Aim for the body of a gymnast - using calisthenics for aesthetic muscle gain

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I know you have probably heard this before but I am going to say this again because it is true, to get a body like a gymnast you must train like a gymnast. Gymnasts have it all if we look at total fitness and looking the part, just think about it, gymnasts have ripped built bodies, they have super strength, they have flexibility and they have incredible balance. I find it more impressive if someone can control their own bodyweight like a gymnast does then if someone can lift super heavy.

Gymnast muscle and strength

Gymnasts are not weight lifters; they are more about balance, coordination and agility. In order to do their events they need to develop strength and power for proper control of their bodies and for proper execution of gymnastics activities, their primary aim is not to build muscle but the muscle growth is brought upon by their activities as they continue to develop strength and control, their muscles grow.
Male gymnast muscle
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Bodyweight exercises create a gymnast like body

Most of the body development of male gymnasts can be attributed to bodyweight exercises, performing gymnastic activities such as the pommel horse, still rings, high bar, vault, floor and parallel bars is a form of bodyweight training and difficult bodyweight training at that, it works every part of the body.

All the exercises require great arm strength this means that your biceps and triceps need to be developed or that doing these events develops your arm strength and size. Most of these gymnastics events require gymnasts to have a strong grip which is developed through bodyweight exercises as well. The floor exercises that gymnasts do consist of a lot of tumbling which requires flexibility, strength and balance.

Not all of us can afford the expensive gymnastics training equipment, but we can still resemble some of the training the gymnasts do from home without having to join a gymnastics club.

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What bodyweight exercises to do to get a body like a gymnast?

If you have ever seen a gymnastic event in real life or just watching past Olympic events you might have noticed that most the events are core centred, so one needs to develop core strength first. Core strength can be achieved by doing multiple abs exercise that can all be done from home. These are exercises such as hanging leg raises and plank exercises, of course there are more core exercises, those were just a couple of examples to show you the kinds of abs exercises you need to do.

It is easier to control your body if you are lean. So you need to burn as much fat as possible by doing some cardio exercises that will help you shed fat and be a lean as you can naturally be. You can try jogging, sprinting or other cardio exercises; you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing cardio exercises.

You could try out intermittent fasting for leaning out if you are willing to try a new kind of diet plan that is not as restrictive as the traditional diets in terms of calories and food selection.  Intermittent fasting has shown really good results for many people and I myself have seen some good results after a few weeks of trying it out.
get a body like a gymnast
Get Muscle Like A gymnast

Now for the actual bodyweight workouts you could try to do handstand push-ups which are great for awesome shoulders and strength, but they are difficult to do. Pull-ups for overall strength, grip strength and back muscles and arm development, push-ups for strength, arm and chest development and body-weight squats/one legged squats for strong powerful legs.

The bodyweight exercises are simple but you should do them in rep combinations and sets that challenge you, not sets you can do with ease. Gymnasts also lift weights to help with muscle and strength gains but this was an example of workouts one could do at home. Gymnasts are not huge in size or overly muscular they just have enough muscle to help control their own bodies with ease, if you are someone that wants to be lean and fit and you want to look the part then maybe training like a gymnast is the option for you. I am personally looking forward to the London Olympics this year and I am not only looking forward to watching the girls do crazy moves but I look forward to being amazed yet again by talented male gymnasts who control their movements so elegantly.

Here is an example of how to train in the outdoors using bodyweight training for free to build lean aesthetic muscle:


These are the Bar Brothers and amazing Calisthenics pair.

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