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Mixed Martial Arts is the sport of true fighters. MMA allows you to fight both on your feet and on the ground using both striking and grappling techniques. This combat sport allows you to use the fighting techniques that you are best at, you can fight using karate as your specialisation versus anyone with a similar or different fighting technique such as wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, judo or any other fighting technique.  Watching people kick ass in this sport is awesome it’s like watching all those Van Damme movies in real life. What I like about this kind of combat sport is that it is real, it’s not acting and there is no storyline to be followed or any predetermined winners before matches.

Now that I am done telling you a little something about what MMA is I will share some of the top guys in MMA, and their workouts for those of you who want to build muscular lean athletic bodies that can help you kick ass. It is fun to workout, learn relaxation through some form of martial arts and learn how to defend yourself at the same time. The benefits are endless who knows some of you may be inspired to join an MMA club and start training with other fighters or even compete with others.

We are all in this for different reasons, whatever your reason sit back and enjoy as I present to you the workouts of 3 of the best MMA fighters in MMA history:

Jon “bones” Jones workout – Have a kick ass light heavy weight champion body

Where do I start, there is so much this 24 year old has achieved at such a young age, Last year in March he became the youngest ever Champion in UFC history. He has smashed all of his opposition. He seems to be unstoppable, after a long period of exchanging words and building hype with Rashad Evans, Jon “bones” Jones was successful yet again by defeating Rashad Evans In April of this year. He has had a meteoric rise to the top Of MMA and is already one of the best if not the best ever light heavy weight in MMA history, and he is only 24. What makes him so unstoppable is that he is a master of both ground game and on his feet, with the advantage of his 84.5 inch reach adding to his arsenal of weapons. There is still a long career ahead of him because he is still so young; we shall continue witnessing this legend in the making.

I will share a workout that Jon “bones” Jones does that I found on the UFC website.

Before I share the workout I would like to tell you that Jon Jones stands at 6’3” and weighs about 205 pounds (93kg), for his height that is not big at all that is why he has a lean muscular athletic build which allows him to move fast and explosively, his training is tailored to build power, speed and explosiveness.

This is what Jon “bones” Jones training looks like per training day

1.       Hang Clean (5 sets of 5 reps)
2.       Barbell Push Press (8 sets of 5 reps: 30 second rest between sets)
3.       Lying leg curl (6 sets of 6 reps)
4.       Depth Dumbbell Snatch (4 sets of 4 reps)
5.       Ring Twists (3 sets of 4 reps to each side)
6.       Clean from knees w/jump ( 3 sets of 10 reps)
7.       Medicine ball superset ( run the cycle 3 times for a total of 3 supersets):  Medicine ball power up (5 reps), medicine ball sprawl and jump (8 reps) and medicine ball pylo push up (8 reps)
8.       One-leg straight leg walking dumbbell dead lifts ( 3 sets for 25 yards each)

If you want to read the article where I found this workout go to:

The Georges St. Pierre Workout – Get a body like GSP

GSP is a Canadian MMA fighter, he is the UFC World Welterweight Champion. He has black belts in Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian Jui Jitsu. He became the UFC Welterweight champion for the first time in 2006, lost the title in 2007 but regained it in 2008. He has never lost a fight defending his title ever since then. He is rated the best pound-for- pound MMA fighter in the world and is a living legend of MMA.
GSP is 5’10” and 170 pounds (77kg) of lean muscle. Georges had surgery in December to repair his torn ACL, which meant he had to pull out of a fight against Nick Diaz which was scheduled for February of this year. The surgery means that he will not be able to fight for most of this year but his surgery was a success so we expect to see GSP in top shape the next time he is in the ring. No one trains harder than GSP, I have watched many of his match preparations, and he is constantly working towards improving himself and staying at the top. He uses all the resources he has to improve and travels around the world to find the best training he can find.

GSP Training routine –

GSP trains 6 days per week, he changes his workouts everyday by doing a combination of 2 of the following on each workout day: Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, strength and conditioning exercises, running, and he adds some MMA sparring in the mix to round up his workout program.
Some words that GSP has said before regarding his training,” I always train with better wrestlers than me, better boxers than me, better jui-jitsu guys than me.”  The reason he trains with the best of the best, with guys going to the Olympics is that even though he will not best the people who specialise in that one field, he will definitely best his next opponent in the ring and it has been working for GSP that is why he is still champion.  Go to the UFC SITE to find out more about Georges St. Pierre.

Randy “The Natural” Couture workout –MMA heavy weight legend fitness

Randy Couture is an MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer; he is a 3 time UFC World Heavyweight champion, 2 time UFC World light Heavyweight champion. He was the oldest man ever to win a UFC title at the age of 43. He was also the first fighter to hold titles in two divisions, the heavyweight and light heavyweight division. Couture also got into acting and starred in the movie “Scorpion King 2: Rise of the Warrior” in 2008 and “The Expendables” in 2010. He was also on a reality show on SpikeTv’s “Pro’s vs. Joes” in 2007.

Randy Couture Training routine:

Randy Couture stands at 6’2” and used to weigh 205lbs (93kg) when he was competing in the light heavyweight division. Randy’s used to train 2 times a day 6 times a week back when he was still a fighter. He did strength and conditioning exercises in the morning 3 times a week and he did mitt and technical stuff on the other 3 mornings of his training week. Randy Couture’s training used to focus on building explosiveness and he used to do high intensity exercises. I will share with you a circuit training routine Randy did to prepare for the movie The Expendables. It is a 19 exercises circuit, so it is not easy to do but that’s what you have to do to get in top shape like “The Natural” or “Captain America” or whatever you would like to call Randy.

19 exercise circuit for The Expendables movie:
-          5 minute jog
-          5 minute agility ladder
-          Alternating leg-up crunch – 1 set of 12 reps per side
-          Windmill – 1 set of 8 reps per side
-          V-crunch – 1 set of 12 reps
-          Superman – 8 reps
-          Hip crossover – 1 set of 6 reps per side
-          Ab wheel – 1 set of 15 reps
-          Stiff-legged dead lift to shrug – 1 set of 5 reps
-          Hang clean – 4 sets of 3 reps
-          Front squat – 3 sets of 4 reps
-          Jumps – 1 set of 5 reps
3 supersets:
-          One-arm stability ball dumbbell press – 1 set of 7 reps per arm
-          Chest throw – 1 set of 4 reps
3 supersets again:
-          Dumbbell row with bands – 1 set of 8 reps
-          Overhead slam on Bosu – 1 set of 5 reps
2 giant sets:
-          Supinating dumbbell curls – 1 set of 8 reps
-          Over head alternating lunges – 1 set of 5 reps per leg
-          Dips – 1 set 10 reps
If you want to read the source article for the workout and find out how the workouts above are done go to http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/randy-couture-expendables.htm

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