I want to have big muscles – A reminder from watching wrestlemania

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I was watching wrestlemania the other day and it reminded me of my childhood dream of being big with huge muscles. I did not care about aesthetics, or what girls thought all I cared about was one day becoming this tall muscular guy, who other guys would not mess with and I would be super strong.

Unfortunately because of my genetics I could not become a giant in terms of height instead I am on the taller side of average. I am fine with my height at least I am not short. Seeing as I shall not tower over people the only thing that was left for me was to be strong or at least look strong but than girls came along and getting girls was all of a sudden more important than having a Conan the Barbarian physique. I could not look all big, bulky and overly muscular so for the sake of attracting the opposite sex and looking good so I now workout towards building a lean fitness model and athletic physique.
the rock muscles dwayne

I always have internal debates with myself regarding whether to just say screw the world I am going Super Saiyan and building the biggest baddest muscular physique in the world, but then common sense kicks in and I realise that the world is about social interactions and perceptions, and I do not want to be seen as a meat head or to be scary looking.

If I were to go big I would go for the Franco Columbu, Frank Zane type physique not the modern day Mr Olympia type of physique. The Olympia guys are just too big these days. Not that I do not find inspiration in them as well, there is nothing more inspirational than watching a Ronny Coleman workout video just before a workout, the comments he made and the super heavy of the weights he lifted is truly inspirational. It activates the caveman in me, a genetic trait awoken within guys that girls and feminine guys would not understand.

Oh and to get back to which Wrestlemania match brought about this desire to be big and tower over mere earthlings (hehe), it was the John Cena vs The Rock match. Those guys have some serious size, John Cena is tall but you can hardly notice it because he is so muscular, he has the biggest arms and forearms not to mention his strength. The Rock is a beast he is a beast that towers over mere mortals with the size to match, unlike Cena he looks tall and even though he is also very muscular he does not look bulky at all.

Unfortunately as I stated before some of us were not blessed with tall genetics but watching WWE Wrestlemania made me want to pack on some serious size and forget about 6 pack abs for a while.  

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