8 pack abs workout

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Getting 8 pack abs

abs pic from when I only did sit-ups

I wrote in an earlier blog  post that I did two ab workouts per week. This is the second one, it involves the basic ab exercises people first do when they first start exercising. I do 3 sets of 25 reps for these exercises. I do sit-ups ,crunches, bicycles and the jack knife exercise. I have noticed that my lower abs have been more visible since I started my abs routine and I think if I add some cardio I will look great. Also trying to get the split in the abs to be more visible. I will post pics later this month.

I have written more updates since then so I will provide the links below:

Simple abs workout
The 3 step abs workout plan
20 ways to get 8 pack abs
8 pack abs progress - was trying a new ab routine
8 pack abs getting there - from when I started focusing more on abs

Most of these links are to show the results I got when I switched workouts, the picture at the top is from when I did sit-ups only, but not too often. My abs got worked on as an indirect result of lifting weights mostly.

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