Get crazy 8 pack abs – abs exercises part 5

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This is the final post of the get crazy 8 pack abs series of posts. I will explain how to do the final 4 abdominal exercises to add some variation to your abs workout routine. Again as I have mentioned in some of the other posts in this series, I am not a fan of doing too many abs exercises at once, I like to do maybe 4 or less at a time.

A great plan is to have 2 abs workout days per week if you are not one of those people who like working out abs every other day, during these abs workout days you could do all 4 abs exercises and break them up into a few sets of not too high reps (for example 10-20reps of 3-4 sets for each exercise) or you could do two abs exercises per workout day but this time have very high reps and fewer sets (1-2). The idea is to get the most out of the exercises so that you do not waste your time and you get the results you want using an effective method that works best for you.

how to get 8 pack abs

So let us get down to business, the workouts that I will describe in this post are a mixture of simple and difficult exercises depending on your fitness levels and core strength, like all other abs exercises as the number of reps increases the difficulty increases as your abs start to burn and you start sweating.

Abs Workout Number 5:

Leg climbs – You have lie on your back flat as if you were about to do a sit-up the bend your knees so that your feet are touching the ground, lift on leg up as straight as possible then wake up as you would for a sit-up but this time grab you leg and climb it until you reach your toes then go back to starting position. Once you are done with your set, change legs for the next set and repeat.

Vertical leg raises – I like the leg raises, they serve the same purpose as the hanging leg raises without the hanging from a bar part. You have to lie on your back to do these, then if you have a partner ask them to stand by your hear with you head between their legs and you hands holding their legs for support and stability. Next you have to lift your legs straight up until they are vertical or touch your partners’ hands (your partner must place their hands at the end position of your movement, this also makes sure you do not kick them somewhere else on their body) and then go back to starting position. To make exercise more challenging you could make the starting position the point where your legs are just about to touch the floor.

Reverse Bicycles – Reverse bicycles are the same as the bicycle exercise I described in one of the previous posts of this series but the difference is you go in the opposite direction. Basically you sit on the floor with your buttocks being the only part of you touching the floor (you can use your hands for support if you cannot find balance), you upper body should be leaning back and you bent legs should be raised. To begin exercise all you have to do is to move your legs in a cycling motion as if you were paddling your bicycle backwards.
In & outs – This workout is simple all you have to do is to sit down on the floor with your upper body leaning towards the back and your arms supporting you so you don’t fall on your back, your legs must be in the air. All you do next is to bend your legs and bring them towards your upper body then move them away from your upper body whilst straightening them without putting them on the floor. The aim is to continuously bend and straighten you legs whilst they are in the air so as to increase difficulty and give your core a real good workout.


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