need to want it bad enough. If you need to find other people on a fitness journey and experts in the fitness world the forum is a great place to start.

8 pack abs workout

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Getting 8 pack abs

abs pic from when I only did sit-ups

I wrote in an earlier blog  post that I did two ab workouts per week. This is the second one, it involves the basic ab exercises people first do when they first start exercising. I do 3 sets of 25 reps for these exercises. I do sit-ups ,crunches, bicycles and the jack knife exercise. I have noticed that my lower abs have been more visible since I started my abs routine and I think if I add some cardio I will look great. Also trying to get the split in the abs to be more visible. I will post pics later this month.

I have written more updates since then so I will provide the links below:

Simple abs workout
The 3 step abs workout plan
20 ways to get 8 pack abs
8 pack abs progress - was trying a new ab routine
8 pack abs getting there - from when I started focusing more on abs

Most of these links are to show the results I got when I switched workouts, the picture at the top is from when I did sit-ups only, but not too often. My abs got worked on as an indirect result of lifting weights mostly.

CReAtiNe X4 16 DaY PRogreSs

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I am now weighing Just over 80kg. I am happy with the progress so far, I have gained 2kg since I last checked in november. I feel that the creatine X4 has been working well and that by the end of this month I will gain another kg. The disadvantage of taking creatine is that it requires for you to drink alot of water. I should be drinking roughly 2-3litres of water a day and I usually struggle to drink that much, leaving me with a constant feeling of dehydration. To add to that I have been feeling bloated since taking the creatine, I guess its my stomach reacting to the creatine and the lack of water. I try to drink atleast 2litres per day as well as lots of juice as I find it easier to drink than plain water.

Get rock hard (lower abs)

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I am currently trying to thicken my abs and make them POP! I have decided to work abs out two days a week since I have been neglecting them this past week. the first part which I will discuss now is targeting the lower abs, and the second part targets the upper abs which I will blog about at some later stage. I do 3 different ab exercises for the lower abs. I do each of these exercises for 3 sets and 20-25reps each. the first of these exercises is the hanging leg raises where you bend your leg and lift your knees up to 90degrees. The second of this exercises is the straight leg hanging leg raises whereby you lift your leg from resting position to a 90 degree position and then lastly you do the hanging body twists whereby you assume start position in hanging leg raise position then you slowly lift your legs up then twist as far left as possible then go back to start position and raise you legs again but this time twisting as far right as possible and then continue alternating (remembering not to pause at start position).

In the past I have also done some P90X exercises, especially the ab ripper x program, this program targets abs from all directions and is an intense short workout, you can do at home. This workout program is awesome if you can afford to buy it, and if you will use it once you have buy it, not just use it to make your friends think you exercise when you don't.

All ab exercises are hard at first but once you get used to them you will start to enjoy working abs with ease and want more challenging and newer exercises.

Great Chest Workout Without Weights

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Weightless chest workout - home training

Its back to the basics when it comes to working out your chest without machines and barbels to aid you. Basically you need to do 3 types of pushups. I use this chest workout for maintainance and building chest when I have no access to a gym. I usually do 3 sets of each type of push up 20-25 reps each. I first do the normal (flat) push up with hands shoulder width  apart, then without taking a break  move on to the decline push up with my legs raised above the rest of the body, on a bench or stairs etc. Lastly I do the incline push up with my upper body raised higher than the legs but not on a platform thats too high or else you wont get much of a workout. I take a break 1or 2 minutes then I repeat again.

weightless chest workout
Its a great lilttle workout and if you did your push ups with the proper form, you should feel the burn as you do those last few reps. And I also do hanging dips so that am able to lift my whole body to put as much force on triceps as possible (I find that these dips also use your chest muscles somehow). You grab ahold of two raised parallel bars or a tree somewhere and you raise your body weight with your arm using mostly the triceps and you go down as deep as possible then slowly raise your body again, this builds great tricep size.

CreAtiNe X4 Review

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Trying out Creatine X4 This Dec

Just a couple of days ago I bought USN creatine X4. I read some good reviews about it on the USN site. They claim its "400% BETTER ABSORBING". I want to test that out and see what CreAtiNe EtHyl EsTer HCl  can do compared to creatine monohydrate. Well the container says creatine X4 is for building lean muscle and strenght, if it does what it claims I would really appreciate it because it fits in perfectly with my goals.

16day progress

Bulking up

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In the period after september till the end of november I seemed to be filling out. I had increased my visits to the gym trying to work on each body part with more focus. Certain people said if I did not stop, soon I would look like those bulky bodybuilder types. I was not worried much by those statements, because I had not reached my goal weight of 85kg. I have been on a slow bulk this whole year and have not yet considered cutting until I feel I have enough lean mass to look great after a cut.

The more I workout, it seems the more I realise how much work still needs to be put in. It has become and addiction, I feel like I need to get to that 85kg mark. I look at the lean physique of Josef rakich and I am impressed by it and want to look that way some day but than I look at the late Zyzz and I also want a bigger physique or maybe even a physique like Charley Montreuil. I guess I have come to accept the fact that I want to be lean but to extreme side of lean with more mass.

First Time Taking Creatine Monohydrate

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Firstly I would like to begin by explaining what creatine monohydrate is and what its effects are: creatine is a performance enhancing supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders. It is naturally found in food sources such as meat and fish. There are many forms of creatine but the most popular among athletes is creatine monohydrate because it has the highest concerntration of the creatine molecule than the other forms.   Creatine increases the amount of water that enters your muscles, and it increases energy available to muscle therefore preventing muscles from being broken down to amino acids. It hydrates and energizes your muscles therefore speeding up muscle recovery and preventing your muscles from getting tired too quickly. With working out, what creatine basically does is to give you more energy to work out for longer but still be able ro recover quickly, hence you you build more muscle and be able to lift heavier and do more reps. Heres a cool site to learn more about creatine

Took Creatine in September

The first week I took it I did not feel any different, but after the loading phase I started to feel the effects. I always took it after my workout, but I realised the first few reps at the gym I did not feel any different but I noticed I'd be tired and then go have a sip of water (creatine makes you thirsty all the time, you have to drink like 3 litres of water a day). After I have a sip of water I would feel energized all of a sudden, I would go and lift the weight that I was struggling with just moments before with ease and then some. With the aid of creatine I was able to lift heavier and I started looking bigger. People said I would decrease in size if I stopped using it but at the end of september I did stop and did not lose any mass, infact I gained. I only gained a kg in the 21 days I was on creatine. In october I was 78kg, the heaviest I have ever been and people were starting to notice all my hard work. My shirts and t-shirts had all gotten tighter and I had managed to grow my arms a little bit.

Progress July-September

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During the winter vacation in June/July I decided to do research on how to get the best results in the shortest period of time. I came across alot of opinions and expert suggestions on the net. It was during this period that I found, a site which interviews top and up and coming individuals in the fitness industry. I was very inspired to train harder so that sooner rather than later I will also have a physique that resembles that of the ancient Spartans and zulu warriors. One such individual was Joseph rakich who also went from being tiny to a lean ripped guy with some of the most cut abs I have ever seen. He some how manages to gain lean mass and maintain a low body fat while doing so.

 I also wanted to gain muscle without gaining too much body fat, but before I could maintain I had to bulk up first before even thinking about maintaining because all I had was a frame and I still needed to build my structure. I had always loved eating and never gained weight, but this time I was going to eat more than usual so that my caloric intake was high to allow for me to gain weight.

taken in aug
At the end of july when vac ended I decided to workout 4 days a week. Mondays I would do biceps and triceps, tuesday chest, wednesday shoulders, friday back and legs (only trained legs 1 time every 2 weeks). I used thursdays and weekends for rest. This schedule worked nicely, I felt I got the most from my workout if I concerntrated on specific body parts each day. I spent between and hour and an hour and a half at most in the gym. I lost 2 kg during vac because I was not using weights but quickly gained 3 kg in august. Progress was slow after july, the gains were not as big but the hardness and tightness of the muscle was noticable.


when I first started working out

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At the beginning of the year in feb at the end of my vacation I decided to join the UCT gym. I had never felt skinny before until I went to the University of Cape Town. There were many buff guys in fancy clothing, who got lots of girl attention. That was when the seed of feeling skinny was planted into my brain, but what sealed the deal was when me and a buff friend of mine were eating lunch and the waitress was super friendly towards my buff friend (I thought maybe it was all in my head but it wasn't , she started flirting with him and when we left she gave him her number without him even hitting interest. I realized my small stature made girls/people see me as more of a kid, then someone who was more mature and attractive.

skinny me ripped around 65kg bodyweight exercises
Skinny me at around 65kg

When I first started gyming I did not do any research on working out. All I wanted to do was to get bigger, that was my only goal, I did not even know how much I wanted to gain it was all about appearance. I worked out 3 days in a week and did a whole body workout each day (I knew nothing at this point, If I knew what I was doing I was going to do only compound exercises to give me that initial mass and strength gain). I did all workouts 3 sets 10 reps each. I did bicep and hammer-curls to begin with every time, followed by flat bench press, peckdeck machine, shoulder press, upright rows and deadlift.

mass gain 65kg to 75kg
me in June at 75kg

Check out how I progressed in the months following this here.