You have to eat to gain muscle - a lot of food

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Eating the way you normally ate before you started working out does not work most of the time. I know some of us think we eat a lot when we really do not, if you had to actually count the calories you would find out that you do not eat that much and that is why you are not growing. To move from 65kg to about 75kg I ate a lot and pretty much ate anything that I could find, I could not exactly plan my diet since I lived in a catering residence. I gained 10 kg pretty easily and it was not only muscle that I gained, I gained fat too, and my muscles where not as hard as I wanted them.
Me at 75kg after gaining 10kg, not as tight and lean as I would have liked
 I was still new to working out and I did basic exercises, and only trained 3 times a week and it gave me what I wanted at the time, which was to gain weight. I learned more about working out and then modified my training as time went by as I was learning more, I was still living at a catering residence but I started eating the meal options with the most protein and not necessarily what I liked, I had 4 peanut butter sandwiches before my meal and made 4 more for later on when I was in my room. I also bought food in order to get more protein and to satisfy my growing appetite.
I weight 78kg here and did not look any bigger but I had burned off some fat and hardened my muscles, they were fuller than before
Combining the right workouts and eating enough gave me growth and thinking about my food options besides having limited options helped to improve my physique and gain more muscle and less fat.

Same as above pic taken sometime in November, I was feeling the best and looking  better than ever.
Eating is key in gaining mass, so is what you eat but the most important thing you have to realise is that you will never get bigger if you do not eat enough, wait no...a lot!

Intermittent fasting - a solution to the bulk and cut method of gaining mass and looking great

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Maintaining a low body-fat - staying lean

I am not the type that enjoys bulking, I like being lean most of the time. This means that I like gaining weight as in lean muscle mass without gaining extra fat. I am also not a fan of eating 5-7 small meals a day I am not accustomed to that, I much rather have less meals with more food. I used to eat about twice daily but I had large meals but a lot of time in between meals, I never lost weight or gained any for that matter but I stayed lean all year round, It was not planned at all and I was not into body-building at that stage but it seems I might have found a reason why that system of eating worked for me. Before I continue I would like to say that not eating for long periods allowed for me to enjoy the food more and eat more when it was time to eat.

Intermittent fasting:

So I'm not big on fasting or macro-nutrient cycling but I recently read about this intermittent fast technique and it resembled what I used to do without knowing I was doing it. Just to tell you how my day used to go in terms of meals, I would not eat breakfast and only eat some time in the afternoon, I had no appetite at breakfast time and I would be hungry in the afternoon and start playing catch-up the rest of the day eating a lot, but the funny thing is that I never lost any weight or gained any weight for that matter.

Now I find out about this intermittent fasting thing which can be used to gain muscle slowly while staying lean, this sounds awesome. I will share more about what it entails below.

low body-fat lean picture
I found a site on lean muscle gains and his way of doing this intermittent fasting is fast for 16 hours followed by 8 hours of feeding, now that I think about it this is sort of what I used to do, but with a few things missing to make the gains come which I am doing now (working out and eating enough protein). This method is not meant for all of us some people are more suited to 5-7 small meals a day type of diet.

 Eating a lot of protein is said to be important for fat loss and muscle gain and retention. Protein tends to make you feel full after eating therefore also preventing you from over-eating. So basically in terms of diet you should eat more on days when you are going to work out and less when you are find out more about intermittent fasting go here.

I will find out more about this kind of plan and implement it, I as I have said above I think it's my kind of thing.

creatine monohydrate vs creatine ethyl ester (X4)

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My experiences using creatine mono-hydrate and creatine ethyl ester(x4)

This is a short video I made to talk about Creatine mono-hydrate and creatine ethyl ester (X4) and my experiences with both of them. Its sort of like a review.

Lots of guys wonder if they should use or not use creatine, and if it has side effects, and the answer is yes if you are looking for that extra edge then its the right supplement for you, also if you are looking for fast muscle gain and want to lift heavier. No supplement or medicine for that matter comes without its side effects, creatine may irritate your stomach and cause a bloated feeling and creatine mono-hydrate may make your muscles look puffy, because of all the water taken in by the muscles. In terms of pricing I found that creatine ethyl ester can cost as much as double the price of normal creatine mono-hydrate powder. The powder works well enough and I feel its not worth it coughing up double just so you get the pills which are claimed to get absorbed 4 times more than normal creatine. At the supplement store or pharmacy there are usually specials for the normal creatine such as getting 2 100g containers of creatine mono-hydrate for the price of one, I think this is much better than buying the X4 for a higher price because in my experience they both worked the same for me and I found the X4 tablets to be uncomfortably large.

Some Basics about Creatine Monohydrate And Creatine ethyl ester (x4):

  • Creatine monohydrate is not easily absorbed by the body, which means if not taken the right way a lot of it can be wasted. The results differ for different individuals. To make creatine monohydrate be absorbed as much as possible into your  muscles you need insulin, to get the insulin spike you need for optimum absorption you need to consume a high amount of simple sugars which is why creatine monohydrate is often recommended to be taken with juice.  Creatine monohydrate can cause stomach irritation for some people and can cause that bloated feeling and that puffed up soft muscle look since its responsible for your muscles taking in more water. The other thing you have to realise when you are using creatine is that you will need to drink lots of water since creatine monohydrate makes you thirsty be because it pulls/sucks all the water towards it.

  • Creatine ethyl ester (X4 tablets) are said to get rid of the need to consume creatine with simple sugars since the X4 tablets get absorbed on their own. Since the X4 tablets get absorbed on their own they are much easier to take, that also means not a lot of it is wasted since most of the creatine makes it into your blood stream and eventually to your muscles. Creatine X4 manufacturers claim that it is absorbed 4 times as much as normal creatine powder. The only things I dislike about creatine X4 tablets is that they are expensive compared to creatine monohydrate powder and that they are very large in size. Also as with any creatine product there is alot of dehydration so you need to drink a lot of water (more than the 8 cups usually recommended for normal non gym going people.)

  • Both creatine monohydrate powder and ceatine X4 tablets boost energy levels and strength levels, they also increase the amount of water intake in muscles which leads to a faster recovery rate and increased muscle cell volume and increase muscle growth. Creatine products can be used to boost sports performance. 

Optimum Micronized Creatine Powder - 150 Grams - Unflavored
Also I had a chat with a guy who works for a supplement company on the forums of, he said that buying the creatine monohydrate powder was the best option, since you can have it with anything, water or just sprinkle it on your food, he said that you don't need to have it with juice because the insulin spike that is supposed to cause is negligible. I am a guy who usually follows the instructions on the back of the supplement container, I guess the only way to find out if there is a difference in results is to try taking the creatine the way it is recommended and then try it with what-ever you are eating and drinking the next month and see if there is much of a difference in the results you get.

A few mistakes we make when we first start working out

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Common mistakes we make at the beginning  of our fitness journey

When we first start working out we are inspired by someone or something, like a girl telling us we are too skinny or seeing an inspirational fat to fit story or its just a new years resolution. What ever your reason maybe, as newbies we rush into working out with out known what's what, all most of us know is what a bicep curl is and that is usually where we head to first when we join the gym. All we care about is getting big guns, because that's what we think working out is about. That is one of our very first mistakes when it comes to working out, I will share a few other mistakes underneath.

  1. lifting light weights

    - you do not have to try and compete with the big guys but atleast pick up a weight that challenges you, by that I mean a weight that you can handle with proper form but after a few sets and at the end of each set, you are struggling a bit. If a weight is too light your muscles will not grow because you are not providing enough stimulation.
  2. Doing the same workout and not training each body part enough

    - if you want to grow your muscles you need to train each individual bodypart enough, for each day at the gym you could pair or dedicate that day for one body part e.g Monday is chest day, Tuesday is for arms and so on. This will make sure each body part has enough stimulation to grow and each muscle gets enough time to recover and grow.
  3. what not to do to get buff
    What not to do if you want to get bigger 

    Sticking to the same workout for too long

    - after a while your body gets used to your routine and stops growing, what you need to do is find other exercises to stimulate that bodypart or always increase the weight and play around with your rep ranges, as long as you are not letting your muscles adapt to your routine, mix weights and body exercises, you can also add resistance training to provide variety.
  4. Over-training and not getting enough rest

    - if you are always going to the gym, doing too much cardio, not sleeping enough, all  that will cause your muscles to not grow, because they do not have time to recover hence they will not grow (only break down, which you don't want). Your sleep cycle is important for muscle gain and whole body function, if your body is fully rested you will be stronger, have more energy and recover faster. Have you seen long distance runners thats the kind of body you are building if you do too much cardio, you want muscle so do some cardio but be careful not to do too much( do shorter interval training instead of long distance same pace jogs).
  5. Not eating enough

    - to grow muscle you have to eat a lot of food daily, but you need to eat healthy food so that it is not fat that you are gaining. You need to eat more protein to build muscle and you have to find ways to fit in the required amount of protein into your day, you could eat foods like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, beans, nuts to get protein or you could use supplements like whey protein and casein to get to the required amount in order to gain muscle. (required amount is like 1.5g of protein per pound of body-weight per day)

Simple abs workout for 6 pack abs

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6 pack abs workout simplified

We all want six pack abs right...but most of us think there is a magic formula we can use to get 8 pack, 6 pack or 4 pack abs, well there isn't one available. Yes you can always take fat burning pills but those have many side effect and not to mention you still won't get the look you were looking for if you do not work your abs out.

There is something that you get from getting abs because of hard work, its that feeling of accomplishment which keeps you from losing those abs, this feeling makes you proud of yourself and all your hard work. If you you get some diet pills and they work it is not the same, just like a person who loses weight from hard exercise feels better about themselves than someone who had surgery.

Today I'm not going to talk about diet in order to get 6 pack abs, that is another post for another day, I want to talk about a simple workout, the simplest of them all that you could do to get abs, and ripped ones in fact. This simple workout is sit-ups, lots and lots of sit-ups.

 To prove sit-ups work I'm going to tell you how I got abs in the beginning. So when I was a kid I used to watch action movies and wrestling and I used to see these guys with six packs and muscles so naturally as a kid I would workout (using body weight exercise thinking I would look like those guys and be the strongest in my class), so I did push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks and lots of sports plus cycling was my hobby and I would play soccer everyday ( first at school then after school was out in the after noon).

Unfortunately I did not look like those guys after months of working out (mainly because I was too active and I never lifted weights), but I did become stronger and I did get a nice little six pack. Only problem was then I was skinny with abs but I was sorta ripped (but it does not count since I was skinny hehe).

picture of my 6 pack abs when I was still skinny only doing situps

How did I get abs:

  • It had nothing to do with my diet but I was very active and my metabolic was high so I was a calorie burning machine - lesson learnt be active no matter what age you are its beneficial to your metabolism and whether or not you burn calories or store them in your body as fat.
  • I did a lot of sit-ups everyday - my cousin and I would compete to see who would do the most, by the time we were done our abs hurt for the rest of the week and laughing was painful so I stayed away from funny situations.
  •  I stopped working abs out everyday and noticed that if I worked them really hard one or two days in the week they would still develop even better than they did when I trained them everyday.
  • As I mentioned above I was active so that help build abs as well all that moving around and cycling, later on  I found out this was good cardio to burn of stomach fat, so do some intense cardio.
  • Final lesson learnt - stick to one routine and do it well to your limits and it will get you results, many people do only sit-ups for abs and get great results because they do a lot of them and they do go looking around for an easy way out when they should be working out.
That is all I am going to share for now regarding this topic, I hope this helps someone finally do and implement what they learn instead of looking for an easy way out, there is no easy way out.

The mind muscle connection

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So I was surfing the web as usual and I found this picture of Kai Greene (great wise bodybuilder). This is no ordinary man in terms of size and the depth of his thinking you will see in the picture below. He tells it like it is and tells you that you do not have to be the heaviest lifter to get big, defined and be a top class bodybuilder. You can check his videos on youtube and they are truly inspirational and make me respect Kai even more.

I remember in one of his latest videos towards the end of 2011 he was working out with this other guy, they were going to do a leg workout during that session, while they are still walking on the treadmill Kai tells the other guy that they are not warming up by walking on the treadmill the workout has already begun. He was like you need to squeeze and visualise which muscle you are working out and imagine it growing, imagine it becoming what you want it to be like (not in those exact words but along those lines).

What I got from watching videos of Kai is that he is not just another bodybuilder, he takes it to a whole other level, everything he does is linked and ultimately leads him to a top Olympia position. He is all about the mind-muscle connection, he believes that you should believe and visualise your muscles growing as you work them out and know exactly why you are doing that exercise and which part you are trying to target.

I do not want to be as big or close to as big as Kai but lessons can be learnt from his way of looking at building muscle even if you do not have a dream of being Mr O some day.

Pierre Spies the ripped and shredded genetic freak

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Pierre Spies Blue Bulls & South African Rugby Player

Pierre Spies is one of the best athletes to come out of South Africa, he is one of the biggest and yet fastest no.8's in Rugby. He made his debut for the South African national rugby team the Springboks at the tender age of 21. He is a gifted athlete in many sports to say the least:

  • He was the under 20's discus champion in 2003 during his final year of high school 
  • Ranked 3rd in the country for short-put
  • And he ran the 100m sprint in 10.7 seconds

This gifted athlete has accomplished a lot in a short while in his sporting career. It is hard to believe that he is so fast considering the fact that he stands at 1.94cm tall and weighs 109kg. He is a powerful no.8 ( or wing when needed) that is unstoppable at his best, he effortlessly tears through opposition that is why he now holds the springbok record for the most tries at no.8. He has managed to build massive muscle and size and maintain his fast pace at the same time, if that is not functional muscle then I don't know what is.
lean machine Pierre Spies

Cardio exercise series to shed fat and make you ripped

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Increase your Cardio Options

So I believe that cardio is a very important part of a workout whether it is to increase metabolic rate, to cut fat or to increase blood circulation and lung capacity. I believe that it is even more important when you want to have 8 pack abs that are visible and ripped. Over the past couple of weeks I have been sharing posts on different cardio exercises that you could do to increase your heart and metabolic rate to burn fat and build a healthy functional physique. I would like to put them all together here to signal the end of my cardio exercise series for the time being and for easy reference.

  1. Swim your way to a lean body like Michael Phelps

  2. 5 reasons why sprinting trumps jogging

  3. 10 reasons why you should do martial arts

  4. 5 reasons why cycling is good for you

  5. 5 reasons why jogging is king


 NOTE: Click on the picture above and watch video #4

All those who did not see these exercise posts can click on the links above, they all contain valuable information that can help you choose the type of cardio that fits you best. 

Workout inspiration - blast from the past - the golden era

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Today I want to compile a different kind of workout inspiration, I want to share with you the legends of bodybuilding the people who inspired us to want to workout in the first place. These are the bodybuilders who had the most basic machines and yet somehow managed to carve physiques many struggle to get today with all of the advancements in supplementation to aid them.These man had the cobra shape, trip waist and wide lats and shoulders. Their bodies had good proportion, by this I mean if you looked at their leg thickness and upper body thickness, the shape seemed to work well for their presentation or poses.

Frank Zane - Former professional bodybuilder and teacher, 3 time Mr Olympia 1977-1979, he is the god father of aesthetics. He had one of the thinnest waistlines and one of only a few people to win the Mr Olympia title weighing under 200lbs. He has written many books about bodybuilding.

Frank Zane
Franco Columbu - was an Italian boxer turned power lifter turned bodybuilder who won Mr Olympia 1976 and 1981, he was also a strong man who actually held records and was considered one of the worlds strongest men which is amazing since most of his competition outweighed him and had a big height advantage. He and Arnold used to train together.

Franko Columbu one of the strongest men in history

Serge Nubret- A french professional bodybuilder known for having one of the slimmest waistlines, he won many bodybuilding competitions such as Mr Europe 1966, Mr universe 1976 and WBBG. PRO. 1977. He also did some acting and wrote books.

Serge Nubret

Arnold the terminator Schwarzenegger - He is perhaps the most popular bodybuilders ever. He is from Austria but moved to America because of bodybuilding and he became a big movie star starring in movies like Conan the barbarian and terminator. He is a businessman and was also the 38th governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

Who can forget Arnold the terminator or Conan the barbarian

How to repeatedly get beginner gains

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Non-stop gains

Do you remember the first time you started lifting weights? When you gained a lot of mass in a short space of time, you hardly knew what you were doing and getting big guns was your main concern. Well it possible to get those gains back, only this time around you know exactly what you are doing.

Make beginner gains till you reach Arnold size if you want to 

A few weeks back I noticed that my body as a whole had increased in size but I did not notice it before because muscle changes happen slowly and you don't really notice the slight changes. A golf shirt that used to fit me just fine a few months back was now so tight that if I moved my arms it would start to tear on the sleeves. Sure someone else would not notice much difference but I am my biggest critic. I usually only notice the changes in arm size, fat gain or loss and the occasional change in definition, not the overall size.

In terms of how I achieved my gains, I will begin by saying that gaining the first 10kg was easy and after that things got a bit more difficult. I noticed that if I worked out a certain body part less than the others or I ignored it for a week and worked out the other body parts, it would grow and feel the workout more eventually when I did work it out with an intensity. This is because I never allow for my muscles to get used to the workout routine and level of intensity. Over the following weeks I would see slight changes which ultimately led to a whole body transformation.

So basically all I did was to choose one body part per week to sort of ignore and in the next week I would overwork it or atleast to it limits to bring about great growth. The ignoring part is more like giving the bodypart a break, time to recover and regain full strength. This method is like the one where every couple of months you take a week off from working out to fully recover.

Another method to aid in recovery that I find works is a method I often see Greg Plitt use, that is to add variation by doing free body exercise often involving an exercise or a medicine ball. It helps you keep your workout fresh away from doing the same thing week in week out. Doing weightless exercise with an exercise ball is a great stability exercise and could help you increase your strength for your lifts.

Finally I have also been mixing up days by that I mean I have a 5 day workout plan in which I train one body part per day with two rest days but every week I switch things up meaning I don't train each body part in the same order every week. So that means sometimes some body parts get an extended rest period and others a shortened rest period. This has been effective so far.

I believe the key to having a great workout plan is being able to experiment , mix things up and find what works best for you.

THE BIG 5 -the biggest baddest bodybuilders in the world

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Today I thought I would post a different kind of motivation for those guys who want to be big, I mean huge. I give you the best bodybuilders in the world, it does not get any bigger than this in the sport of bodybuilding. These guys compete year round in competitions that pay the most money in bodybuilding. These guys live and breathe bodybuilding, they workout out all day everyday, these guys are always thinking of the next competition, they are experts of working out for size and definition. They know the right kinds of food and the strict diets you have to follow to be the best. They are the top of bodybuilding, the best the world has to offer. All their training and preparation ultimately leads to bodybuilding's number 1 competition the Olympia. So today I give you the top 5 bodybuilders in the world, ranked 1-5 in the Olympia late last year.

2011 MR O TOP 5:






Training at home - how to have hardcore home workout

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Home training made easy

Most people are busy and cannot find time to go to the gym so their best option is training at home. It could be that deciding to go to the gym is one thing but having to travel in order to get to the gym is a hassle, especially if its not within close proximity to where you live. Many others are embarrassed or are too lazy to got the gym. There are many others with gym memberships who never use them. Training at home could be a great solution for most of these people.

Most of the time training at home involves body weight exercise, so before you continue, I will like to show you a video of Herschel Walker who was and still is a professional athlete, but now he does MMA. He does not train like most athletes an yet he is successful.

Here are a few advantages of training at home:

  • You could use a workout video if you want to see how workouts are done without having to bother anyone.
  • If you are the type of person who likes being motivated and pushed, you could use an instructional workout video to give you step by step instructions and pump you up.
  • Working out at home in front of your family will enable your family to encourage you to work hard and your family might even end up joining you. The home workout might end up bringing you guys closer together as a bonding activity while improving the overall health and fitness of your family.
  • Most people give up easily, so if you are one of those lazy people who lack motivation, working out at home could save you money because you did not pay for a gym membership you do not use. And you could always pick things up where they left off without any extra cost except your initial investments.
  • If you bought some home workout equipment, it could still be used by other members of your family who are concerned with their health and fitness, so it would not be a total waste of money if you stopped working out at some point.
Still on the home workout topic I would like to list a few things that are affordable and could be of assistance with a home workout program:

  • PULL-UP BAR - This is to help you do different variations of pull-ups, from wide grip to close grip, it allows comfortable handling that fits your hands. It could also be used for ab targeted exercises such as hanging leg raises. It is easy to use, usually you just hook it on a door frame then after your workout you simply unhook it. Its easy to store and portable. You do not necessarily need a pull-up bar to do those exercises but it just makes the exercises easier and has a better grip and angles than most people would find on horizontal bars around their houses.
  • Exercise Mat - Workout mats are useful in that you do not lie directly on the floor when doing your floor exercises. They provide comfort compared to the hardness of the floor. Workout mats help you avoid carpet burns and other discomforts associated with doing floor exercises like sit-ups, push ups and plank exercises directly in contact with the floor.
  • Exercise Ball  - These help add some variety to the common floor exercises. You could use them to create a challenge in stability exercises, to create angles by lying on the exercise ball a certain way. Exercise ball help make a workout more interesting and challenging because doing the same thing all the time gets boring, you get bored, your muscle get bored and you don't see results.
  •  Resistance Bands - These help to create resistance so that you can build and tone your muscle by making the workout challenging. There are many home workouts that use resistance bands to help with creating resistance whether is for a leg, arm, chest or ab exercise.
  • Aerobic Stepper - People use steppers to create angles and increase level of difficulty of different exercises. If you are doing squats you could combine it with stepping up and down the stepper to make it difficult. Steppers are used mostly for aerobic exercises and mainly for leg workouts for that extra burn.
The options mentioned above are for an affordable home training option, weights and workout benches can also be bought to aid yo in building a fantastic body.

Swim your way to a lean body like Michael Phelps

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Swimming to burn calories

I am not a fan of water sports like swimming but come Olympic time and I am watching to see who the fastest swimmer in the world is and who takes the most gold medals home. Then at the end of the Olympics I think about what makes swimming a great sport and why I should consider swimming in the near future, aside from the fact that swimmers have lean toned athletic bodies.

So just in case you are on the fence on why you should learn to swim or swim more regularly here are a few reasons why you should swim:

Michael Phelps olympic body
Michael Phelps swimming to victory

  • Swimming at a non-competitive level can be done by people of all ages, provided you have learnt how to swim ofcourse, we don't want people drowning now do we.
  • Swimming is a great aerobic exercise and awesome for  getting in shape
  • Unlike other aerobic exercises which impact your joints really negatively because you have to support your whole body weight, swimming is better for your body because in the water you don't have to support your own body weight so there is less stress on your body.
  • People of all sizes can swim, it does not matter how big or skinny you are.
  • While in the pool, you could use the water for resistance exercises 
  • Swimming builds strenght and endurance overtime as you get used to it and get better at it
  • It is great for your lung capacity, over time you will be able to hold your breathe for longer and be able to take in more oxygen with every breathe you take
  • Its fun to swim, its a great way to meet others and socialise
  • Swimming gives you a great excuse to walk around half naked so you can show of all that hard work you have been putting in the gym
  • It is a great way to exercise and tone your whole body by using a variation of strokes
There are many reasons why swimming is a good alternative to conventional cardio exercises, they may be recreational or health related but one thing is for sure, swimming is one hell of a good sport.

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5 reasons why sprinting trumps jogging

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Why you should sprint

I am continuing with the cardio series, today I will give you some great reasons why sprinting is better than jogging. We humans are competitive beings and we live for competition, whether its competition amongst ourselves or watching others compete against one another. This year being the year of the London Olympics I thought I would ask you which sport do people look forward to watching, is it the 100m dash or the other long distance races? Will you remember Usain Bolts feats or those of who ever wins those long distance races?

Fastest sprinter in the world

Well I cannot even remember who wins or competes in long distances but I bet you most people know who the fastest man in the world is. Nobody cares if you can run the longest faster, everybody treats the sprinter like royalty in athletics.

So here's why sprinting trumps jogging:

  • Its a form of HIIT - since it cannot be done for long periods at the same intensity, you sprint in short intense intervals where you push yourself to the limit, this allows you body to burn calories long after you have finished your workout.
  • It is great for your legs and abs - have you ever noticed how sprinters have thick powerful legs and great abs, well that is what short bursts of speed will get you.
  • It is fun - there is no fun in running long distance and cramping up in the middle of nowhere, I have seen so many people collapse from running marathons which are long and boring. With sprinting you get to see how fast you can go, everyone loves abit of speed. Nothing is better than being known as the fastest, whether its in the world or just amongst your mates.
  • It allows for you to build muscle - unlike jogging and long distance which often leads to muscle loss ( have you seen how skinny long distance runners are), when you sprint you can build great muscle to aid with explosive power and acceleration just look at how buff those Olympic sprinters are. 
  • Sprinters are the jocks of athletics - its just more cool to be a sprinter than a long distance runner, as I have stated above sprinters are the superstars of athletics. You want to be the hero not the sidekick.
Basically sprinting is a great form of cardio which gives you the lean athletic physique that so many people dream on having.

Whey protein - alternative protein sources

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Protein Supplements

A while ago I wrote a post on other sources of protein that are not meat based, I mentioned whey protein but not what it was or what whey protein does . So today I will dedicate this post solely to discussing whey protein.

Whey protein is a fast absorbing supplement used by bodybuilders and people who workout to aid in muscle gain, recovery and to prevent muscle loss. There are two common forms of way protein found in whey protein products, that is whey isolate and whey concentrate.

  • Whey protein Isolate

    - is a more pure version of whey protein with a higher percentage of protein in it than concentrate. This whey is very fast absorbing which makes it really good after a workout and in the morning when your body needs the protein the most. The isolate version also has lower lactose levels than concentrate.

  • Whey protein concentrate

    - Is the more affordable of the two popular version because it is less processed. It contain more immune boosters than isolate because it is not as processed. Has more lactose than isolate so for those who are lactose intolerant seek medical advice before using whey protein. Whey protein concentrate has a more varied amount of protein availability, less than isolate.
When choosing which product and brand of whey protein you want to use you would take a lot of things into consideration, such as the price, and whether it would affect you in terms of health.That is why it is wise to consult a medical practitioner before using supplements, in the case of whey protein especially if you are lactose intolerant. Read the label and instructions on the containers as well, for directions of use and possible side effects.

In terms of the best whey product I am not sure but if sales are anything to go by then Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein is the best seller on and other online stores. It is also helpful to read reviews when picking a product to use to see what others experienced while using the product or if the product is good value for money.

Building lean muscular legs of steel: Leg workout

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I have mentioned in previous post that I do not  workout my legs as much as my upper body. This is due to the fact that I think my legs are already thick enough because at the end of the day I am not a bodybuilder and do not want massive legs.

I now realise that even though I always had a skinny upper body my lower body was always thicker even though it was unnoticeable. My upper body has been playing catch-up, at this moment I feel like I am balanced but I could do with a slightly bigger upper body especially in terms of arms and shoulders (I'm working on that). Since I am bulking now I realised the importance of a proper, consistent leg workout schedule. So I plan on doing it on a weekly basis as well now just like other body parts, but I will stick with 3 basic exercise for now.

So I will do these 3 leg exercises using high repetition so as to increase more in terms of definition rather than size but some size will come from this routine:

  • Squats - jumping squats with out weight are also a great cardio workout, mixing these with normal squats will be good for both a little size and definition.

  • Lunges - These will really help with having tight hard legs especially if done in very high repetition.

  • Romanian deadlift - these are great for glutes, hamstrings as well as the lower back. Doing a lot of reps of this exercise will be a great exercise.
For now I will stick to this routine but I might adjust it in the coming weeks.

Top 10 reasons you should do martial arts or some sort of combat sport

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Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with fighting whether it was wrestling, kunfu, boxing or karate. Movies with violence are often PG 10 but I was watching Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and a whole lot of other guys kick ass long before I was 10. Me and my friends would copy all their moves and have these little fighting competitions. Violence is not okay but sometimes its necessary but today I am not discussing that. I want to give you real good reasons why you should take fighting classes.

There are a variety of fighting disciplines available for you to take part in for example mixed martial arts(MMA), karate, judo, wrestling, grapling, taekwondo, kung-fu, boxing, kick boxing , and the list goes on.

image by AMBRO

All you have to do is find the one that you like best and here is why its a good idea:

  • Combat sport is good for your health as they are a good exercise if you want to be fit because there is high activity that causes you to work and sweat and increase your heart rate.
  • some of these disciplines offer a lot of flexibility and strength exercises which could help you prevent future injuries.
  • most of these sports have a great emphasis on relaxation techniques such as meditation, they help improve your concentration in and out of the gym.
  • They will help you to be able to defend yourself if you are ever under attack
  • They teach these skills for recreation and teach good values to students, fighting someone is always the last resort, these sports do not teach you to attack people they teach self defence.
  • If you get good at these sports you could compete and win prizes
  • These sports are great for venting and stress relief
  •  Sport of this sort helps kids with their behaviour who would otherwise be causing trouble all over.
  • There is big money in sports like boxing wrestling and MMA if you are still young enough to do it professionally and can handle the pain.
  • And lastly you interact with other when you participate in these sports so there is a sense of community and building connections and new friendships

5 reasons why cycling is good for you

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Why you should cycle

To begin with I want to say that I am not talking about steroid cycling or creatine cycling, I am talking about the cycling you do on a bicycle. I wrote a post on jogging yesterday but I also stated that I'm not a fan of jogging and would choose cycling anyday, and everyday over jogging. Cycling has pretty much the same benefits as jogging but it has a few extras that make it, in my opinion much better than jogging. In addition to what I have just written, I would like to say that I prefer cycling on a real bike that moves, not those bikes at the gym even though they are convenient and have a few advantages too.

why cycling is good for you

1. You ride for long distances

- since the bike is faster than jogging and if you are fit enough, which you will be once you get used to riding, you will be able to go far and take the scenic route if it suites you.

2. Can be used as an environmentally safe mode of transport

- Instead of using your car to go to the super market or to work and school if its not too far, you can ride your bike there, and you get to exercise doing something you would have done anyways, So you have done alot all at once, gotten a workout, free transport (except for the initial investment of buying your bike), and contributed to saving our environment.

3. It is very good form of cardio with multiple intensity levels

- Most bikes except for bmx bikes have gears which change the difficulty of your ride, and aid you in climbing steep areas. Depending on which level you choose and how hard and fast you are pedalling you can have yourself a very intense cardio session, and a great leg workout with a lasting effect.

4. There is alot of variety

- you can choose to do mountain biking, or just ordinary cycling on tar roads, or you can go extreme with bmx cycling. You can join cycling clubs and have a community involvement, you could sign up for a cycling race and aim at finishing at a certain time to give yourself a target to shoot for.

5. It is a safe exercise

- especially if done in the gym, less harmful impact on knees than jogging, less risk of injury but even if you are cycling outdoors its safer than a car even though you can get injured if you crash or you don't look after your bike. Invest in a helmet and knee and elbow protection if it makes you feel safer or better, especially if you are interested in extreme version of cycling.

That is all for today, I will be posting on other cardio exercises/activities you can do in the coming days/weeks.

5 reasons why jogging is king

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Why You Should Jog

Many people jog every morning daily or a couple times a week. I knew it had health benefits but I wondered what made them wake up day after day for that daily dose exercise. I remember the first time I was jogging, it was completing several laps around a 400m ground for training in primary school and I hated long distance, I was more of a 100m dash, and 200m guy. Well many years later I still hate long distance and I prefer cycling over jogging any day but I recognise the benefits of jogging once you are used to it.

So here are the reasons jogging is good for you:

  • its free

    - all you need are a pair of comfortable sneakers and track pants or shorts
  • increases stamina

    - you will be able to do tasks for longer without getting tired and short of breath
  • its an aerobic exercise

    - good for burning fat, increasing metabolic rate
  • improves blood circulation

    - decreases blood pressure because blood vessels get dilated when jogging, this in turn leads to better transport of nutrients to organs and a decrease in health risks like heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Its a great way to start the day

    - awakened with alot of energy to handle daily tasks, thats if you do it long enough and get used or addicted to the morning run, I for one have never gotten to this stage, my friends always try and convince me to go jogging but I prefer playing soccer, cycling and lifting weights as a form of exercise to get similar results.
I hope this was helpful,I will be posting some stuff on other aerobic exercises in the near future so keep coming back to check the blog out.

Sources of protein for muscle building

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It is not easy to watch your diet and try and keep it clean, what makes it even harder is that you need to eat alot of protein for muscle growth. It is known in bodybuilding that animal protein such as beef, fish,eggs and chicken are the best source of complete proteins but not everyone is able to eat as much of these foods as they would like/need. This may be because it becomes a chore to eat so much food in a day and everyday, or because the diets some people on or their religion does not allow them to eat beef or all meat in general.


I am sure there are many vegetarians out there, who would also like to build muscle and find other sources of protein to help them build their dream physiques. So today I will share some other sources of protein one can eat if they find eating only meat sources is a chore, and for those who don't eat meat.

These sources are incomplete proteins but if you combine them they to can be really effective in helping you build and repair muscle.

Brown rice, soya beans, peas, beans, oats, nuts (walnuts, peanuts etc), coconuts, wholewheat foods, peanut butter and a lot more other non-meat foods.


If you do not eat meat completely and even if you do eat meat and want an easy way to get the required protein intake per day then you should consider using supplements such as whey protein and BCAA's ( branched chain amino acids). Whey protein provides high quality protein, with all the complete amino acids you need to build a great physique. BCAA's provide the essential amino acids for muscle building and repair. There are other supplements that provide protein as well so you have a lot of options when it comes to how you choose to get your protein.

8 pack abs progress this year so far

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Abs progress

In Jan I was really concentrating on thickening the abs and bringing out the lower abs. I felt that having a great pair of abs makes having a not yet complete masterpiece look awesome whilst still in the making.
taken in early jan (abs picture)
Later in jan and in feb I realised that I also wanted to get the split between the abs to increase and be more visible. I wanted the abs to be thick so that from the side you could see little crests and troughs.
Side abs picture

Now March just began and I am still going to thicken them and work the lower abs but  since I am bulking I will not be able to see the full results yet until I cut at a later stage. I can already feel the abs getting thicker and the cuts getting deeper. I am going to try doing prolonged ab exercises to take my abs to the limit, by prolonged I mean ab exercises I can do 500-1000 reps of. I got this idea from reading David Kimmerles blog. I have been doing alot of reading lately.
March ab pic
As I have said in above and in the past couple of posts, my main aim is gaining size right now so I am bulking. The first time I gained size I did not gain much fat, my abs were still visible. I hope the same happens this time round, I want to gain as much muscle as possible whilst minimising my fat gain.

Workout inspiration - fitness models around 5'10''- 5'11''

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Workout Inspiration

Its always good to know in which direction you are headed in terms of your gains and the type of physique you want to have. So today I wanted to post a list of top fitness guys who have great physiques and are around the same height as me, which is the  5'10''-5'11'' region. I could have put 6'0'' as well but the guys I am going to list today just happened to be 5'10'' or 5'11". I wanted to see if the weight goal I am aiming for (around 185-190lbs) is good for aesthetics provided I am lean enough. It is also good to note that people don't have similar body types and might not look the same at a same weight and bf, some need more mass in certain areas such as shoulders,chest or arms.

1. Charley Montreuil

- 5'11'', 200lbs (from his model mayhem portfolio). He is a body builder as well as a fitness model so in some places he is listed and around 220lbs ( this may be during off season, bulking). Catch him on
Charley Montreul Bodybuilder 5'11 workout motivation
Charlie Montreul bodybuilder gym motivation

2. Sean Harley

- Was a Bodyspace spokes model, fitness model and competitor, owns a gym and has an online fitness business at At 5'10'' he weighs around 190lbs.
sean harley fitness model 5'10
Sean Harley fitness model 5'10


 NOTE:Click Here to Watch Video Number 4

3. A.J. Ellison

- Standing at 5'11, 198lbs he is a fitness model and fitness competitor. He used to run track back in highschool and college. Catch him on FB.

A.J Allison Fitness Model 5'10
A.J Ellison fitness model 5'11

4.  Rob Riches

- one of the top fitness models around, he share alot through social media and his youtube channel. This English dude who now lives and plies his trade in LA is 5'10'' tall and weighs 185lbs (is extremely cut now and weighs less (180lbs) during competition time), its hard to believe since he looks so much more heavier in some of his pics and videos. Catch him on
Rob Riches Fitness model 5'10
Rob Riches Britain's top fitness guy 5'10

Just look at that all these guys are around the same height as I stated before but their bodytypes are different and so they all have different weights were they feel, they look their best. What I did get from this list of awesome physiques is that I am shooting for the right target at 185-190lbs mark.