Things I Picked Up From a Greg Plitt Interview

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I was reading and interview a couple of days ago; it was an interview by Iron Man Magazine interviewing Greg Plitt 3 years ago in 2009. I learnt some new things about Greg that I did not really know until now. 

Some of the stuff I learnt is not really fitness related, but it is very inspirational. Greg Plitt is a man who has achieved and done a lot in his life even though he is still young. He is a guy who lives and does not watch life pass him by, he is goal oriented. He is a busy body, an adrenaline junkie, he is impulsive and takes opportunities as they come, and he is not the kind of guy that hesitates to take action. Many people always plan things, and think about doing the things they love until it is too late and they can’t do the things they wanted to do because the opportunity is gone or they have a family to think about now.

Besides being an adrenaline junkie and being a fitness god he is also good when it comes to fixing up houses. While he was in the military he bought houses fixed them and then sold them for a profit which made him a lot of money. It seems to me like he is a man of many skills. He always busy, no wonder fat can’t seem to find a way to stick on him.
Number 1 fitness model  Greg Plitt and his 8 pack abs - Go check out his site for inspirational videos, pics and quotes

On the fitness side Greg comes from a sporting family so he has always been active, from a young age he was into working out and the outdoors. For many people it is difficult to get a body like Greg Plitt’s because his physique is a result of many years of physical activity and sports. Greg was a champion wrestler at the high school level. He already weighed about 189lbs of muscle in high school. He now weighs about 195lbs which is only a 5lbs deviation in mass. He is now 32 or 33 years old and still has not gained fat that most guys do from the time they finish high school.
He has never been out of shape, always been super fit. Most of us where either skinny, skinny fat or over weight, many of us were not and are still not active and would rather watch TV than to take time to experience the outdoors, hiking for a few hours. The weirdest part I got from the interview is that he only ate once a day in the middle of the day. Yes he says its one big meal, and he eats whatever he feels like eating, but what about his energy levels. Where does he get all this energy to do all this stuff if he only eats one big meal a day? He does takes supplements from his sponsor so I guess that makes sure he does not waste muscle as energy since he is still obviously all jacked up.

He trains everyday without any planned day off, so that if a day off comes it happens naturally. He trains his abs after his workouts except on back day and one other day. Obviously to train his 8 pack he focuses on different abs regions everyday (there are 3 main abs regions, upper abs, lower abs and obliques).

Funny enough he trains using steady state cardio unlike many of the fitness guys out there who prefer or say HIIT is the best option. He trains using high reps for many sets, he trains for the burn. This works for him because he says he is training to remain lean and ripped and not for size since he already has the right size for his acting and fitness modelling career.

If there is one thing I have learnt from reading this Greg Plitt interview is that, the key to being a ripped fat burning machine is being active, doing things that you enjoy. Fitness is not a job for him but it is his lifestyle. If you want to be fit and lead a healthier life then it’s not about being on some low carbohydrate diet for a short while, it’s about changing your old habits and replacing them with new better, healthier habits.

When it comes to workout we are not all the same, we do not have the same strength and recovery rates. Many people will tell you to use certain rep ranges to gain the most muscle but our bodies eventually catch up and that system no longer works. Perhaps you could try Greg’s system of not having a set workout system for each body part but always training for the burn using different rep ranges and weights, machines and even bodyweight exercises every now and then.

Do not let anyone tell you which kind of cardio to do, find your favourite and what works best for you, a lot of people will say do HIIT because it works best but you could find that like Greg steady state works best for you because, besides the workout it gives you, you also find that during your morning or evening jogs you get the chance to reflect on your day and think about your goals.

I believe that workout systems work and I believe that what you should get out of them at the end of using that system is new found growth in terms of muscle and strength but also by using that program you learn to make your own program to suit you. Programs usually work not because they are the best or the only workout programs that work but because they provide variety and push you body in ways you have never pushed your body before.

People always say that others should find their voice, I say go out there and find your ‘fitness voice’ , you can only go for so long following other people, its time you figured out what you want and how you are going to get it.

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