Goals for 2012 - muscle building increasing weight

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In 2011 I wanted to join the gym and increase my weight so I could have a decent looking body, I knew I would not have an amazing body right at the beginning but I wanted to see how much muscle I could gain in as short a time as possible. The result were great I gained 10kg very fast within the first 4 months without having a proper workout routine, those were the beginner gains I guess. The rest of 2011 I began to workout more consistently, I worked out about 4 days a week sometimes 5 if there was time and I slowly gained another 5kg.

Focusing on each individual bodypart was getting me results, I was not training abs though but through the other exercises they seemed to also be getting a workout but I knew that if I wanted a great set of abs I would have to start working them out as well.

Now its 2 months into 2012 and I have been focusing on abs and delts mostly. I train about 5 days a week now. Size has recently become my primary concern now, I have realised that since I was trying to bring out abs more I had decreased the amount of food I consume which was not benefiting me in terms of size.

I am going to increase the size of my back, legs (not too much in order to aid growth), arms, delts, chest while keeping my waist slim. I am bulking but I don't want to look like I'm on roids.

In order to gain good size I know that I have to be consistent with my eating and diet as a whole. I can keep increasing and decreasing my food, I have to make up my mind on what I want to achieve and stick to the plan. The plan now is to gain another 10kg this year and then cut about 5 so I am as lean as possible. So the bulk is on! No cutting for me for a while.

Packing on 10 more kilos/bulking

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I have been doing the whole ab thing so far this year and its been great so far, but I have just realised that my main goal is to pack on some more size this year and not really being that cut until I reach 85kg but I say I need about 10 kilos because I am going to gain about 10kg then cut to about 85kg to get the ultimate physique.

I am not totally avoiding focusing on abs now, I will continue to work on their thickness and worry less about how cut I am, for the longest time they have been visible and I just wanted to add that wow factor. The wow factor is what I am putting aside. Sacrifice it now and reap the rewards later when my body as a whole is impressive enough at least to me that is.
ripped body

I have not been eating as much as I was used to since I was on this ab defining goal, but I think its time I increase the amount of food I eat now. I was eating about 4 times a day and now I plan to eat at least two extra meals on top of that.

I like the if it fits your macros diet plan, but I make sure most of it is in the form of protein (lots of chicken), I also eat a couple fruit a day but I could eat more. I enjoy eating a lot of walnuts and I love myself a peanut butter sandwich a couple times a day. I hope this helps me pack on some size.

The down side to all this is that I was formally a medium when it came to shirts but now I had to get large shirts which is not too bad because I did not have that many formal shirts anyways. The pants are getting tight as well, my pants used to drop without a belt and now I don't need one, some of then got torn or ripped while I was wearing them. Well that is pretty much it for the side effects for now at least.

If I am not seeing results after some time, I will look at using some sort of meal replacement mass gainer.

Muscle, muscle and more muscle...

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Do you ever wonder why we want muscle, why some of us are obsessed with being the biggest and strongest. Do you ever wonder why some girls are turned on by the macho man with bulging muscle, about to rip through his shirts.

I always wonder and it brings me back to days when we would arm wrestle to see who the strongest was in primary and high school. We where skinny and the only big kids were the fat ones but it did not matter we wanted to know who was the strongest. We would have little mini fighting tournaments when I was a kid to see who was the baddest, we beat the heck out of each other, we tried out wrestling moves and those Bruce Lee kicks and chops on each other. The wrestling shows always had a message that said please don't try this at home but that seemed to make us want to do it more.

I always thought they did not want us to try that stuff at home because it was not safe and we could get hurt, which was true by the way. These guys were trained professionals but then again before they were professionals they too had to start somewhere, whether it was wrestling and fighting with their best friends or brothers in the back yard trying out all those dangerous moves we were now advised to not try at home.

Then we grew up and were in the 10th grade and and some guys really started working out and had muscle, and every other guy would work out to see who had more muscle or a more defined 6 pack. It has always been some sort of alpha competition this muscle thing.

Who was the first bodybuilder and what made him do it? this is another question that always creeps into my mind whenever I think about muscle building. What is so alpha about guys with muscle, that makes other guys with less impressive physiques feel inferior and women go crazy...

What makes an already muscular jock like Phil Heath decide to take his muscle building to the next level and decide to make himself the biggest most muscular defined earthling, at the risk of scaring of most girls and limiting his motion and speed. This muscle building thing is like some sort of drug that, once you are hooked is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, always aiming to reach a certain size to be satisfied but once you are at that point you always feel like there is something missing or you can improve. Its a path seeking a perfection that cannot be achieved. 

Get bigger arms Part 2 - Tricep Workout

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Increasing arm size

In part 1 I wrote about increasing biceps and shared my current bicep workout, today I want to the second part that is necessary if you want to improve the appearance and size of your arms. In order to increase your arm size you have to have big triceps, they are bigger than your biceps, so instead of just training biceps for big guns you need to train triceps even harder so that your arm looks big as a whole and you physique looks more balanced.

constantly building bigger arms

I like every other newbie at gym went straight to bicep curls when I first joined and to me gym equalled big guns but the more I researched the more I started learning that if I wanted to increase my arm size and appearance I had to do more then just bicep curls. I realised that if I wanted to look like I workout when wearing t-shirts I had to train my triceps. When began concentrating on growing my triceps that is when people started to see a difference in my physique since most people saw me when I was fully clothed, that is when girls started complimenting my arms and how toned they were.

So below I will put my triceps workout:

Dips - Some people do bench dips but I prefer a dip which forces you to use your triceps to lift your whole body weight for example if you are in between two bars which are parallel to the floor above waist height and a little more than shoulder width apart, you could lower and raise your whole body using your triceps to push up and control yourself when you are going down. You could do as many of these as you can or break it up into sets of high reps (20-25). When you get used to your own body weight, you could use extra weight to do weighted dips e.g carry a bag with weight on your back while you do these.

triceps create the curve at bottom of arm

Rope press down - I go for 4 sets increasing the weight with each set, and decreasing the reps from 12 reps downwards.

French press on flat bench - 4 sets of decreasing reps grab a relatively light weight for good form.

Seated tricep push down - This tricep push down machine is awesome for working triceps, try packing on the weight here, I usually start of light and by the 4th set I'm pushing down as heavy as I can.

There are a lot of other workouts that target triceps which are not directly triceps workouts but they do a really good job, such as close grip bench press and close grip push-ups. For triceps to grow it is more about     volume, you could train them for many sets and reps at a high intensity if you want to see great results.

The mirror vs the scale - what you should look at to measure your progress

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We are all different and we all want all kinds of physiques. Some of us want the fitness model physique, some of us just want a lean athletic physique, some of us just want to lose weight. There are others who want a body builder shirt ripping body and then there are those who are in it to improve their performance in sport.

Fitness is a wide field and all of us have different expectations  and goals but those of us that want a lean, ripped, jacked physique like that of a fitness model have different measures of how we want to look. I am about 5'11'' and 176 pounds the last time I checked and my goal weight to achieve a fitness model physique will not be the same as a 6'1'' or a 5'8'' guy. I cannot model myself after a guy who is much taller or shorter than me.

I could perhaps model myself after a fitness model who is 6'0'' tall or 5'10' since we are almost the same height, but even then I would have to see if we have the same build. Guys of the same height could have same weight but one could look bigger or leaner than the other because of their build. The important thing to me is proportion and maintaining a low body fat.

When you have a certain physique goal to reach, you often become obsessed with weighing yourself, to see whether you are adding that weight but I often found that sometimes i thought i looked bigger in the mirror and then when I went on the scale it would state otherwise. In fact I had lost a couple hundred grams or kilo's. On the other hand I would sometimes look so lean and I would think I'm becoming skinny again but the scale would say I have gained I never I understood why. So I decided I would not weigh myself that often anymore and I would concentrate on how I look because it was the look of a fitness model I was looking for. and i was not sure what weight I would need to be when I achieved my goal.

This brings me back to why I looked at Fitness models of similar height and body structure. I found out their stats so I could estimate how much more mass I had to gain in order to look as good as them. I also knew that these guys were ripped so I probably had to gain more weight than my target weight so that I could cut and my ripped weight would be on par with my goal weight.

I am still on this uphill battle of gaining weight (muscle) but I am slowly getting closer and closer to my goals weight. I will check About a month from now to see how much I weigh then.

How much are you willing to invest in your fitness...

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Fitness takes a lot of time and for some of us a lot of money. It does not come cheap and its definitely not easy to get your ideal physique. First you have to decide how much time you are willing to dedicate to the development of your physique, and then you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend, I will discuss what I mean by this below.

You must be serious about your own fitness otherwise a lot of time will be wasted. When I say time I mean all the time spent researching, reading, all the time you will be spending in the gym if and when you decide to join, all the time spent exercising. Wasting of your time is if you are always reading about workouts and not actually working out, if you spend most of your time in the gym chatting for the majority of the 1 or 2 hours you claim to be working out and then eventually you quit because you are not seeing results.

There are a lot of ways money is spent for fitness purposes. It could be the most popular one which is joining the gym, buying supplements, buying gym equipment, buying training dvd's,buying gym clothes , joining membership sites or even hiring a fitness trainer or a dietitian. And you do not want to spend money on that stuff and end up not using it to full effect.

Shoulder Workout

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Workout for shoulders

workout for shoulder
One of the best parts of a well rounded physique are a great set of shoulders. This just happens to be one of my weakest body parts in terms of development, therefore I am planning on focusing more on my shoulder size and shape. I want to have both size and definition. I have been working shoulders out but not as much as i should have been. So recently I have started doing workouts that target the shoulders from all directions to get the best growth and development. I am planning to increase my strenght as well in the process but I will write about that at a later stage ( body weight exercises and using rocks etc).

So below is the workout I am currently doing for shoulders:

  • Barbell press - 4 sets of increasing weight and decreasing reps from 12 reps - 8 reps
  • Dumbbell lateral raises - 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Barbell front raises - 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Dumbbell front raises - 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Bent over dumbbell lateral raises - 4 sets of 12
Shoulder, arm side pic from october 2011 when I was sort of lean

Yep, I know there is alot of 4sets going on, that's because I have been doing the 3 sets of 10 for too long and playing with rep ranges helps growth. At some point in the future I will try lower rep ranges and more sets.

Finally my physique has come a long way from the time I first started but I still have a long way to go until I achieve my goal physique. Little by little I am hoping to add more muscle in each body part and making it as tight as possible.

The best reason to workout is for your own self improvement

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Many guys join the gym not because they want to but because some girl makes a statement that they are too skinny or everyone around them says they are fat and if people are saying those things, you usually are fat or skinny. If you are happy with the way you are you don't listen to them but most of us are not happy with the way we look and by the time it gets to the negative comments and the teasing we have already promised ourselves several times before, that we are going to work out or eat healthier but until then have failed to do so.

Us guys mostly start working out for girls, because we think being fit and having muscle will get us girls, or we start working out because we are inspired by our big brothers or fathers who are into working out or maybe even that Conan or Street fighter movie we saw when we were growing up.

The working out to please others part does not end very well, because you don't have a proper reason to workout and you never really wanted to join the gym, you join for a couple weeks and then you quit because you are not inspired. Sometimes you start off wanting to be muscular for girls then you realise you want to do it for yourself and then you sometimes go past the chick pleasing physique and end up having a bigger more muscular physique then you initially wanted but you are too into muscle building now and not the pleasing girls part.

I have friends who are in it because they are impressed by Ronnie Coleman type physiques whereas I am impressed by fitness model and in bodybuilding I'm impressed by Frank Zane type physiques. It stops being about being skinny because the same people who used to say you were skinny are the same people who will say you are getting too big. It becomes about you and how you want to look, that is if you survive the first few weeks and get bitten buy the gym bug.

Recovery after workouts.

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I am currently not using any supplements, so my recovery time is not as fast as it was going to be if I was using a supplement which aided with muscle fatigue and recovery. I had planned to workout everyday, with a 5 day, 1 body part per day split but I figure that workout plan is more suited for people on supplements, who recover fast enough to put their all into their workout day after day.

I was finding that not having a rest day left me feeling weak and still in pain from the continuous cycle of workouts. And the fact that i have been having a very hard time sleeping lately has not helped at all, in fact its a contributing factor to why I have been feeling weak.

I have decided I will go back to training 5 days a week still but this time I will rest for two days. As for the ab workouts I still feel a minimum of about 2 ab sessions per week is perfect for me right now but if I feel I did not exert myself or I did not feel challenged I add another hectic day of ab training. Some weeks I have such an intense workout that I still feel the burn 4-5days after my workout, and other times I feel I worked them really hard and I feel nothing. For me its about more than breaking a sweat I also enjoy the gym pain, its the best kind of pain ever, a symbol of hard work.

Why blogging and fitness are the same...

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So its been a while since you made that new years resolution, the gyms are empty now and only the regulars still remain. See I have read hundreds of articles about blogging in the past couple of months and even more articles about fitness and workouts in my lifetime (which has not been very long). What I found is that in blogging a lot of guys think they are just going to write a few posts and traffic will rush in and they will put adsense on their sites and boom they make a whole lot of money, just like that. 

This only happens in dreams you see just like those slackers who go to the gym for a couple of days and expect to see some magical results, the bloggers who expect to see magic happen will be disappointed sooner rather then later, and just like the regulars in the gym remain all year round, so will the probloggers and hard workers in the blogosphere.

Blogging takes a lot of research and hard work, researching information for your latest post, which key words will be most effective, seo stuff and guest posting( which I have not done yet), commenting on similar blogs and submitting articles to article directories. You also have to make sure your blog looks professional so that readers take you serious or so that they atleast have a good first impression. Constantly posting content that is useful on a regular basis, its all very hard work and many new bloggers give up or ignore their blogs because it ends up being a chore and not as easy as they expected.

Same goes for working out, it needs proper research so you know what you are doing. You need to find out what to eat, why you need to eat it. What workout to do for your particular fitness goals and why you need to do those workouts. You need to know what rep ranges to play around with, and what is needed to make sure you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time. On your way to figuring all this out, there are a lot of sites that gives false hope and information, a lot of products that promise the impossible. The key is to be knowledgeable so that you know what is in the natural limitations of human growth and recovery. You don't want to do some silly moves or lift too heavy and risk injury where you could have achieved a great result without hurting yourself.

Getting a great body requires a dedication like no other, it requires you to work your butt of every time you are in the gym even when it seems the results are not coming, tweak a few things and eventually everything you have been working for comes together and before you know it you have built your masterpiece whether its a blog or a fantastic physique. I am still building my masterpieces, you can build yours too.

10 of the most ripped Tv and movie Super heroes

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We see actors buff up or just get in shape for roles all of the time but no one does it more often or better then actors who take on super hero roles. Their goal is to look as built up as possible for that costume so that they look like the roles their trying to portray without needing much CGI. Most of their roles include scenes where they are topless so they don't just need size but they need to be cut and lean, this means they must have functional muscle to be able to move fast and do some of the action scenes themselves. So today I present a list of 10 of the most ripped superheroes, who have ever graced the big screen or just Tv.

1. Thor ( Chris hemsworth )

- was very lean before but added mass shirt ripping, costume ripping mass for the Thor movie

2.Captain America ( Chris Evans )

- was in awesome shape before in fantastic four but has added more mass to his structure with good effect

3. Aquaman ( Alan Ritchson)

-  Former model, used to be Aquaman on smallville and now plays Football captain on Blue Mountain State

4. Wolverine ( Hugh Jackman)

- this guy is big and lean, he had to be ofcourse after all the wolverine is a beast! He maintains his size all the time now unlike other celebs as seen in his recent movie real steel.

5. Batman ( Christian Bale)

- Was in awesome shape in American psycho back in the day and Usually packs on mass pretty quickly when he is required to do so for batman.


6. Green Arrow ( Justin Hartley )

- Used to play the green arrow on smallville, Doesn't have super powers just gadgets and skill like batman

7. Ben Foster as Angel in x-men 3:

Super lean angel guy I saw in an X-men poster a long time ago, I remembered he was lean and I wanted to be that way at the time.

8. Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool in X-men

- From Van Wilder to muscle bound  in Blade and X-men

9. Brandon Routhe superman

- Had to buff up for the superman role, he also acted in Chuck in one of the seasons as an agent.

10. Dr Manhattan ( Greg Plitts body was used as model)

if it were not for the fact that he is mostly computer generated, he would be the buffest most shredded superhero ever.

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5 of the most aesthetic wrestlers with awesome physiques

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Ripped & Aesthetic WWE Superstars

Wrestlers especially in the world famous WWE have to be in great super hero like shape, although some of them just look fat, that may be because they train for strength only, others have great muscle and bodybuilder physiques, and then you get the elite few with aesthetics and a low bf. You also have to consider that these athletes are always on the move, all year round doing shows, so its hard to do all that and maintain a proper diet and weight lifting schedule. So I  decided to make a list of 5 of the most aesthetic WWE wrestlers.

1. John Morrison

-height and weight 6'1'' 224lbs
john morrison awesome body
John Morrison great aesthetic physique

2.Randy Orton

- height and weight 6'4'' 245lbs
randy orton wrestling body
Randy orton abs


 NOTE: Click on the picture above and watch video #4


- height and weight 6'2'' 228lbs
R-truth wrestling muscle
R-Truth ripped body

4. Dolph Ziggler

- height and weight 6'0'' 22lbs
dolph ziggler aestheitics
Dolph Ziggler Aesthetics

5. Cody Rhodes

- height and weight 6'1'' 223lbs
cody rhodes muscle
Cody Rhodes Wresting muscle

Well I got their billed height and weight from sites about the WWE, facebook pages just to check and other sites as well. I am not sure how accurate the stats are because I did not think some of these guys were this tall or weighed so much. Greg plitt who is 6'1'' does not weigh as much as these guys and he looks bigger and more jacked. 

part 3:crazy 8 pack series

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Crazy 8 pack abs workout 2

The exercises  I am going to describe today are very difficult especially the jacknife and crunchy frog (exercise I first tried out when I was doing the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program exercises, which is a great video and program if you have cash to spend on that workout series).

  • side plank

    -  this exercise help you develop core strenght by forcing you to try and stabilise yourself in an unstable position. basically you lie on your side, then you put your one leg over the other or behind the other but close together, then you can either push your body up on you side using your bottom arm fully extended so that your body forms a straight  incline line and lastly you extend your top up and try to stay in that position for about half a minute to a minute, then repeat on other side. this test your whole body. Only your hand and side of your foot are touching the floor. the other option is similar but you use your forearm to support yourself instead of a fully extended arm.

  • jackknife situps

    - you lie on the floor on your back with your arms on your sides and your legs straight and together, then lift your knees and move them towards your chest as you simultaneously raise your upper body towards your knees,  return to starting position and repeat.

  • bicycles

    - these are pretty simple because all you do is to lie on your butt with your upper body off the floor at about 45degrees and your hands on  the floor so you dont fall over, then you start moving your legs in circles as if you were cycling forwards for as long as you can, you can time your self, to see improvement  each week or do it in reps in combination with another/other ab exercises.

  • crunchy frogs

    - you are seated on the floor with you upper body at an ang and your legs in the air, your arms are fully stretched on your sides to begin with and you legs are in the air but as straight as possible, then you you bend your knees and move them towards your chest as you move your arms towards your knees and you go back and forth from starting position to knee and arm meeting position. You can do as many as you can, this is a very tough exercise.

workout inspiration, the most ripped fitness models

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I've been following some fitness models and these guys are by far the most ripped bunch. They are at the top of the fitness game at the moment. All of them from different backgrounds but now on the same path, the fitness path.

Top 3 most ripped fitness models:

1. Greg plitt - military background

The number 1 fitness model in the world, been on hundreds of covers in record time.


 NOTE: Click on the picture above and watch video #4
2. Obi Obadike - Athletic background

The most ripped fitness model and former sprinter, the guy who dominated the fitness world in his first year by getting cover after cover.

3. David Kimmerle - Used to be a fat dude

This guy went from being fat in 2008 to a top fitness model by working hard and not making any excuses, he modelled himself after greg plitt because he knew that was going to be his future competition and because they are about the same height and body type.

If there is anything to take away from seeing guys with physiques like these is that they all work their butts off day in and day out in the gym. They lead active lifestyles which make it easy for them to stay in shape and to stay lean year round, this is particularly true when it comes to Greg Plitt who was one of the top guys in wrestling in his state when he was in high school, he has always been a fitness junkie and a jock, the same can be said for Obi Obadike, who has been a athlete for most of his life. David gives us average Joe's a glimpse of hope that we too can look magnificent if we become active and work our butts off in the weight room, because he has been out of shape for a period of his life and has now managed to make it to the top of the fitness industry. 

Part 2: crazy 8 pack series

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Crazy 8 pack abs workout 2

Today I am continuing from part 1. The four exercises I am writing about today are a bit different from the ones in part one and introduce a new challenge.

  • Hanging leg raises/ captain chair leg raises

    -  these are one of the top exercises especially for your lower abs. What you do is you hang from a bar, with your body fully stretched and your feet not on the floor. If your are you the captains chair than you hang by supporting your body with your forearms. The you raise your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor then you go back to starting position (that is 1 rep). You could do about 3 sets of 20 reps for results.
  • Hanging twists

    - well these target your lower abs and obliques. You hang from a bar as you would with hanging leg raises but when you lift your knees, you twist your legs to the left and then you change direction and twist it to your right, then you go back to start position and repeat as many times as you can.
  • scissor legs

    -  this is a challenging one, the more reps you do the more difficult it gets, it gets difficult sooner than other ab exercises. So for this workout you lie flat on the floor facing upwards. Then you put your hands behind your head and lift your neck and a little potion of your upper back. The next thing you do is to straighten your legs and raise your left leg a little of the floor and you raise your other leg even higher while keeping it as straight as possible, then you start switching leg position in a simultaneous alternating motion.
  • Plank

    -  Face downward, be on the floor with only you toes ond forearms being your only point of contact with the floor, try to keep your hips and shoulders at the same level and move forward about 10 steps in that psition and go back 10 steps. You can repeat this 4-5 times or play around with the rep number.

Part 1 - crazy 8 pack ab series

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Crazy 8 pack abs Workout 1

Today I will start by telling you how to do the first 4 exercises from the ab exercises list, some of these workouts are very common and ancient but they get the job done and thats what counts. Its good to do a couple of ab exercises after your workout each day and variation each day could prove to be a killer equation.

  • sit-ups

    - I am sure most of you reading this probably know how situps are done but here goes anyways just in case there is someone out there who does not know how. First lie flat on the floor, preferably with a partner to hold you lower body in order to stabilise you so that you do not cheat. If you dont have a partner, you could bend your legs by raising your knees with your feet on the floor and be as stable as possible. if you have a low bed you could hook your feet under to stabilise yourself. Then once your lower body is stable, put your hands behind your head and raise your upper body until its perpendicular to the floor and your legs, then go back to starting position and repeat until failure.

  • Crunches

    - Are like situps except you do not raise your whole upper body, you try and keep your lower back on the floor as you raise your upper body( excluding lower back), this has an added burning effect on your core. Again do as many as you can.

  • Reverse crunches

    -  these are very good for your lower abs. so first step is to lie flat on the floor first, put your hands on the floor, put your legs together, bring your knees back towards your chest until they are perpendicular to the floor , raise your hip and straighten your legs reaching for the ceiling.

  • Weighted crunches

    - These are the same as normal crunches but you place a weight on your chest and hold it to add some resistance once normal crunches are no longer a challenge for you. You can also hold a weight behind your neck if you are doing these crunches on a bench with your neck over the edge of the bench.   

go to part two

20 ways to get those crazy 8 pack abs

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8 pack abs workout program

Today I decided to post 20 different ab exercises you could do to get that rock hard 8 pack. I know it can get boring doing the same exercise day after day, week after week, so I want to share some exercises which you can do seperately or combine a couple of them. Changing your ab exercises is not only for you not to get bored but it provides a variety that keeps your abs guessing which in turn will get you results. It allows for you to target your abs from different angles so that you get the best possible core. So in this post I will only post a list of 20 ab workouts, but I will explain how each one is done in a series of posts in the next few weeks.
8 pack abs workout program
  1.  sit-ups
  2. crunches
  3. reverse crunches
  4. weighted crunches
  5. hanging leg raises/captains chair leg raises
  6. hangings twists
  7. scissor legs
  8. plank
  9. side plank
  10. jacknife situps
  11. bicycles

  12. crunchy frogs
  13. wide leg situps
  14. v-ups
  15. oblique v-ups
  16. mason twists
  17. leg climbs
  18. vertical leg raises
  19. reverse bicycles
  20. in & outs
Part 2
Part 3

Taking My Physique to the next level of fitness

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I have been slacking lately in terms of when I do certain exercises, I enjoy doing upper body workouts more than leg workouts and I enjoy training chest and arms in particular although I have been doing more of abs of late. I have always had thick legs, I guess its my genetics because my father has thick legs and he has never worked out a day in his life. I do not want to be those guys with extra thick thighs, such that normal cut pants don't fit me, my pants are already tight now. I am not working out legs so much now, been working them once every couple of weeks and I have been doing mostly exercises that will define my legs more rather than increase the thickness. I know its important to work out legs in order to gain size because of its effects on the hormones responsible for growth, and I know I should work them out more often and I will with this new approach I am going to test drive.

Well I read a post and watched a few videos of Greg Plitt and I was inspired, this led me to go to his site and read his bio and watch even more of his videos (which are awesome BTW). This dude is seriously jacked and he has to be in order to stay the number 1 fitness model in the world with a magazine cover every month for the past 5 years. I mean not only does he look super ripped but he has functional muscle, he is not just decorative muscle, he is a very active/athletic individual. Earlier today I stumbled upon a forum on bb.com that had his full routine, then I thought I should try it out and see if it works for me. Well it basically has no days off meaning I will be working out every day but my body will get enough rest because I will be working out each body part once every 5 days giving it ample time to recover as long as I am sleeping right and eating right. I am hoping this is the first step of taking my physique to the next level.

10 of the most ripped and shredded celebs

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Ripped and shredded celebrities

Celebrities are known to put on some muscle very quickly when it is required for a role. Here is a list of 10 celebs that are popular for having some of the best physiques around. I have seen a lot of lists with celebrity muscle but this one has a few additions I have not seen in other list.

1.Chris Evans

- This fella from the fantastic four already had a great physique but took things up a notch for captain america
10 most ripped celebrities
Chris Evans 10 most ripped celebrities

2. Chris Hemsworth

- this Aussie dude put on some serious muscle for the movie Thor, another guy who was already in great shape before packing on mass, it seems like the skinny lean days are over in Hollywood
10 most ripped celebrities
Chris Hemsworth 10 most ripped celebrities

3. Joe Manganiello

- this dude from True Blood is seriously jacked and is adding to the image of wolves being buff and vampires being pale skinny dead bloodsuckers.
10 most ripped hollywood stars
Joe Manganiello 10 most ripped celebrities

4. Mehcad Brookes

- when I first saw this guy on desperate housewives, I did not think he was this buff or maybe he wasn't at that time, but he has gone on to act as the buff Eggs in True Blood and is also a model for cK.
10 most ripped celebrities
Mehcad Brooks 10 most ripped celebrities
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5. Ryan Reynolds

- van Wilde grew some muscle and is now one of the most ripped guys in Hollywood, of course he gained mass a while ago, but its still worth noting because he has maintained that great physique as seen on The green lantern movie.
ten most ripped celebs
Ryan Reynolds ten most ripped celebs

6. Taylor Lautner

- this kid from twilight ( the movie that destroyed the image of vampires) has a great physique rivalling and even surpassing others in Hollywood who have been working out since forever. He once again shows off his great physique in his 2011 movie Abduction.
ten most ripped stars
Taylor Lautner ten most ripped celebs

7. Hugh Jackman

- this would not be a Hollywood muscle list without the wolverine, he is in awesome shape and is still maintaining his build. He was still looking top notch in Real Steel.
ten most ripped hollywood stars
Hugh Jackman ten most ripped stars in Hollywood

8. Peter Mensah

- Peter Mensah at age 53 has quite an impressive physique, who wouldn't want to look like that at 50, he spots the body of a 20 something year old gym addict, very impressive indeed.
peter mensah most ripped celebs
Peter Mensah from Spartacus and 300 most ripped celebrities

9. Cam Gigandet

- he is a bit on the skinny side compared to the guys up the list but he has a super lean and cut body as show-cased in twilight and never back down, even in his role as bad boy in the Oc.
cam gigandet most lean ripped celebs
Cam Gigandet never back down most ripped celebs

10. Ryan Kwanten

- He like cam is also on the leaner side of the line but not every person wants to be big. This true blood star is in great shape.
Ryan Kwanten most ripped actors
Ryan Kwanten true blood ten most ripped celebrities