Girls Should Lift Weights Too – Find Out Why

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There is this fear amongst many girls, it is that if they lift weights they will develop huge male like muscles and they will look like man or at worst ugly steroid freaks.  Most girls end up doing tons of cardio and many do not get the end results they want or they do not even burn the amount of calories they need to slim down.

The thing is its very difficult for a woman to pack on muscle at the rate that guys can because they do not have as much testosterone as guys so that makes it harder for them to gain muscle. See for us guys we have extra testosterone because most of it is made by the testes and if you are 100% female than I guarantee you, a little weight lifting will not make you the next hulk.

paige hathaway girls with abs
Paige Hathaway lifts weights and she still looks feminine

Women naturally have a higher body fat than men and it does not help that women also have slower metabolic rates than men which makes it harder to lose weight and easier for you to gain fat. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate will be. 

The reason why guys can get leaner easier is because guys have higher levels of testosterone which makes it easier to build muscle, have a higher metabolic rate and burn more calories. So think about it if you start lifting weights you will increase the amount of muscle you have thus increase you metabolic rate so you will burn more calories.

The other advantage of lifting weights unlike the kinds of workouts that a lot of women usually do is that it burns calories long after you have finished your workout. You could even have cheat meals that don’t cancel out all your hard work.

Plus most women cannot lift the kind of weights required to turn them into hulk like behemoths. The key is to lift weights that challenge you, mix them up with challenging body weight training add some cardio and a great non-restrictive diet like intermittent fasting and you would be set.

The other advantage of lifting weights is that they make you stronger, if you are taking self defense classes your moves would be more effective, no let me rephrase that, lethal because by lifting you add some serious force behind your punches and kicks. Just think about it, a weak punch is not going to do anything to hardened criminal any-ways.

I hope you stop wasting your time going to the gym just to run on a stupid treadmill, nothing shapes and builds a nice toned behind like a few sets weighted squats.

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