5 Things I love About Working Out

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You know there are a lot of people out there who workout, there are even more people who wish they worked out and others who used to work out but gave up because they did not see results or because they were lazy and made up some lame excuse about why they stopped.
Today I would like to make a list of some of the things that make me pump that iron and keep coming back for more...
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I love the pump - I love the tight feeling I get when the blood rushes to my muscles. I love it when my heart is racing, and I am dripping in sweat. I love the way my muscles look when they are pumped, I like their size and during every workout, I push hard just to get that pumped feeling every time.

The pain – I don’t know why but I never feel like I have worked out hard enough if my muscles are not struggling and giving up on me by the end of the workout, or if I am not feeling the pain from a previous day’s workout the day after. I love how I struggle to walk properly for a couple of days after a good leg session, I love the feeling when I can’t even love without feeling terrible pain in my midsection after and intense lengthy abs session (the feeling can last up to 5 days if I have not trained abs in a while).

The growth and improvement – Nothing beats that feeling when you compare two pictures of yourself a few months apart, or a couple years apart and you have undergone a major physique transformation. It is amazing to see muscles developing every time you look in the mirror; it’s even more awesome when your shirts and T-shirts are a perfect fit and show off all your hard work.

The reactions – I how my mother and siblings reacted when I came back from university at the end of the first semester after I had been working out for 6 months and I had gained about 10Kg. I love it when I see people I grew up with or people are used to go to high school with, they are always shocked at how much bigger I have gotten since we last saw each other.

The attention – I love how girls treat me, how much easier it is to get chicks. I do not know whether it’s because I am more confident or maybe because chicks are attracted to muscular guys. I love picking up chicks literally and they seem to like a guy who it able to do that. Not all girls love macho guys but a lot of them sure do like strong muscular men. I also love the haters, the girls who hate on me because I love working out, maybe because I’m sort of a douche bag. I don’t even mind the guys who hate on me; I always think they secretly wish they worked out too. Working out gives one a positive self image which has many added benefits. Oh and I never got how Johnny Bravo never got the girl, truth is in real like a self loving, muscle bound douche bag like Bravo would always get some play. Maybe it is because they did not want little boys growing up to be egotistical douche bags, whatever the case it does not matter much because life is not fair the bad guys get the girls until the girls are older and are looking to settle down and they wonder where the good guys went.

So those are the 5 things I like about working out, I am sure you guys have more reasons why you love to workout. Working out like a lot of other activities is a subjective experience, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, keep pumping that iron! 

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