MP45 Review – Get ripped in 45 days using H.I.S.T

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If someone told you that you could have a ripped beach body in 45 days would you believe them? I mean many people struggle with getting in top shape after training and doing all kinds of diets for years. Most people who go to the gym spend hours in the gym and yet they still see no gains. I was one of the lucky few who managed to progress in the gym, in terms of my lifts and my gains pretty early on, my body seemed to respond pretty much to every new workout I introduced it to. Unfortunately for many people it is not so, it is much more difficult to get into top shape and reveal that 6 pack that everyone wants so much.

Even though I was pretty lucky early on, how can I manage to get that extra edge to keep growing and keep improving my lifts? Have you ever wished you had your own personal trainer but you could not afford one? Do you wish you knew all the secrets to getting big and ripped before you wasted months in the gym without any progress because you did not know what you were doing? I know these are a lot of questions but these are questions you should be asking yourself. I always which I knew what was the most effective way to build muscle a year ago, when I was still skinny and a beginner, it could have saved me a lot of time, and I could have built even more muscle in half the time.

Jaret Grossman - MP45 creator/CO-FOUNDER of  Muscle Prodigy

Sometimes we need a little direction, a how to guide on the most effective ways to build muscle. I have recently discovered a resource that could have saved me a lot of time. I always go to the Muscle Prodigy site because they have some of the best fitness content on the web, every time I used to search for something like “most jacked celebs” they would be number 1 on Google, they would not only give you a list of the most jacked celebs but they would also give you the celebrities in depth workout plan. Anyways I went a little bit off topic there so to get to the point, I would get to the site and there would be this ad on MP45 and this super ripped guy. I was always curious to find out what it was (being the gym junkie, that I am), it said something about H.I.S.T (making me curious to find out was exactly H.I.S.T was).

Recently I got the chance to view the product/ebook/workout program, at first I had my doubts because I do not believe in anything that promises results in such a short period of time. I also do not believe in a product made by someone who does not live the life style they promote to others, like many fitness bloggers out there who do not even work out consistently or have a body to show for it.

When I started reading the MP45 program the first thing I realised is that the author Jaret Grossman is a genuine athlete by nature who lives the fitness lifestyle (he is a certified personal trainer and motivational speaker) and does well in other aspects of his life as well, at the time of him releasing this product he was in his final year of college doing a degree in business and law. In between all that he has managed to achieve in sports being a 3 time all-American Wrestler in college and having represented his country in wrestling. He weighs a lean 202lbs at only 6% body fat, part of the reason he is in such great shape is because of his athletic background. He has used the principles he teaches in this program to get the physique he has and be successful in wrestling.

I cannot share too much about the program, you have to read the book yourself to find out more but I will give you the main points about this 45day program.

The Basics of MP45:

  •           It is made up of 3 important components which make it successful for all who have followed the training program to detail.
  •          These components are proper nutrition, cardiovascular training and resistance training.
  •          The nutrition component is not limiting like most things that fall under diet; you can pretty much eat anything you like with nutritional value.
  •          It uses the principle of H.I.S.T, which is a form of high intensity training with a twist to get you size, strength, leanness and to help you break through plateaus.
  •          It is awesome for anyone who wants to be told exactly what to do in order to get into top shape.
  •          Jaret provides you a breakdown (diet, cardio and workouts) of everything you need to do in all 45 days to get ripped (a daily breakdown, it is like having him as your own personal trainer).
  •          It is great for both beginners and guys who have been at it for a while who want that extra edge.
  •          MP45 explains to you what you need to do and why you should do it.
  •          It tells you about the types of workouts you need to do, the rep ranges and why you need a certain number of reps for different body parts

There is so much more in this program that a single post cannot tell you about, the only way to learn all this in detail and more is to check out the MP45 review site and read for yourself if this is the edge you have been looking for. There is so much new information I have picked up from this fitness resource. This is a good investment to make, if you care about looking awesome and shredded. It is not only about the 45 days, MP45 is about a lifestyle change.  The 45 days are aimed at making the fitness lifestyle your habit and the results you get act as the inspirational boost. On a final note check out the MP45 site to see what the program has done for others including its creator Jaret Grossman.

There is more to getting bigger arms than isolation exercises

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I have written before about how increasing your arm size is about increasing the size of your biceps as well as your triceps. Today I would like to add to that. You see when people speak of biceps exercises; they speak of the isolation exercises, the curls. When they speak of triceps exercises they speak of dips and skull crushers but that is not the end of your arm exercises.

I have found that exercises not directly meant for your arms may in fact contribute more growth to your arms than the actual isolation exercises you do for your arm growth. To be more specific I am saying that compound exercises are the best way to get bigger arms. Often you find that you are doing a whole body compound exercise program and you only have 1 exercise for arms such as the standing bicep curl but you would still get great arm growth even though you are not doing the hundreds of reps you would usually do on a workout day dedicated to arms only.
The Arnold monster guns

The weird thing is that the compound exercise model is more beneficial to growth of your biceps as well as your whole body. If you did isolation exercises targeting a small muscle, say your biceps, you would bust your ass working out but growth there would not be as much as if you had a compound based workout program. Let me explain...Compound exercises workout your large muscle groups increasing the secretion of growth hormone and testosterone, which make it easier for you to build muscle quicker.

Even though you may be doing only one direct arm workout when you are using a compound exercise workout program, you are having more of an arm workout than you realise. Just think about it when you are doing the dead-lift your arms are involved in picking up and holding the weight. The weight you lift during the dead-lift is some of the heaviest weight you lift. When you are doing the bench press you are working out your chest but your arms are also involved, even more so when you are doing the close grip bench press, that is one of the best triceps workout ever.

When you are doing the pull-up that is a back exercise but your arms are involved during the whole process, and they are supporting your whole body weight which is more than the weight of the dumbbells you curl. The other variation the chin-up is more so a great bicep workout, the best one out there, it is like you are curling your entire bodyweight.

There are many other compound exercises that workout your arms such as the push-ups (more specifically close grip push-ups), the military press and there are more compound movement that work out your arms that I can’t think of right now . I am sure by now you get the point, compound movements are awesome and the name says it. 

Why isolate one body part when you can get so many benefits from using compound exercises? I know there are benefits to isolation exercises that why it’s best to mix them up, to get the benefits of both compound and isolation exercises, maybe than you will get the kind of arm size that you want.   

Things I Picked Up From a Greg Plitt Interview

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I was reading and interview a couple of days ago; it was an interview by Iron Man Magazine interviewing Greg Plitt 3 years ago in 2009. I learnt some new things about Greg that I did not really know until now. 

Some of the stuff I learnt is not really fitness related, but it is very inspirational. Greg Plitt is a man who has achieved and done a lot in his life even though he is still young. He is a guy who lives and does not watch life pass him by, he is goal oriented. He is a busy body, an adrenaline junkie, he is impulsive and takes opportunities as they come, and he is not the kind of guy that hesitates to take action. Many people always plan things, and think about doing the things they love until it is too late and they can’t do the things they wanted to do because the opportunity is gone or they have a family to think about now.

Besides being an adrenaline junkie and being a fitness god he is also good when it comes to fixing up houses. While he was in the military he bought houses fixed them and then sold them for a profit which made him a lot of money. It seems to me like he is a man of many skills. He always busy, no wonder fat can’t seem to find a way to stick on him.
Number 1 fitness model  Greg Plitt and his 8 pack abs - Go check out his site for inspirational videos, pics and quotes

On the fitness side Greg comes from a sporting family so he has always been active, from a young age he was into working out and the outdoors. For many people it is difficult to get a body like Greg Plitt’s because his physique is a result of many years of physical activity and sports. Greg was a champion wrestler at the high school level. He already weighed about 189lbs of muscle in high school. He now weighs about 195lbs which is only a 5lbs deviation in mass. He is now 32 or 33 years old and still has not gained fat that most guys do from the time they finish high school.
He has never been out of shape, always been super fit. Most of us where either skinny, skinny fat or over weight, many of us were not and are still not active and would rather watch TV than to take time to experience the outdoors, hiking for a few hours. The weirdest part I got from the interview is that he only ate once a day in the middle of the day. Yes he says its one big meal, and he eats whatever he feels like eating, but what about his energy levels. Where does he get all this energy to do all this stuff if he only eats one big meal a day? He does takes supplements from his sponsor so I guess that makes sure he does not waste muscle as energy since he is still obviously all jacked up.

He trains everyday without any planned day off, so that if a day off comes it happens naturally. He trains his abs after his workouts except on back day and one other day. Obviously to train his 8 pack he focuses on different abs regions everyday (there are 3 main abs regions, upper abs, lower abs and obliques).

Funny enough he trains using steady state cardio unlike many of the fitness guys out there who prefer or say HIIT is the best option. He trains using high reps for many sets, he trains for the burn. This works for him because he says he is training to remain lean and ripped and not for size since he already has the right size for his acting and fitness modelling career.

If there is one thing I have learnt from reading this Greg Plitt interview is that, the key to being a ripped fat burning machine is being active, doing things that you enjoy. Fitness is not a job for him but it is his lifestyle. If you want to be fit and lead a healthier life then it’s not about being on some low carbohydrate diet for a short while, it’s about changing your old habits and replacing them with new better, healthier habits.

When it comes to workout we are not all the same, we do not have the same strength and recovery rates. Many people will tell you to use certain rep ranges to gain the most muscle but our bodies eventually catch up and that system no longer works. Perhaps you could try Greg’s system of not having a set workout system for each body part but always training for the burn using different rep ranges and weights, machines and even bodyweight exercises every now and then.

Do not let anyone tell you which kind of cardio to do, find your favourite and what works best for you, a lot of people will say do HIIT because it works best but you could find that like Greg steady state works best for you because, besides the workout it gives you, you also find that during your morning or evening jogs you get the chance to reflect on your day and think about your goals.

I believe that workout systems work and I believe that what you should get out of them at the end of using that system is new found growth in terms of muscle and strength but also by using that program you learn to make your own program to suit you. Programs usually work not because they are the best or the only workout programs that work but because they provide variety and push you body in ways you have never pushed your body before.

People always say that others should find their voice, I say go out there and find your ‘fitness voice’ , you can only go for so long following other people, its time you figured out what you want and how you are going to get it.

The secret to getting bigger is sleep

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Many people often think that training is the most important part of gaining muscle, but this is not true. Your muscles do not grow during your workout they grow during your times of rest. In this rest period sleep is the most important aspect of this resting period to grow and recover your muscles from the damage caused by your workout.

Making More Hours in a Day Is Counter-productive

Many people especially students and young people have a very hard time finding enough time in the day for all their daily activities such as studying/working and going out at night time to clubs, pubs and restaurants till the early morning hours. We drink all sorts of stuff like Redbull to help us stay awake for longer. We do all we can just to stay awake for longer.

Even older people are busy and are up till the wee hours of the morning clicking away on their computers. Everyone has such busy schedules and we all try by all means to utilise most of the hours in the day.
Even though we think that using up more time in our day is productive, it is actually counterproductive when it comes to your efficiency on the next day and it is definitely counteractive to all the effort you put in the gym. There is a reason doctors say we should sleep at least 8 hours a day and I will explain that reason in detail below as well as why sleeping is key in building a great body.

We all want to make lean gains, sleeping takes us a few steps closer to achieving that built up body.

The Importance of Sleep for Muscle Building Anabolic Hormones

All bodily processes such as hormonal regulation and physiological processes are controlled by a 24 hour daily pattern called the circadian rhythm.

You see sleeping is important in regulation of hormones and physiological processes because some hormones are secreted when you are asleep and is it dark for example melatonin which is known as the hormone of darkness. If you do not sleep you end up disturbing this cycle and you feel like crap the next day. This will affect your daily activities, since we are talking about muscle building here this will affect your energy levels and thus also your workout intensity and lifts.

The quality of sleep is more important than the duration of sleep for example it is better to sleep for a complete undisturbed 8 hours than to sleep 8 cumulative hours where you where waking up every couple of hours. Our sleep is broken down into 2 main stages, Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. NREM makes up 80% of our sleep time and REM only makes up makes up 20% of our total sleep time.  

During NREM sleep our levels of growth hormone rise and peak whereas cortisol levels decrease. During REM sleep is when the majority of our dreams occur this is also the period where testosterone levels increase at a rapid rate and our metabolic rate also increases during this stage.
So sleep has an effect on our endocrine hormone balance, both stages contribute towards proper functioning of our system, they control the increase of the anabolic hormones testosterone and growth hormone which are the muscle we need to get bigger and stronger. If this cycle is disturbed than all our muscle building efforts fall short.

And finally I want to say that not sleeping will make your body enter a catabolic state, where there will be increased cortisol secretion which will lead to muscle protein break down, high blood pressure and increased fat storage among other things.

Find a Way to Have Long Quality Sleep

This is not what you want if you want to build muscle, so get enough sleep because sleep is as important as the workout itself. Start doing all your tasks by a certain time period and try to sleep early so that you get quality sleep and wake up feeling fresh. You can choose the task by prioritising and making sure you complete other tasks ahead of time so that you do not have to stay up the whole night before that task is due. Also avoid or limit drinking coffee, Redbull or any other caffeinated drinks after midday.

One last note, sleep in total darkness for undisturbed quality sleep.

The end of 6 weeks of intermittent fasting and compound exercises

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So it’s been a while since I posted an update of my intermittent fasting and compound exercise combo, I did not have much to say so I decided I would save the review kind of process for the end when I was changing my workout plan.

Today I will discuss what I did wrong and what I have learnt from this experience, what I would do differently if and when I decide to do this type of combination again in future. I want to also talk about what I am going to do now, what are my physique goals for the next couple of months.
skinny muscle
this is the spider man muscle pose, but unfortunately no spider web thingy coming out. 

My Experience with the IF/Compound Exercise combo

About 7 weeks ago I started doing this intermittent fasting thing, having my last meal at 8pm and not eating until sometime around or after lunch. For the first week  I struggled adjusting to the change of meal timing, you see for the past year or so I had become accustomed to eating 4 to 5 medium size to big meals to make up for my increased metabolic rate and to become bigger. Not eating for an extended period of time was a horrible experience at first, I felt like my own stomach was consuming itself.

Eventually I got used to it and I would have 3 big meals between lunch and supper, but I noticed that in conjunction with how I was feeling on the day (my mental state), some day’s  I would not feel hungry and even if I was hungry I did not eat much. This decreased appetite is great for someone looking to lose some fat but it was not good for me because I want to gain more weight so I ended up forcing myself to eat more. I found it easier to eat more on workout days especially after my workout because that is when my metabolic rate is at its peak, and I can eat without having to worry too much about over eating (because my diet is composed of many carbohydrates which are a major contributor to fat gain).

I found it especially difficult to combine IF with compound exercises in the first couple of weeks because I found that since my energy levels took a dip while I was still adjusting to the change of meal timing, so it was difficult to do the compound exercises because compound exercises are some of the most physically demanding workouts because they train your whole body.

I worked out 3 times a week using the same compound movements on each day with a slight variation of reps in the lower ranges. With this kind of meal timing it is best to work out only 2 or 3 times a week’s so that your body recovers properly and you do not deplete your energy levels (you still need to function properly as a human outside the gym).
side view chest view makes look bigger than I am, oh and im growing an afro, have tried and failed before hehe

What I would do differently

If I were to go back to 6 weeks ago I would have given myself a week to just get used to the change in meal timing instead of going full blast into the compound exercising routine. I would do simple body weight exercises during this week period while I adjust. I had a lot of distractions, in terms of my eating, I should have eaten more protein and less carbs since the bulk of my diet consisted of carbohydrate. Eating less carbs would make it easier to gain mostly muscle and less fat. I went on a long distance trip and when I returned home my whole routine was sort of disturbed, it took me a while to get back to my regular workout routine (about a week). So I believe that out of the 6 weeks, 4 out of those 6 weeks were consistent working out and IF, even those 4 weeks could have been improved and could have ultimately yielded even better results.

So What Now- What Is My Next Move

I gained weight doing this compound exercises, my arms are thicker especially width wise not the peak of the bicep. My back is put on some mass, especially my lats. From doing lower back work, I noticed my obliques are starting to thicken again. I noticed my pants were either now tight or do not fit me anymore. And on the negative side my butt is bigger now, from doing all those squats.

I was not doing any cardio when I was using IF because IF minimises fat gain and I did not want to spend even more energy doing cardio when I was already struggling to use the energy I had to do compound lifts. I did not do abs exercises for most of the past 6 weeks; I did the occasional sit-up after my long distance trip a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday I did about 120 sit-ups in 1 rep.

Going forward I am going to add some cardio into my routine at least once per week, I also want to again do abs exercises because I have neglected my abs for the past 6 weeks, especially focusing on thickening and bringing out the lower abs. I was reminded of the importance of having great abs last night when I was in the forums of, where Josef Rakich was posting his pictures of him at 5% body fat; that was truly inspirational.
weird grin thingy front pose makes me look leaner than I am

I have two workout strategies I have been thinking that are in line with my current physique goals (more on this later on in this post):

Workout strategy 1: I want to continue working out 3 times a week using mainly compound exercises at low reps for their mass building potential, but I also want to put in some isolation movements so that I target the body parts I want to add detail to. I find that whole body movements have helped me ad a bit of size to all parts of my body but now I would like to choose which parts I want to add more size to.

The workout would be split into three different workouts for each week, one of the workouts would be for the upper body development only using a combination of isolation exercises and compound exercises. I felt that my previous workout of only doing the flat bench was limiting in adding detail and size to chest.

The second workout would be for lower back and lower body compound exercises and some calf raises. And finally on the third workout day of the week I would do a whole body workout, like the one I did for the past 6 weeks.

Workout Strategy 2: I go back to doing a 5 day split using high rep ranges. This method has worked for me before, it is a rather slow mass building process for me personally I do not know about others, but I am patient and willing to work hard for good results.  I want to go back to this set up because I want to improve my shoulders chest and arms and I feel the isolation exercises would allow for me to add the kind of detail I want especially to my shoulders. I was starting to see results on my delts when I switched to the compound exercise program, but I did not think much about it I knew if I were to refocus on shoulders I would get better results after this sort of break.

No matter which strategy I choose I will stick with the IF because I have become used to it, the thing that I forgot to mention before also that contributed to me feeling tired and struggling with compound lifts is that I was not sleeping much most of the time, that is a no-no I know but I did it anyways. I will talk more about this in later posts; this one has been long enough. I hope this post was somehow useful to you, have a good day!

Girls Should Lift Weights Too – Find Out Why

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There is this fear amongst many girls, it is that if they lift weights they will develop huge male like muscles and they will look like man or at worst ugly steroid freaks.  Most girls end up doing tons of cardio and many do not get the end results they want or they do not even burn the amount of calories they need to slim down.

The thing is its very difficult for a woman to pack on muscle at the rate that guys can because they do not have as much testosterone as guys so that makes it harder for them to gain muscle. See for us guys we have extra testosterone because most of it is made by the testes and if you are 100% female than I guarantee you, a little weight lifting will not make you the next hulk.

paige hathaway girls with abs
Paige Hathaway lifts weights and she still looks feminine

Women naturally have a higher body fat than men and it does not help that women also have slower metabolic rates than men which makes it harder to lose weight and easier for you to gain fat. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate will be. 

The reason why guys can get leaner easier is because guys have higher levels of testosterone which makes it easier to build muscle, have a higher metabolic rate and burn more calories. So think about it if you start lifting weights you will increase the amount of muscle you have thus increase you metabolic rate so you will burn more calories.

The other advantage of lifting weights unlike the kinds of workouts that a lot of women usually do is that it burns calories long after you have finished your workout. You could even have cheat meals that don’t cancel out all your hard work.

Plus most women cannot lift the kind of weights required to turn them into hulk like behemoths. The key is to lift weights that challenge you, mix them up with challenging body weight training add some cardio and a great non-restrictive diet like intermittent fasting and you would be set.

The other advantage of lifting weights is that they make you stronger, if you are taking self defense classes your moves would be more effective, no let me rephrase that, lethal because by lifting you add some serious force behind your punches and kicks. Just think about it, a weak punch is not going to do anything to hardened criminal any-ways.

I hope you stop wasting your time going to the gym just to run on a stupid treadmill, nothing shapes and builds a nice toned behind like a few sets weighted squats.

Click Here To Visit The Official Site of Visual Impact For Women

Check out this fitness program developed by Rusty Moore owner of the popular fitness blog Fitness Black Book, he designed his women's fitness product visual impact for women with the aim of giving women an appealing feminine physique not the physique of a steroid taking man-like female bodybuilder.  

Being active goes a long way – bodyweight exercises work

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I have said it before but it’s important enough that I will say it again; you do not need to go to a gym in order to have a quick effective workout. All it takes is for you to do 15-20 minutes of exercising a day and you could be in good shape, more relaxed, sleep better, have a better mood or just maintain the shape and definition you have whilst you still cannot make it to the gym. The important thing is being active, so I want to share a story of how I managed to stay in shape using bodyweight exercises even before I started lifting weights, why and how I got into working out.

I was bitten by the fitness bug pretty early on in my life and I say this because I’m still pretty young now, so at about 10 years old I was already into working out and being strong fast. Since I was a kid this was mainly inspired by watching action movies, and wrestling, and I went to a school that made it compulsory for all the guy students to do all the sports that were offered at the school since I went to a very small school without many students.
you do not need weight to get a great body
image by chrisroll/freedigitalphotos
you don't need weights to get into great shape

We would all train after school (when it was athletics season or training for a school sports team) doing training exercises with a medicine ball, running multiple times around a 400m school ground and doing other bodyweight exercises. It’s safe to say I was a pretty fit kid. First thing I would do in the morning when I got to school is play soccer with my classmates who were all my friends, before school even started we were already all sweaty and our school uniform especially our white shirts were already stained from all the tackles.

We had 2 breaks and during each break we would play soccer again and again, sometimes we would play cricket but most of the guys preferred soccer. After school when I went home the activity would not stop, I would join my neighbourhood friends and we would cycle around our little town for hours, or go bird hunting or fishing along the river.

Going back to the training at school, I played soccer, cricket, and I used to run the 100m and 200m and was part of the relay team. We would have internal athletics events first, and then we would face other schools in our region, I remember for a couple of years we were the junior cricket champions and that was because one of our teachers/Coach was very strict, and we trained all the time. We would sometimes play high school teams even though we were only in primary school. And it’s not as if sports were the only thing I was doing, I was an A student and was part of the school choir and did all sorts of things. At one point I was doing ballroom dancing for some school show and I was reciting poetry and even acting at the school end of the year show.

At the time my cousin who was 2 years older than me lived with us, and most of my friends at home were older than me, so we played rough and would have these wrestling and fighting contests. We would train doing push ups and sit ups, competing with each other to see who could do the most.

As I went to high school I lost interest in sports and I was not as active and my cousin moved away, but I still liked doing bodyweightexercises to keep in shape. In high school we would arm wrestle to see who was the strongest and every so often the guys would compare biceps and abs. Other guys started working out but I did not join the gym till university. I was happy cycling and doing bodyweight exercises, and I was fine with that for a long time, I thought I was fit and lean and did not realise I was skinny because most of the guys at school were small guys and the guys who were not small were just fat. So to me small was normal.

And now even though I started working out because I felt I was skinny, and I felt that being bigger and more macho looking would help with the ladies, I realise that for some guys just being fit is enough, some people do not care about being macho looking and many guys do not use the way they look to get girls but rather a combination of lies and charm mostly. If you want to be fit and have a decent looking body just doing simple things like working out when you are watching TV or doing pull ups at the park can go a long way.

Kellan Lutz attributes a lot of his fitness to just being active and doing the occasional weightless workout during an ad break when he is watching TV. Mike Tyson did mostly bodyweight training when he was at his prime and he had a great heavy weight champion physique, there are a lot of celebrities and fit people out there who got great bodies just by doing weightless exercises or a combination of weights and bodyweight exercises.
Whether you are doing bodyweight exercises to maintain your physique or to be generally fit there are things like intensity and the number of reps that will determine the success of your routine, more importantly if you eat crap even weights will not help you to build an awesome physique.

If you are looking to look like Phil heath than unfortunately bodyweight exercises will not get you there, but you could probably attain a lean muscular Ryan Kwanten like body using the right bodyweight exercises at the right difficulty level, a good diet, with a bit of cardio. The key is being active, and it could take as little as dedicating 15 minutes each day to multiple or even one bodyweight exercise per day to get to a physique you are satisfied with.

The reason why you are not getting any bigger

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Have you been working out for a while and still have not gained any size? Are you still lifting the same weights that you were lifting when you first started out? Are you still eating the same way you did before you ventured in fitness? I know these are a lot of questions but these are questions you should be asking yourself. I will discuss the answers and maybe shed some light on what it takes to get bigger, to gain the lean muscle that we all want.

There are many things that contribute to someone gaining muscle, working out is just one of them and very few people will get the results that they want just by working out alone and not doing the other things that are necessary to have effective workouts.

This angle made me look bigger for some reason

The things that are necessary in order to gain muscle:

1      Eating the right food – This is the number 1 thing you should consider before you even think of the workout because often people go to the gym regularly but their physiques do not improve because their diet is not conducive to muscle building or recovery. To build muscle you usually have to eat more protein than you are accustomed to eating, there are many foods that contain protein such as chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and the list goes on.

2       Eating enough food – many people think that they eat a lot and are surprised when the scale is not moving. Just because you are full does not mean you eat enough. Most people do not count their calories and even if they do, their calculations are off so it does not really benefit them. Having really good challenging workouts can help you to increase your appetite, but if you can not fit the required amount of food into your daily meal plans then you would be better suited using supplementation to help you meet your target. The reason you need to eat more than you normally do is because in order to gain weight your caloric intake must be more than the amount of calories you need to maintain your current bodyweight.

3     Lift heavier – You should not be lifting weights that do not challenge you. Lifting piece of cake weights will not get you results, but it will only waste your time. You need to lift weights that challenge you enough that you are struggling by your last rep but not so heavy that your form is compromised. Compromised form means that your workout is not effective and will either get you injured or your muscles will not get worked out properly because you will be cheating.  You should set goals for yourself each week, maybe a small thing like adding a pound or two to your bicep curl each week. This kind of goal planning will have many benefits, firstly you will get the best gains out of each weight, your strength will increase gradually so you will be able to handle heavier weights and eventually you will be able to lift a super heavy weight you could not before, that could be your end goal so you know what you are aiming for without jumping from start to finish but doing things step by step.

4      Play around with rep ranges – Different rep ranges work for different people, most people would say about 10 reps is where you get the most muscle building done, but sometimes a change in reps brings about the best gains in strength and muscle. Try low heavy reps, try going lighter weights with more reps until failure, try the pyramid style of lifting or even reverse pyramid. Eventually you will find the rep ranges that work best for you or you might even end up liking mixing rep ranges up.

5     Rest and drink enough water – Muscle growth does not happen during the workout, it happens when you are resting, so make sure you sleep for 8 hours to give your body enough recovery time. If you do not sleep enough you are always tired and not at 100% so you might not be giving your best in the gym. Most of your body is made of water, so it makes sense that your muscles need hydration in order to recover and grow. You lose a whole lot of water when working out, so it makes sense that you should replace all of that lost water. Drinking water also increases the volume of blood you have which aids in transportation of nutrients around the body that are necessary for proper bodily functioning but also to aid in growing your muscles and repairing damaged muscles.

6     Do compound exercises – If it is muscle mass you are after then you would be a fool not to do compound exercises. Compound exercises train your whole body and they work out your large body parts like your back and legs which help to increase the secretion of hormones such as Growth Hormone which will help your muscles get bigger quicker. Compound exercises are exercises that workout multiple body parts all at once for example the dead-lift, squat, bench press and the pull-up.

Note that these are just a few tips that can help you gain more muscle, there is a whole lot of other stuff that works as well.


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Many guys want to get the kind of body that Justin Hartley managed to build when he was acting as the Green Arrow in Smallville. This is the kind of physique that girls are attracted to and one that makes you look good in Clothes. 

So I am going to use information that Justin Hartley shared a while ago to give you hints as to what direction you need to take when it comes to working out in the gym so that you acquire that lean Green Arrow physique. Firstly you should know that he is not a fan of lengthy gym sessions so the workouts are quick and to the point.

He stands at 6’3” and weighs about 200lbs so for his height he is not big, he has enough muscle to be considered muscular but not so much that he is considered overly muscular, it would take a lot more muscle for him to make his 6’3” frame bulky. Just look at Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson  who is about the same height as Justin at 6’4”, when he was slimmed down to get the Hollywood look instead of his old no neck bulky look  he was well over 240lbs. 

the green arrow workout
Justin Hartley Workout as the Green Arrow in Smallville

Here is how you could use the tips that Justin suggested to your advantage:

1.Combine systems - Basically he uses a variety of workout out options, such as free weight, machines and cables, it would make sense so that he would not get bored and all gym sessions are always a combination of new things. You could also mix in bodyweight exercises since they help to increase strength, strength gained could later be used for your lifts, plus bodyweight exercises are safer and could be used when taking a break from weights or if you are on the road a lot or during busy weeks when you cannot make it to the gym
2. Focus on cardio if you're burned out from lifting weights or weights if you are sick of cardio – this alternating form of workout helps you not to get bored but also to pack on some mass when you are not doing cardio and lean out when you are back in cardio mode therefore never allowing you to get bulky
justin hartley workout
Justin Hartley lean muscles, ripped as Green Arrow
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3. Vary your workout time – workout in the morning sometime, or the afternoon and see what that does for your energy levels, maybe you will find a time that is suitable for you. Also if you are a person that gets bored easily then changing your times might be just what you need depending on your mood. Sometimes you are fresh in the mornings and ready to lift iron, or you have a hectic job that leaves you without energy for an afternoon session. Sometimes you are not a morning person and afternoons just work better for you. The time of year such a the festive season and vacations can make you change your schedule as well.

4.Eat better and provide variety to your meals – Eat healthy food that allows for you to get energy such as carbs and protein for muscle growth and repair but do not forget to eat your healthy omega fats as well which can be found in fish, nuts and so on. Eat fruits and vegetables, especially the dark leafy veggies. The key is to get your nutrients from different sources, that is what makes a healthy diet. Plus eating food without variety especially healthy foods in diets makes it difficult for you to enjoy your fitness journey. For the same reason you ad variety to your workout, add variety to your diet, it keeps things flowing and enjoyable.

If you want to read about other jacked celebrities and their workouts I will refer you to the source I got the Justin Hartley workout tips information from: Most Jacked Celebrity Actors part 2 .

Mixed Martial Arts Training –A kick ass way to getting fit

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Mixed Martial Arts is the sport of true fighters. MMA allows you to fight both on your feet and on the ground using both striking and grappling techniques. This combat sport allows you to use the fighting techniques that you are best at, you can fight using karate as your specialisation versus anyone with a similar or different fighting technique such as wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, judo or any other fighting technique.  Watching people kick ass in this sport is awesome it’s like watching all those Van Damme movies in real life. What I like about this kind of combat sport is that it is real, it’s not acting and there is no storyline to be followed or any predetermined winners before matches.

Now that I am done telling you a little something about what MMA is I will share some of the top guys in MMA, and their workouts for those of you who want to build muscular lean athletic bodies that can help you kick ass. It is fun to workout, learn relaxation through some form of martial arts and learn how to defend yourself at the same time. The benefits are endless who knows some of you may be inspired to join an MMA club and start training with other fighters or even compete with others.

We are all in this for different reasons, whatever your reason sit back and enjoy as I present to you the workouts of 3 of the best MMA fighters in MMA history:

Jon “bones” Jones workout – Have a kick ass light heavy weight champion body

Where do I start, there is so much this 24 year old has achieved at such a young age, Last year in March he became the youngest ever Champion in UFC history. He has smashed all of his opposition. He seems to be unstoppable, after a long period of exchanging words and building hype with Rashad Evans, Jon “bones” Jones was successful yet again by defeating Rashad Evans In April of this year. He has had a meteoric rise to the top Of MMA and is already one of the best if not the best ever light heavy weight in MMA history, and he is only 24. What makes him so unstoppable is that he is a master of both ground game and on his feet, with the advantage of his 84.5 inch reach adding to his arsenal of weapons. There is still a long career ahead of him because he is still so young; we shall continue witnessing this legend in the making.

I will share a workout that Jon “bones” Jones does that I found on the UFC website.

Before I share the workout I would like to tell you that Jon Jones stands at 6’3” and weighs about 205 pounds (93kg), for his height that is not big at all that is why he has a lean muscular athletic build which allows him to move fast and explosively, his training is tailored to build power, speed and explosiveness.

This is what Jon “bones” Jones training looks like per training day

1.       Hang Clean (5 sets of 5 reps)
2.       Barbell Push Press (8 sets of 5 reps: 30 second rest between sets)
3.       Lying leg curl (6 sets of 6 reps)
4.       Depth Dumbbell Snatch (4 sets of 4 reps)
5.       Ring Twists (3 sets of 4 reps to each side)
6.       Clean from knees w/jump ( 3 sets of 10 reps)
7.       Medicine ball superset ( run the cycle 3 times for a total of 3 supersets):  Medicine ball power up (5 reps), medicine ball sprawl and jump (8 reps) and medicine ball pylo push up (8 reps)
8.       One-leg straight leg walking dumbbell dead lifts ( 3 sets for 25 yards each)

If you want to read the article where I found this workout go to:

The Georges St. Pierre Workout – Get a body like GSP

GSP is a Canadian MMA fighter, he is the UFC World Welterweight Champion. He has black belts in Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. He became the UFC Welterweight champion for the first time in 2006, lost the title in 2007 but regained it in 2008. He has never lost a fight defending his title ever since then. He is rated the best pound-for- pound MMA fighter in the world and is a living legend of MMA.
GSP is 5’10” and 170 pounds (77kg) of lean muscle. Georges had surgery in December to repair his torn ACL, which meant he had to pull out of a fight against Nick Diaz which was scheduled for February of this year. The surgery means that he will not be able to fight for most of this year but his surgery was a success so we expect to see GSP in top shape the next time he is in the ring. No one trains harder than GSP, I have watched many of his match preparations, and he is constantly working towards improving himself and staying at the top. He uses all the resources he has to improve and travels around the world to find the best training he can find.

GSP Training routine –

GSP trains 6 days per week, he changes his workouts everyday by doing a combination of 2 of the following on each workout day: Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, strength and conditioning exercises, running, and he adds some MMA sparring in the mix to round up his workout program.
Some words that GSP has said before regarding his training,” I always train with better wrestlers than me, better boxers than me, better jui-jitsu guys than me.”  The reason he trains with the best of the best, with guys going to the Olympics is that even though he will not best the people who specialise in that one field, he will definitely best his next opponent in the ring and it has been working for GSP that is why he is still champion.  Go to the UFC SITE to find out more about Georges St. Pierre.

Randy “The Natural” Couture workout –MMA heavy weight legend fitness

Randy Couture is an MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer; he is a 3 time UFC World Heavyweight champion, 2 time UFC World light Heavyweight champion. He was the oldest man ever to win a UFC title at the age of 43. He was also the first fighter to hold titles in two divisions, the heavyweight and light heavyweight division. Couture also got into acting and starred in the movie “Scorpion King 2: Rise of the Warrior” in 2008 and “The Expendables” in 2010. He was also on a reality show on SpikeTv’s “Pro’s vs. Joes” in 2007.

Randy Couture Training routine:

Randy Couture stands at 6’2” and used to weigh 205lbs (93kg) when he was competing in the light heavyweight division. Randy’s used to train 2 times a day 6 times a week back when he was still a fighter. He did strength and conditioning exercises in the morning 3 times a week and he did mitt and technical stuff on the other 3 mornings of his training week. Randy Couture’s training used to focus on building explosiveness and he used to do high intensity exercises. I will share with you a circuit training routine Randy did to prepare for the movie The Expendables. It is a 19 exercises circuit, so it is not easy to do but that’s what you have to do to get in top shape like “The Natural” or “Captain America” or whatever you would like to call Randy.

19 exercise circuit for The Expendables movie:
-          5 minute jog
-          5 minute agility ladder
-          Alternating leg-up crunch – 1 set of 12 reps per side
-          Windmill – 1 set of 8 reps per side
-          V-crunch – 1 set of 12 reps
-          Superman – 8 reps
-          Hip crossover – 1 set of 6 reps per side
-          Ab wheel – 1 set of 15 reps
-          Stiff-legged dead lift to shrug – 1 set of 5 reps
-          Hang clean – 4 sets of 3 reps
-          Front squat – 3 sets of 4 reps
-          Jumps – 1 set of 5 reps
3 supersets:
-          One-arm stability ball dumbbell press – 1 set of 7 reps per arm
-          Chest throw – 1 set of 4 reps
3 supersets again:
-          Dumbbell row with bands – 1 set of 8 reps
-          Overhead slam on Bosu – 1 set of 5 reps
2 giant sets:
-          Supinating dumbbell curls – 1 set of 8 reps
-          Over head alternating lunges – 1 set of 5 reps per leg
-          Dips – 1 set 10 reps
If you want to read the source article for the workout and find out how the workouts above are done go to

Also check out the Visual Impact Muscle Building program if you are interested in getting the Hollywood look, the bulky bodybuilder look is not something most people want. The program is designed by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book, one of the most popular fitness blogs on the net. This workout program is made up of 3 phases that will guide you on your way to an awesome babe pulling beach body.

Jared Padalecki has put on some muscle on Supernatural

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I remember the first time I watched Supernatural, Jared Padalecki was just a tall guy with no muscle to speak of. It seems as if he has been hitting the gym a lot through the years to fit the hunter role. I find that he really packed on some size when he still had the devils powers and especially after he came back from hell.

From Skinny guy in gilmore girls to the supernatural monster ass kicking hunter

These celebs sure do know how to pack on some nice quality size, when most people pack on size they first become fat then cut but most of them remain fat because they cannot control the most important part of any workout out plan, the diet. These celebrities get it right all the time, just look at how Jared went from a tall skinny guy in Gilmore Girls to tall muscular monster slayer in Supernatural.

The lean muscular look

Jared managed to put on lean muscle without adding fat to his frame. He is naturally a very skinny guy so it must have taken a lot of effort and hard work to attain the lean muscular look that he has now. He is very tall which makes it even more difficult to pack on muscle because the big and long frame is difficult to fill especially if like Jared you were born with skinny genetics. He has now managed to build himself a perfectly balanced body for his body type and height. This is the kind of body women find attractive and other tall guys should aim for if they care about attracting babes.

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How you can get this type of body if you are tall with skinny genetics

If you look carefully at pictures of Jared you will notice that the muscular parts that stand out are his arms, shoulders, chest and abs. Having skinny genetics means it’s harder to pack on muscle but the advantage is that it is harder to gain enough muscle to look bulky as well so you can pretty much do any work out and you would not look bulky. Jared stands at 6’4” so he is pretty tall, unlike other celebrities who are naturally big and the same height like the Rock he is naturally skinny so doing compound exercises would really help a skinny guy to gain mass. 

The compound exercises would bring about whole body muscle growth and because the compound exercises also workout large body parts like your back and legs they increase secretion of Growth Hormone which will help you grow your target muscles like your shoulders, chest and arms so that you get the lean Hollywood look and shape.

For abs there are multiple abs workouts that you could do that work provided you target the lower and upper abdominal region as well as your oblique’s. I have found that a simple workout such as a combination of sit-ups and hanging leg raises can get you the ripped abs you desire.

Keep Pushing

All the effort in the gym is worth nothing if you do not eat enough protein to enable your muscles to grow and recover. Also you should have enough rest and sleep to allow proper muscular growth and recovery. You will find that if you are a skinny guy you can get away with a lot in terms of eating but you get the best results faster when you are eating a diet that is conducive to Muscle Building.

I hope this post will inspire some skinny guys to put in effort at the gym or even to keep pushing it if they have not been seeing results at the gym. Getting a great body takes time that is why you appreciate it when you get to the point where you feel you have a great looking body because you know you have worked hard to get to that point.

Get a body like a heavyweight boxer - Iron Mike or Will Smith Style

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Imagine having a body like Mike Tyson at his prime, Ali at his prime or even having the body of Will Smith acting like Ali at his prime. All these guys were magnificent physical specimen at their fitness primes. They had the size, the leanness, the speed and the power to knock out opposition and if they did not knock them out in the early rounds they were fit enough to outlast their opponents in the ring, taking advantage of their  tired opposition.

They were the best, and being the best means being the most skilled, fastest, strongest and lasting the longest, I imagine having that kind of fitness level is hard to get and requires hours of work and diet every day, it requires a certain type of training that makes you the ultimate fighter. I also imagine being so fit must be a rush, you feel the best you will ever or have ever felt at that moment you achieve such fitness.

It is common knowledge that if you want to be the best than you have to beat the best but in our case if you want to get a body like a heavyweight boxer you have to train like a heavy weight boxer. Training like a heavy weight boxer is time consuming, training takes over your life and you have to have discipline of the highest degree when it comes to fitness. Obviously boxers lives depend on them being better than the other fighters in order to make a good living, so those boxers who win titles and earn fortunes live and breathe boxing, that’s why they succeed, it is like they do not know anything else.

will smith ali workout

How Will Smith got the Ali heavy weight boxer body

For the movie Ali Will went from 185lbs which was not big for his height to 220lbs of heavy weight lean muscle. To prepare for his role as Ali he started training 12 months before filming to make sure he was at peak condition and actually looked the way Ali would have looked in his prime. Will Smith trained 5 days a week training two body parts per day using a pyramid style weight training routine and a resistance training routine that was designed by celebrity and boxing personal trainer Darrell Foster. His pyramid style workout meant that he would start off with light weights going to heavy weights the go back to light weights for each lifting exercise. He also ran 5 miles every morning for six days of the week. He was on a high protein low carbohydrate diet which made him get that lean low body fat boxer body.
mike tyson is a beast

How to get a body like “Iron Mike” Tyson

Mike Tyson is believed to have done little to no weight training at the beginning of his boxing career, but some people believe he did lift weights in order to gain some size first before engaging in boxing training routines.  Most of his power and build can be attributed to him just being a genetic freak, even as a teenager he was huge. Since most people who want the Mike Tyson workout want the workout he was doing during his prime in the early days before things went south, I will share information about a workout routine he did in the 1980’s when he was at his prime, this is the period where Iron Mike was the undisputed heavyweight champion and the youngest boxer ever to win the WBA, WBC and IBF world heavyweight titles at the age of 20 which was amazing. Mike Tyson was short in height compared to other heavyweight boxers but he was huge for his height of about 5’10” weighing between 215lbs to 220lbs before his prison days.

So this is what Iron Mikes 7 day training routine looked like in the 80’s:

  •         The first thing he did in the morning was to stretch
  •         He then did 10 box jumps
  •         He followed the box jumps with 10 bursts of sprinting
  •         After the nice quick warm up session he would then do a 3 mile run
  •         Around lunch he would do some ring work
  •         Then in the afternoon after a meal he would do additional ring work
  •         He would do 60 minutes on the exercise bike for building legs and for conditioning after the ring work
  •        At 5pm he would do a circuit training routine in which he did 10 circuits consisting of: 200 sit-ups first up, followed by 25-40 dips, then 50 push ups, and then again 25-40dips, then 50 shrugs, followed by 10 minute neck work on the floor. At the end of this circuit he would have done 2000 sit-ups, 500-800 dips, 500 push-ups, and 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell.
  •         At around 8 pm he would then do an additional 30 minutes of cycling on the exercise bike.

Tyson has said before that he did the shrugs to build up his shoulders, which would help him throw strong powerful punches. He was the best of the best back then because he worked harder than everyone else. The amount of bodyweight exercises he did daily were not normal; mix that in with great genetics and a big ego and bad ass attitude and you had a mean unstoppable fighting machine who took down giants.

How you can build a body like a heavy weight knock-out machine

 Most of us cannot live and breathe boxing and training. And most of us cannot train a full week without at least a few days of recovery time. Iron Mike was a genetic freak and we are just normal people and need time to recover, he also had trained people who made sure he had other methods of recovery that most of us do not have access to (for example people to take care of planning our diets, and people like physiotherapists and other support staff). This does not mean we cannot get bodies like heavy weight boxers, this only means we can adjust the workouts routines like Will Smiths Ali workout routine and “Iron Mike” Tyson’s workout routine to fit our lifestyles and our genetics.

 A good way to find out which routine will work best for you is by trying both workouts for a certain length of time and then seeing which one you like the most and which style of workout gives you the best results. It is about adjusting your diet to fit your genetics and metabolic rate. Someone like Will Smith would have to work much harder on eating enough of the right food to gain weight because Will Smith has an easier time leaning out than bulking up whereas someone like Mike who is genetically big and has an easier time getting big would focus on a diet that would be clean enough for him to still gain a certain amount of mass but be as lean as possible.

One thing that you need for sure no matter which type of workout you use, whether you use weights and resistance training or mostly bodyweight exercises you need pure discipline to be able to do this boxer training everyday for the whole year. It is easier to maintain that body once you achieve it first; at least it’s easier to maintain the look and not the fitness level if you are not a boxer, so you have to put in most of the effort and hard work at the beginning in order to get you dream heavyweight boxer physique and then you could tone it down since unlike a boxer you cannot be spending all your time training.

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