The reason why you are not getting any bigger

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Have you been working out for a while and still have not gained any size? Are you still lifting the same weights that you were lifting when you first started out? Are you still eating the same way you did before you ventured in fitness? I know these are a lot of questions but these are questions you should be asking yourself. I will discuss the answers and maybe shed some light on what it takes to get bigger, to gain the lean muscle that we all want.

There are many things that contribute to someone gaining muscle, working out is just one of them and very few people will get the results that they want just by working out alone and not doing the other things that are necessary to have effective workouts.

This angle made me look bigger for some reason

The things that are necessary in order to gain muscle:

1      Eating the right food – This is the number 1 thing you should consider before you even think of the workout because often people go to the gym regularly but their physiques do not improve because their diet is not conducive to muscle building or recovery. To build muscle you usually have to eat more protein than you are accustomed to eating, there are many foods that contain protein such as chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts and the list goes on.

2       Eating enough food – many people think that they eat a lot and are surprised when the scale is not moving. Just because you are full does not mean you eat enough. Most people do not count their calories and even if they do, their calculations are off so it does not really benefit them. Having really good challenging workouts can help you to increase your appetite, but if you can not fit the required amount of food into your daily meal plans then you would be better suited using supplementation to help you meet your target. The reason you need to eat more than you normally do is because in order to gain weight your caloric intake must be more than the amount of calories you need to maintain your current bodyweight.

3     Lift heavier – You should not be lifting weights that do not challenge you. Lifting piece of cake weights will not get you results, but it will only waste your time. You need to lift weights that challenge you enough that you are struggling by your last rep but not so heavy that your form is compromised. Compromised form means that your workout is not effective and will either get you injured or your muscles will not get worked out properly because you will be cheating.  You should set goals for yourself each week, maybe a small thing like adding a pound or two to your bicep curl each week. This kind of goal planning will have many benefits, firstly you will get the best gains out of each weight, your strength will increase gradually so you will be able to handle heavier weights and eventually you will be able to lift a super heavy weight you could not before, that could be your end goal so you know what you are aiming for without jumping from start to finish but doing things step by step.

4      Play around with rep ranges – Different rep ranges work for different people, most people would say about 10 reps is where you get the most muscle building done, but sometimes a change in reps brings about the best gains in strength and muscle. Try low heavy reps, try going lighter weights with more reps until failure, try the pyramid style of lifting or even reverse pyramid. Eventually you will find the rep ranges that work best for you or you might even end up liking mixing rep ranges up.

5     Rest and drink enough water – Muscle growth does not happen during the workout, it happens when you are resting, so make sure you sleep for 8 hours to give your body enough recovery time. If you do not sleep enough you are always tired and not at 100% so you might not be giving your best in the gym. Most of your body is made of water, so it makes sense that your muscles need hydration in order to recover and grow. You lose a whole lot of water when working out, so it makes sense that you should replace all of that lost water. Drinking water also increases the volume of blood you have which aids in transportation of nutrients around the body that are necessary for proper bodily functioning but also to aid in growing your muscles and repairing damaged muscles.

6     Do compound exercises – If it is muscle mass you are after then you would be a fool not to do compound exercises. Compound exercises train your whole body and they work out your large body parts like your back and legs which help to increase the secretion of hormones such as Growth Hormone which will help your muscles get bigger quicker. Compound exercises are exercises that workout multiple body parts all at once for example the dead-lift, squat, bench press and the pull-up.

Note that these are just a few tips that can help you gain more muscle, there is a whole lot of other stuff that works as well.

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