Working Out For Funzies

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A couple of days ago I was watching a Dr Oz interview, he mentioned somewhere in the interview that skinny people do healthy things without even knowing they do them. He said these things like eating about 30 grams of protein first thing in the morning when they wake up, helps them to stay skinny.

Well my blog is not about staying skinny, it is about building muscle, lean muscle but I saw how what Dr Oz said could fit into the muscle building niche. You see lots of fit people are fit not because they diet but because everything they do contribute to their continued growth.

Naturally fit people are fit not because they are born that way but because they have active lifestyles that make it difficult for them to gain fat, on top of that they workout and therefore acquire lean ripped physiques which are highly functional, an example of a person like this is Greg Plitt (he has always been an outdoorsy person, a sporty guy, and into working out and has a unorthodox diet which would probably work for someone else).
enjoy your workout like the joker enjoys being a villain

When I speak of active people I am talking about physically active people not people who are always busy doing work that does not involve physical exertion. In our approach to staying fit, we could learn a lot about staying fit and active by looking back at the activities we did when we were little kids (if the only activities you did were to play video games and toys in your playroom than I am not talking to you about that rather about the other stuff you should have been doing). You see what Dr Oz saw as habits that skinny people do that keep them skinny are much like things that active people do that keep them fit, and these are the habits that were formed in childhood.

These active habits might be the love of sports, not watching sport but playing sports. Doing out-door activities like hiking, mountain biking or even swimming and hunting. As an active kid you might have liked fighting/wrestling with friends, playing cops and robbers chasing each other around, playing jump rope, been involved in break dancing crews.

As kids we were active playing around all day which meant we burnt a lot of calories, the kids who did not play around all day and ate and played video games were mostly overweight and obese and were not very athletic. The parents are responsible mostly for getting their kids into the habit of being outdoorsy people or to stuff them with toys and gaming consoles and create the lazy inactive obese kids.

The point I am trying to make is sometimes being fit and healthy means going back to basics and enjoying yourself and just being active, whether its cycling around your neighbourhood, going hiking, training for a marathon, going to the park playing catch with your dog, that beats sitting around surfing the net all day or watching TV all day and stuffing your face full of junk food.

Go out there and have fun doing things that force you to move, if you are looking to get healthier it’s a step in the right direction, if you are overweight you could shed a couple pounds, if you are into weightlifting it could be that extra bit of activity that help you stay lean all year round. The best way to get fit is by doing activities that you love without anyone pushing you to do them. Most workout programs fail; most diets flop because you give up because you did not have the right motivation. Your push needs to be self motivated, internally driven and not from external sources.

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