Put your heart into your fitness and you will get results

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I know it is cliché but it is true, in most things you do in life if your heart is not in the activity it becomes nothing but a chore, fitness included. Think about it, your head is one of those things that comes up or picks up ideas easily, but as fast as your head gets inspired it loses that inspiration faster than you can say lean body. It is very possible that one can see a guys fitness transformation on the web or TV and then find themselves temporarily motivated but as they realise it’s not as easy  to work out, set fitness goals and get results, the initial inspiration is gone out the window.

Flaws in our mentality towards fitness

The problem with TV ads and the internet is that one has to sift through a lot of bullshit just to find a real truthful source of information, and people tend to have a mentality that wants results now, so they fall prey to these get fit quick scams and buy silly products they often do not need. In the end the peoples get fit quick mentality is the same mentality that will lead them to failure, they will believe most things do not work and give up on getting fit all together.
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Getting fit and working out is no easy thing but it is not difficult either depending on your state of mind and why you are doing it. Working out takes a lot of your time, that is why it is important that you don’t waste your time and use your time allocated to fitness effectively.  Most people say they do not have time but they spend hours watching TV,  which is my opinion is okay but watching too much TV has no real benefits. If most people spent even a fraction of the time they spent watching TV or using social media on some fitness activity we would have a much fitter global community. 

How you should view your fitness to get and stay inspired

The trick is to not see fitness as something you have to do but make it a part of your daily or weekly routine, a part of your life like breakfast. If you don’t love doing something obviously it becomes a chore right? So you need to make it a hobby, not something you have to do but something you want to do, something that you can do with a partner or with your family.

It all begins with how you see your health in the first place, the reason you first worked out. It may be easier for someone whose life may be in danger if they do not start working out, so in fear of losing their life and leaving their family they get to put fitness as a priority by linking it with their family so what they are actually doing is doing it from the heart which is the best source of long term inspiration.

Another kind of person who would maybe have it easier to stay inspired is the fat or super skinny person who takes shit everyday about the way they look, out of sadness, disappointment or anger they can use that emotion to prove everyone wrong get in the best shape of their life. Let me not get ahead of myself to be truthful most fat/skinny people have an issue with self esteem and would much rather react by seeking comfort by eating some more or not eating at all but if this person gets inspired the inspiration comes from the heart because it is linked to all the emotion associated with their lives. Their inspiration comes from their heart not their heads.

Ditch the bad mentality

It is more difficult for a person who has no internal desire to work out to find it in themselves to wake up and jog in the morning or workout every other day. If you don’t really feel you need to work out you will never put in the effort that is needed to get results and you are more likely to drop out of your fitness program because you were not inspired in the first place.

If you want to get results get rid of the one night stand mentality, you will not get results that way instead you will fall prey to scams and silly programs. Getting results requires that you put your heart in, and invest time and effort into your fitness like you would for a long term serious relationship.

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