Exercising during long distance bus trips

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I was recently on a bus for a couple days, being on a bus for a couple hours is fine but being on a bus for about 48 hours in the space of a few days is not my favourite thing. It is not necessary to exercise when you are on the bus especially if you only workout 3 times a week. One can always have a makeup session for workout days missed or interrupted by the bus trip.

Stretching and exercising on bus

I did try to think about the kinds of workouts one could do in small cramped spaces like in buses and domestic airline planes. And I did not come up with much but I have read somewhere that you could tense your abdominal region for long periods of time so that you get some sort of abs workout but that is really uncomfortable and I do not think anyone would ever get abs just by doing that so that’s a pretty useless option. The other option is stretching, so you do not cramp up when sitting for long periods and standing up every now and then but that option is not that great especially if you are in the window seat and you keep standing up to go to the toilet and to do silly looking stretching exercises. I did not want to irritate other passengers so I sat for most of the time (plus standing up is not really advised on the Greyhound Bus).

We had many stops on the bus but only a few stops which were like 15 to 20 minutes long where you could go to rest rooms or go buy food and refreshments. Since I almost always sit on the window seat and I cannot really sleep in a cramped moving bus, I usually drink a lot of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks which make my bladder so full by the time we get to stops that all I can do during the stops is to order food and relieve myself during that 15-20 minute time window. As I said before I do not like being the guy always standing up and going to the toilet and I do not want to disturb the person sitting next to me but standing up frequently throughout the trip that is just irritating.

Meal timing and meal portions

The other thing you should consider when travelling on a long bus trip is to pack your own food or at least find a place that makes a quick meal that fits your diet, meal timing is also important when you are going to be sitting for long periods without movement or exercise. Your digestion is affected by the lack of movement and could lead to you being uncomfortable. You know how they say you should not eat right before you sleep, being in a bus and not moving for long periods of time is sort of like that so I tend to limit the amount of food I eat (usually I eat smaller portions less frequently).

Oh going back to the exercising part I feel like it is better to just wait till you get to your destination then work out there, it is much more comfortable and you will look less crazy (It’s hard to look crazy when you are by yourself), the only thing you can really do on the bus trip is stretch at the stops while you are waiting for your food or something.

Since my return from my trip I have found it difficult to go back to my normal schedule, but that could be because I have been busy with other stuff. It’s like I am back but not really back (body is here and mind is elsewhere) but I am getting back to the natural swing of things starting now with this post. 

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