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Many guys want to get the kind of body that Justin Hartley managed to build when he was acting as the Green Arrow in Smallville. This is the kind of physique that girls are attracted to and one that makes you look good in Clothes. 

So I am going to use information that Justin Hartley shared a while ago to give you hints as to what direction you need to take when it comes to working out in the gym so that you acquire that lean Green Arrow physique. Firstly you should know that he is not a fan of lengthy gym sessions so the workouts are quick and to the point.

He stands at 6’3” and weighs about 200lbs so for his height he is not big, he has enough muscle to be considered muscular but not so much that he is considered overly muscular, it would take a lot more muscle for him to make his 6’3” frame bulky. Just look at Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson  who is about the same height as Justin at 6’4”, when he was slimmed down to get the Hollywood look instead of his old no neck bulky look  he was well over 240lbs. 

the green arrow workout
Justin Hartley Workout as the Green Arrow in Smallville

Here is how you could use the tips that Justin suggested to your advantage:

1.Combine systems - Basically he uses a variety of workout out options, such as free weight, machines and cables, it would make sense so that he would not get bored and all gym sessions are always a combination of new things. You could also mix in bodyweight exercises since they help to increase strength, strength gained could later be used for your lifts, plus bodyweight exercises are safer and could be used when taking a break from weights or if you are on the road a lot or during busy weeks when you cannot make it to the gym
2. Focus on cardio if you're burned out from lifting weights or weights if you are sick of cardio – this alternating form of workout helps you not to get bored but also to pack on some mass when you are not doing cardio and lean out when you are back in cardio mode therefore never allowing you to get bulky
justin hartley workout
Justin Hartley lean muscles, ripped as Green Arrow
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3. Vary your workout time – workout in the morning sometime, or the afternoon and see what that does for your energy levels, maybe you will find a time that is suitable for you. Also if you are a person that gets bored easily then changing your times might be just what you need depending on your mood. Sometimes you are fresh in the mornings and ready to lift iron, or you have a hectic job that leaves you without energy for an afternoon session. Sometimes you are not a morning person and afternoons just work better for you. The time of year such a the festive season and vacations can make you change your schedule as well.

4.Eat better and provide variety to your meals – Eat healthy food that allows for you to get energy such as carbs and protein for muscle growth and repair but do not forget to eat your healthy omega fats as well which can be found in fish, nuts and so on. Eat fruits and vegetables, especially the dark leafy veggies. The key is to get your nutrients from different sources, that is what makes a healthy diet. Plus eating food without variety especially healthy foods in diets makes it difficult for you to enjoy your fitness journey. For the same reason you ad variety to your workout, add variety to your diet, it keeps things flowing and enjoyable.

If you want to read about other jacked celebrities and their workouts I will refer you to the source I got the Justin Hartley workout tips information from: Most Jacked Celebrity Actors part 2 .

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