Problem With Fitness Industry -Too many fitness views and opinions

16:26 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

I have not been into weight lifting for too long but already I have realised that with fitness comes many points of views. The thing is that like many other topics, there are many ways of getting results and many people are “experts”, it becomes hard for us newbie’s to find the right person to follow. When we see a guy with a great physique we sometimes automatically assume that the guy knows what he is talking about. Even when someone is a certified personal trainer and their body does not represent the knowledge they supposedly possess, we are somewhat inclined to believe them.

For us the inexperienced lifters we fall prey to many things or should I say traps that are in the fitness industry. We idolize people with great bodies and follow their advice thinking that we will get to the same level of shreddedness meanwhile that is not the shit that got them to that level, many of the people we idolize are on steroids or have been on a steroid cycle before. Them not sharing such information with us is misinformation. Such people have brands and products to sell, personalised diets and workouts to sell, fitness empires to build so admitting to steroid use would not be good to market their brand.

You see steroids are still frowned upon by the general public, much the same like weed and other recreational drugs. I personally have no problem with people using steroids it is their personal choice, in terms of sports I realise that it is not fair for those who use them to compete against natural athletes who do not use them hence why it is illegal to use steroids in most sports.  I my opinion I feel that steroid use much like weed smoking is more common than everyone thinks, lots of people pretend to be against weed smoking when they have tried it before or would smoke it given the opportunity to do so.

Okay so I got a bit side tracked there, going back to the fitness thing, there are lots of people in fitness who are sell outs and would recommend certain things because of the financial gain associated with making certain claims. Some information can’t be trusted because certain fitness figures are associated with certain fitness products and nutritional brands. You get a lot of adverts on TV showing you this fitness model using that product when that fitness model does not even use that product and got that physique long before the product was even made. For advertising purposes they use misinformation to get people to buy their shit.

In addition to the stuff I have already mentioned, I feel like fitness is something that is personalised, what works for Greg Plitt, Naso, or Josef Rakich may not work for you. So it is wise to try a variety of things till you find what works for you. I mean there are people out there who believe training heavy with low reps is the best way to get really big, where as others believe that training heavy and low reps is for strength gain and that more reps are needed to gain size. Heck there are people who can prove that certain routines work for them but that does not mean it will work for you or even if it does work no workout can guarantee that you will get results as impressive as the results of the person who advocates that sort of workout plan. Some people will tell you need to eat 6 or more meals a day and others especially the ones who believe in IF will state otherwise and yet both groups have opposite ideas and have some good results to back both their methods.

There are too many sources of information in fitness, incorrect and viable information, too many magazines, and too many people promising you the world. It is time that you grew up and stop being a workout program whore, try sticking to a workout long enough for you to see if it works or not. Fitness magazines always promise you new workouts to get growth but that is all bullshit and usually there is nothing new about it, not much changes when it comes to building muscle, what worked for Arnold and Frank Zane would probably still work for you today. Fitness magazines just like many other things related to fitness are cash inspired so they use all the tactics including lies just so you keep buying their product.

So what was the point of this whole post? This is the fitness world and you will be lied to, you will read piles of shit and piles of good content, it’s up to you to look through all those piles and distinguish the difference between shit and quality content. Don’t follow every new workout plan you find, find one source and block out all the other stuff and see how that works for you, you can’t be chopping and changing every time, you need to be consistent.  

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