Fats are not your enemy - Macronutrients

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How many times do you hear people complaining about eating fatty foods and blaming eating foods with fat for their weight problems? Others even go as far as trying to get rid of fat from their diet, not realizing that fat is not their enemy and that yes fat does lead them to becoming obese but that fat also has some vital functions in our bodies.

The most common mistake that people make is to assume that all fat is the same, that it is all bad for you. That is not true; the truth is there are many fats that are very good for you commonly referred to as the good fats and there are many more fats that are bad for you commonly referred to you as “bad fats”. There are 3 kinds of fats and I will start off by telling you about the “bad Fats” which are 2/3 of all kinds of fats, saturated fats and trans fats.  An example of a saturated fat is butter saturated fats are usually found in animal products like meat and some examples of trans fats or where they are found is margarine and cookies and other foods made using hydrogenated oils.
unsaturated fat

I have mentioned 2 types of oils that are bad for you already above, trans fats and saturated fats which contribute to your bodies bad cholesterol. The third types of fats however are the “good fats”, the unsaturated fats which are found in nuts, fish, olive oil, vegetable oil and so on.

Some benefits of fats are that they are used as a source of energy by the body especially if you are very active, that is why you find that active people have less fat because they burn it as energy during their workouts or whichever activities they are involved in. Fats assist in the absorption of some micronutrients (vitamins) by our bodies.  Fats help with our development and growth, fats play a role in brain development and blood clothing. Fat also plays a role in making you feel full and could actually prevent you from over eating. Fat provides 9 calories per gram, higher than every other macronutrient; this can be good or bad for you. If you eat too much fat this means you consume more calories so you get fatter but energy wise this is good especially if you are active, because fat does not get used up as quickly or as easily as carbohydrates as energy the body fat that is stored in your body as energy (more long term source).

Some fats are good for you as I mentioned above but even good nutrients are not god for you if you consume too much of them, they will make you gain weight. The trick is not to restrict one nutrient or the other, we need all nutrients to be healthy therefore we need to have a diet that includes a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as well as micronutrients if we want to be healthy. People think eating fat makes them fat but it’s actually over eating, even if they ate only carbohydrates they would still get fat if they were eating more than they needed and they would not develop properly and have health problems because of the lack of other nutrients that are needed by the body. 

Do Not Befriend Laziness – Muscle And Laziness Are Not Friends

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They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, not in this case. Never befriend laziness, it is viral, contagious. I take it if you are reading this blog you are interested in building muscle, getting in shape, losing fat or just staying in shape, so muscle is your friend and laziness is your enemy.

Muscle and laziness cannot co-exist, to build muscle you must be dedicated, committed to that cause, there is no place for laziness. Laziness is the mother of procrastination and procrastination is definitely not your friend, procrastination wastes time and time is worth more than money can buy. Laziness brings failure, if you want to get ripped, you will fail to do so if you are lazy because you will not put in the amount of work needed in order to achieve that goal.

Laziness is not your friend, it lurks in the shadows waiting for a weak moment to invade, laziness is the oil in your ocean, and laziness is the killer of success. Laziness is a loser, it does not allow for you to achieve, it is something that makes you a loser and wants to keep you there.

Think about it do you think Arnold was lazy when he was in the best shape of his life and winning all those Olympia’s and other bodybuilding contests? Do you think Ronnie Coleman was lazy when he was lifting massive weights and winning a record number of Olympia’s? Do you think Greg Plitt allows himself to become lazy? No, no and no...the best athletes, bodybuilders and fitness models in the world are not lazy people, to be the best you have to work harder and smarter than everyone else, that is what it takes to be number one. The moment you let laziness creep in is when you lose because there is someone working harder than you, that’s when you don’t win Mr Olympia, that is when after over a hundred fitness magazine covers and romance novel covers, you stop being number one because someone out there works harder and now looks in better shape than you.

Okay so I know that not all of us are professional athletes or make a living from looking great and being the best but this applies in all areas of life where you want to achieve something. Laziness is not your friend anywhere in life, when it starts to creep in, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, check out something or someone that inspires you to do better and to achieve and ask yourself if that person got there by being lazy.

Everyone can be great; it’s just that most of us are not willing to work our asses off to get there.  

Macronutrients – Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates are used as an energy source by the body. They are easily converted into glucose, more easily useable by the body than if the body were to use fats or protein as energy.

Types of Carbs

There are two types of carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Your complex carbohydrates are foods commonly referred to as starchy foods such as brown rice, pasta, potatoes, corn, cereals, flour etc. Simple carbohydrates on the other hand are what is commonly referred to as sugars, examples of these are fruits and veggies, cakes, sweets, soft drinks and a lot of other junk foods and snacks.
Macronutrients - carbohydrates...breads are an example of carbs.

Role of Carbs in TRAINING

In terms of muscle building carbohydrates play very important role for muscle gain and energy levels. You see lifting weights takes a lot of energy, the actual weight lifting requires energy, your metabolic rate increases when you workout so you generally need a lot more food just not maintain your current body and even more carbs if you want to bulk. You need to have energy before you even start lifting so that you will be able to lift as heavy and as effectively as you possibly can.

Eat Carbs in Moderation

Carbohydrates like any sort of nutrient need to be consumed as needed but like any other nutrient, over indulging has its downsides so too does not eating enough carbs. The downside of eating too many carbs is that you will gain a lot of fat, because the body only uses what it needs as energy and the rest is stored in the body as fat. If you are not a very active person and you consume a lot of carbs, lack of activity plus a slow metabolism would result in fat gain whereas if you are very active and exercise you can afford to use up more carbs because they are being used to fuel your activities instead of being stored as fat.

When Is the Best Time to Eat Carbs?

With that said the best times to eat the bulk of your carbs is straight after you wake up for breakfast, this fuels you up after an 8 hour (or more) fast and it gives the body ample time to use up those carbs throughout the day, the second best time to eat carbs is before and after a workout since you will need the energy boost and you do not want your body using protein (or your muscles) as energy, you need that for muscle building and repair ( and you need your current muscle and maybe want it to get bigger) . I am not saying do not eat carbs at other times, just that the majority of your carbs should be eaten earlier in the day and when you are most active. It would serve you well to eat more carbs on workout days than on off days since you are more active on workout days so there is a small chance of the carbohydrates you eat to be stored as fat.

I will write a post about carb cycling in the coming weeks so keep a look out for that if you are interested in finding out what carb cycling is and whether it would be beneficial to your muscle building and getting shredded goals. 

5 Things I love About Working Out

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You know there are a lot of people out there who workout, there are even more people who wish they worked out and others who used to work out but gave up because they did not see results or because they were lazy and made up some lame excuse about why they stopped.
Today I would like to make a list of some of the things that make me pump that iron and keep coming back for more...
image by Chrisroll/www.freedigitalphotos.net

I love the pump - I love the tight feeling I get when the blood rushes to my muscles. I love it when my heart is racing, and I am dripping in sweat. I love the way my muscles look when they are pumped, I like their size and during every workout, I push hard just to get that pumped feeling every time.

The pain – I don’t know why but I never feel like I have worked out hard enough if my muscles are not struggling and giving up on me by the end of the workout, or if I am not feeling the pain from a previous day’s workout the day after. I love how I struggle to walk properly for a couple of days after a good leg session, I love the feeling when I can’t even love without feeling terrible pain in my midsection after and intense lengthy abs session (the feeling can last up to 5 days if I have not trained abs in a while).

The growth and improvement – Nothing beats that feeling when you compare two pictures of yourself a few months apart, or a couple years apart and you have undergone a major physique transformation. It is amazing to see muscles developing every time you look in the mirror; it’s even more awesome when your shirts and T-shirts are a perfect fit and show off all your hard work.

The reactions – I how my mother and siblings reacted when I came back from university at the end of the first semester after I had been working out for 6 months and I had gained about 10Kg. I love it when I see people I grew up with or people are used to go to high school with, they are always shocked at how much bigger I have gotten since we last saw each other.

The attention – I love how girls treat me, how much easier it is to get chicks. I do not know whether it’s because I am more confident or maybe because chicks are attracted to muscular guys. I love picking up chicks literally and they seem to like a guy who it able to do that. Not all girls love macho guys but a lot of them sure do like strong muscular men. I also love the haters, the girls who hate on me because I love working out, maybe because I’m sort of a douche bag. I don’t even mind the guys who hate on me; I always think they secretly wish they worked out too. Working out gives one a positive self image which has many added benefits. Oh and I never got how Johnny Bravo never got the girl, truth is in real like a self loving, muscle bound douche bag like Bravo would always get some play. Maybe it is because they did not want little boys growing up to be egotistical douche bags, whatever the case it does not matter much because life is not fair the bad guys get the girls until the girls are older and are looking to settle down and they wonder where the good guys went.

So those are the 5 things I like about working out, I am sure you guys have more reasons why you love to workout. Working out like a lot of other activities is a subjective experience, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, keep pumping that iron! 

Importance of Nutrition – Macronutrients & Micronutrients

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Whenever you go to a bodybuilding site or any site, magazine or book dealing with nutrition you will always hear that nutrition is the most important thing whether it comes to muscle building, getting lean or just losing weight. I have spoken a few times about nutrition but I have never gone in depth about nutrition so I thought it would be best if I started from the very beginning.

I would like to start by talking about essential nutrients, which are nutrients our body cannot synthesise by itself, we get these nutrients from consuming food sources, this is basically most of the stuff we eat or we are supposed to eat such as vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
Food Is A Source of Nutrients

Nutrients are divided into two groups’ macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are the bulk of the nutrients we consume; examples of macronutrients are fats,   carbohydrates, proteins and macro minerals. We need macronutrients for energy to carry out bodily functions and daily tasks and to work out; we need them to maintain our current state and to grow. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are can all be used as sources of energy for our body, fat has about 9 calories per gram whereas protein and carbs both have 4 calories per gram, something to consider next time you are eating fatty foods or creating a diet/meal plan for yourself.

Micronutrients are your vitamins and your minerals. We require very little amounts of these but they are needed none the less, examples of micronutrients are Vitamin A, C, D, E, K and minerals such as copper, zinc, sodium, fluoride and so on...As I said earlier on we need them in small amounts and the lack of micronutrients could lead to serious health problems caused by a micronutrient deficiency but also the overdose of micronutrients leads to serious issues as well. Did you know that vitamin C can help make you better when you have a common cold; it is also linked with protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and so much more?

A well balanced diet is the best to make sure that you eat enough macronutrients and micronutrients. Your diet should include all of the essential nutrients to make sure you do put yourself at risk. It is always wise to have a nutritionist help you set up your diet when you need to modify it towards weight gaining or fat loss goals, especially if you can afford it.
I will go into more detail on each of the two classes of nutrients in the next couples of weeks just to show you how important nutrition is just for general health and muscle building.

Awesome oblique workout

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I was training my back yesterday so I decided to end with some abs exercises, this time I decided that I wanted to training oblique since my previous abs workout was targeting my upper abs. Many people have great abs but lack those muscled up tight oblique that complete the perfect set of abs.

So I decided that to work out my oblique’s I would only do 2 abs exercises for this session, which were oblique sit-ups and dumbbell side bends.

So in case you do not know how to do these exercises I will explain how they are done so you get the general idea of the position you need to be in and the movement need to do.

Oblique Workout:
Image from Strong Workout
Dumbbell side bends

Dumbbell Side Bends – I had never done these before but I will tell you now after doing them  that my oblique’s have never been in this my pain, it’s the first thing I noticed when I woke up.  To do these get ahold of a relatively heavy dumbbell, hold it to one side of your body when you are standing upright. Now begin to bend to the other side of your body where you are not holding the dumbbell until you feel a bit of a stretch, then bend to the side of the dumbbell the same distance you bended to your other side.  You can do this for as many reps as you can with the dumbbell on your current hand and then switch hands and repeat. This is one of the most effective oblique exercises, you will be feeling the burn during the workout and maybe not so much after you have recovered after this workout, but wait till the day after and you will feel the pain.

Move straight to this next exercise without a break, we want intensity here...  

Oblique Sit-up - This is basically like a normal sit-up where you are lying on your back and your feet are on the floor with your kneed bent facing towards the ceiling. In this exercises instead of just putting your hands at the back of your head and lifting your upper body towards your knees, you will put your hands behind your head and as you raise your upper body begin to twist your upper body and move your left elbow across towards your right knee, go back to starting position and repeat to your other side now. Do these till failure.

Short Core Workout For Post Weight-Training Abs Session

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I have been working out 5 days a week now, since the end of my IF andcompound exercising combo. At the moment I am not doing the intermittent fasting thing, I just eat 3 main meals plus 2 snacks in between the main meals. I am also training my abs more regularly now after my workouts 4 times a week.

I do not train the same abdominal region on consecutive abs days, I train upper abs, the maybe lower abs followed by oblique’s and on the 4th abs day I do a short intense routine that involves all the abs regions then the cycle starts all over again.

I train abs for a short while after my workouts now and the short core workout I am sharing with you now is one that I find is effective after a workout where your core has already been trained in directly be it during leg day when you were squatting and doing those straight legged dead lifts and whatever else that needs a strong stable core.


First up I will tell you that this workout involves doing slow controlled sit-ups, the plank exercise and the side plank.
Image from FITBLOGR
Plank on top, side plank at bottom.

  • You should start with the normal plank exercise stay there for 30 seconds, then without taking a break switch to the side plank for another 30 seconds, then go back to the normal plank for 30 seconds followed by a side plank to you other side now for 30 seconds. If you are doing these properly your abs should be feeling something after those 2 minutes, repeat this 3 times and move on to the sit-ups.
  • After you are already feeling the burn from the plank exercises do 25 reps of sit-ups where you squeeze at the top, and go back down in a slow controlled motion. Do not go to fast, you want to feel the burn, not use momentum but pure effort to do each rep. 

I will share more of this kind of stuff as time goes by, I want to find effective ways to thicken abs and make them more visible, working out more often (5 times a week) is just one way of doing it, working out more often means that I get to burn more calories.  I will post pictures of my progress at a later stage till then be on the lookout for new updates.

Problem With Fitness Industry -Too many fitness views and opinions

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I have not been into weight lifting for too long but already I have realised that with fitness comes many points of views. The thing is that like many other topics, there are many ways of getting results and many people are “experts”, it becomes hard for us newbie’s to find the right person to follow. When we see a guy with a great physique we sometimes automatically assume that the guy knows what he is talking about. Even when someone is a certified personal trainer and their body does not represent the knowledge they supposedly possess, we are somewhat inclined to believe them.

For us the inexperienced lifters we fall prey to many things or should I say traps that are in the fitness industry. We idolize people with great bodies and follow their advice thinking that we will get to the same level of shreddedness meanwhile that is not the shit that got them to that level, many of the people we idolize are on steroids or have been on a steroid cycle before. Them not sharing such information with us is misinformation. Such people have brands and products to sell, personalised diets and workouts to sell, fitness empires to build so admitting to steroid use would not be good to market their brand.

You see steroids are still frowned upon by the general public, much the same like weed and other recreational drugs. I personally have no problem with people using steroids it is their personal choice, in terms of sports I realise that it is not fair for those who use them to compete against natural athletes who do not use them hence why it is illegal to use steroids in most sports.  I my opinion I feel that steroid use much like weed smoking is more common than everyone thinks, lots of people pretend to be against weed smoking when they have tried it before or would smoke it given the opportunity to do so.

Okay so I got a bit side tracked there, going back to the fitness thing, there are lots of people in fitness who are sell outs and would recommend certain things because of the financial gain associated with making certain claims. Some information can’t be trusted because certain fitness figures are associated with certain fitness products and nutritional brands. You get a lot of adverts on TV showing you this fitness model using that product when that fitness model does not even use that product and got that physique long before the product was even made. For advertising purposes they use misinformation to get people to buy their shit.

In addition to the stuff I have already mentioned, I feel like fitness is something that is personalised, what works for Greg Plitt, Naso, or Josef Rakich may not work for you. So it is wise to try a variety of things till you find what works for you. I mean there are people out there who believe training heavy with low reps is the best way to get really big, where as others believe that training heavy and low reps is for strength gain and that more reps are needed to gain size. Heck there are people who can prove that certain routines work for them but that does not mean it will work for you or even if it does work no workout can guarantee that you will get results as impressive as the results of the person who advocates that sort of workout plan. Some people will tell you need to eat 6 or more meals a day and others especially the ones who believe in IF will state otherwise and yet both groups have opposite ideas and have some good results to back both their methods.

There are too many sources of information in fitness, incorrect and viable information, too many magazines, and too many people promising you the world. It is time that you grew up and stop being a workout program whore, try sticking to a workout long enough for you to see if it works or not. Fitness magazines always promise you new workouts to get growth but that is all bullshit and usually there is nothing new about it, not much changes when it comes to building muscle, what worked for Arnold and Frank Zane would probably still work for you today. Fitness magazines just like many other things related to fitness are cash inspired so they use all the tactics including lies just so you keep buying their product.

So what was the point of this whole post? This is the fitness world and you will be lied to, you will read piles of shit and piles of good content, it’s up to you to look through all those piles and distinguish the difference between shit and quality content. Don’t follow every new workout plan you find, find one source and block out all the other stuff and see how that works for you, you can’t be chopping and changing every time, you need to be consistent.  

Working Out For Funzies

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A couple of days ago I was watching a Dr Oz interview, he mentioned somewhere in the interview that skinny people do healthy things without even knowing they do them. He said these things like eating about 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning when they wake up, helps them to stay skinny.

Well my blog is not about staying skinny, it is about building muscle, lean muscle but I saw how what Dr Oz said could fit into the muscle building niche. You see lots of fit people are fit not because they diet but because everything they do contribute to their continued growth.

Naturally fit people are fit not because they are born that way but because they have active lifestyles that make it difficult for them to gain fat, on top of that they workout and therefore acquire lean ripped physiques which are highly functional, an example of a person like this is Greg Plitt (he has always been an outdoorsy person, a sporty guy, and into working out and has a unorthodox diet which would probably work for someone else).
enjoy your workout like the joker enjoys being a villain

When I speak of active people I am talking about physically active people not people who are always busy doing work that does not involve physical exertion. In our approach to staying fit, we could learn a lot about staying fit and active by looking back at the activities we did when we were little kids (if the only activities you did were to play video games and toys in your playroom than I am not talking to you about that rather about the other stuff you should have been doing). You see what Dr Oz saw as habits that skinny people do that keep them skinny are much like things that active people do that keep them fit, and these are the habits that were formed in childhood.

These active habits might be the love of sports, not watching sport but playing sports. Doing out-door activities like hiking, mountain biking or even swimming and hunting. As an active kid you might have liked fighting/wrestling with friends, playing cops and robbers chasing each other around, playing jump rope, been involved in break dancing crews.

As kids we were active playing around all day which meant we burnt a lot of calories, the kids who did not play around all day and ate and played video games were mostly overweight and obese and were not very athletic. The parents are responsible mostly for getting their kids into the habit of being outdoorsy people or to stuff them with toys and gaming consoles and create the lazy inactive obese kids.

The point I am trying to make is sometimes being fit and healthy means going back to basics and enjoying yourself and just being active, whether its cycling around your neighbourhood, going hiking, training for a marathon, going to the park playing catch with your dog, that beats sitting around surfing the net all day or watching TV all day and stuffing your face full of junk food.

Go out there and have fun doing things that force you to move, if you are looking to get healthier it’s a step in the right direction, if you are overweight you could shed a couple pounds, if you are into weightlifting it could be that extra bit of activity that help you stay lean all year round. The best way to get fit is by doing activities that you love without anyone pushing you to do them. Most workout programs fail; most diets flop because you give up because you did not have the right motivation. Your push needs to be self motivated, internally driven and not from external sources.