5 ways to make sure you make good muscle and strength gains

15:41 Fitness 2021 1 Comments


- Have a variation of rep ranges to keep your muscles guessing. Don’t just do 8-12reps even though that rep range shows great results in muscle gain, use 6 reps to build strength with heavier weights and it will help build muscle in the long run. Do 15-20 reps till failure for muscle fatigue. Mixing your rep ranges with generate more growth than just sticking to the same range. 


– a diet with the right combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats such as omega 3 fats will go a long way if you want to see all your hard gym work converted into solid muscle gain.


– I have read this many times from several sources and from a video series with Kai Green on www.bodybuilding.com . It’s important to imagine the body you want to have and to imagine the muscle you are targeting growing as you work it out. This is a kind of positive thinking that often leads to positive results if you believe a change is occurring whilst you are applying the required force, it catalyses the muscle growth.


– A normal person needs 2 litres of water a day but if you workout you need more, I have often drank up to 3 litres of water during an intense workout and I still had to drink the usual extra 2 litres because I was thirsty and I was listening to my body. You need to drink lots of water to make up for the fluid you lose through sweating. You need water to increase the volume of your blood so that nutrients are better circulated to all the areas in your body to help growth and recovery.


– We have all heard people saying get at least 8 hours of sleep per day for proper brain function, well this is even more true and necessary for muscle gain. If you don’t get proper deep sleep then your whole hormone cycle is disturbed leading to decreased muscle growth, lack of energy and decreased strength.

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