There is more to getting bigger arms than isolation exercises

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I have written before about how increasing your arm size is about increasing the size of your biceps as well as your triceps. Today I would like to add to that. You see when people speak of biceps exercises; they speak of the isolation exercises, the curls. When they speak of triceps exercises they speak of dips and skull crushers but that is not the end of your arm exercises.

I have found that exercises not directly meant for your arms may in fact contribute more growth to your arms than the actual isolation exercises you do for your arm growth. To be more specific I am saying that compound exercises are the best way to get bigger arms. Often you find that you are doing a whole body compound exercise program and you only have 1 exercise for arms such as the standing bicep curl but you would still get great arm growth even though you are not doing the hundreds of reps you would usually do on a workout day dedicated to arms only.
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The weird thing is that the compound exercise model is more beneficial to growth of your biceps as well as your whole body. If you did isolation exercises targeting a small muscle, say your biceps, you would bust your ass working out but growth there would not be as much as if you had a compound based workout program. Let me explain...Compound exercises workout your large muscle groups increasing the secretion of growth hormone and testosterone, which make it easier for you to build muscle quicker.

Even though you may be doing only one direct arm workout when you are using a compound exercise workout program, you are having more of an arm workout than you realise. Just think about it when you are doing the dead-lift your arms are involved in picking up and holding the weight. The weight you lift during the dead-lift is some of the heaviest weight you lift. When you are doing the bench press you are working out your chest but your arms are also involved, even more so when you are doing the close grip bench press, that is one of the best triceps workout ever.

When you are doing the pull-up that is a back exercise but your arms are involved during the whole process, and they are supporting your whole body weight which is more than the weight of the dumbbells you curl. The other variation the chin-up is more so a great bicep workout, the best one out there, it is like you are curling your entire bodyweight.

There are many other compound exercises that workout your arms such as the push-ups (more specifically close grip push-ups), the military press and there are more compound movement that work out your arms that I can’t think of right now . I am sure by now you get the point, compound movements are awesome and the name says it. 

Why isolate one body part when you can get so many benefits from using compound exercises? I know there are benefits to isolation exercises that why it’s best to mix them up, to get the benefits of both compound and isolation exercises, maybe than you will get the kind of arm size that you want.   

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