Slow Progress – The Past 7 Weeks 5 Day Workout Split

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At the beginning of June I began training using a 5 day split. The previous 6 weeks I had been on a intermittent fasting and compound exercises workout program. I had seen a lot of weight gain using that method but I had felt that I could have gotten better results with a few tweaks in the way I had been doing the program e.g. doing more cardio or working out more often. I chose to increase the number of days that I work out, so that I could sustain a higher metabolic rate, burn more calories and minimise the need to do cardio (since I am not a fan of cardio, especially steady state cardio). I also wanted to concentrate more on individual muscle groups so that I got the best results possible.

I decided that I would refocus on my abs since during the previous 6 weeks had paid very little attention to my abs especially the hard to bring out lower abs.  I also wanted to focus on my weaker muscle groups, to bring them out more, which meant that I focused on building my shoulders. In the past I did not do much direct shoulder work, it used to be a couple of sets of shoulder exercises for 10 reps and that was it, then I would move to another body part. I realised that for body parts like my chest and shoulders, I realised that I was going to have to do as many sets as possible with challenging weights until I was unable to continue.  One of the top fitness models Matus Valent uses a high volume workout for his well built chest, so I figured it would not hurt(my progress that is, as for the pain, well that is the name of this game).

A few words about fitness

Results after 7 Weeks

I have seen some good results but at this point in time the results are not huge, I have noticed some developments in the places I was targeting such as my abs and shoulders. I will continue to use this workout program for the next 6 weeks as well to give it more time, to see how much progress I can get from this approach. I was using the 5 day split for 6 weeks and during the 7th week I took the whole week off just to recover. I also think well timed breaks help to break through plateaus.

I will not be posting pictures today because I have not found the time to take some but also because I feel there is not much change in my physique that necessitates a new picture. I will post one at the end of the next 6 weeks.

Oh and I almost forgot to add this bit, but during the first four weeks I was doing the whole breakfast thing, waking up first thing in the morning and eating some eggs ( and that was fine), but eventually I ended up doing the no breakfast thing again only eating my first meal at lunch. So I sort of went back to the intermittent fasting thing. I guess I have become accustomed to it, I chose not to include intermittent fasting with a 5 day split because I thought It would not workout, because I would not have energy to lift weights as often as I wanted but it turns out my body adapted really well to working out 5 days a week and fasting intermittently every day.

I do feel that I have been under eating on a couple of off/rest days since I had no appetite, that may affect my progress. Going forward into the next 6 weeks I am going full on intermittent fasting and 5 days of working out to see how that works.

Dancing your way to shreddedness

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Dancing as a cardio exercise

Most people who work out and especially those who lift weights do so to gain muscle, to be as lean as possible with a body fat percentage sub 10%. Most of the time we are told that in order to be super ripped we need cardio and lots of cardio, and this is true for most of us. So if we want to get ripped to shreds, we have to do cardio whether it HIIT or whether its steady state cardio we have to do it to take our physiques to the next level. So why not do a form of cardio which is fun, and does not even feel like an exercise, that is a sport that can be done in groups or with a partner, yes I am talking about dancing hence the title dancing your way to shreddedness (not a real word but sounds good).

Why should you dance to lose body fat?

The first reason is because it works, how many fat dancers to you see around, especially professional dancers, think about ballet dancers who are some of the fittest people in the world, think about ball room dancers, they are lean and have killer legs, think about break dancers they are almost like gymnasts, the ability to manipulate the body movement in the air or just balancing their whole body on a single hand. Think about all the TV shows such as Dancing with The Stars ( or in S.A Strictly Come Dancing) where celebs lose weight while in the competition and they become fit (dancing is no Childs play, its serious business and like any sport the best in the game are super fit).
I have even seen weight loss shows on TV where they bring in obese and overweight people, the method used for them to lose weight is dancing. And it works wonders, plus the people involved have fun during the weight loss journey. Some of the top at home fitness programs are dance based, they mix martial arts (kicks and punches), into a rhythmic dance move sequence, you are working out and dancing to some awesome music, by the end you are tired and are going to feel the effects the next day but you feel awesome because you were having fun. Some people really do not enjoy traditional workouts especially woman, but guys can benefit from this kind of dancing routine as cardio to torch that extra bit of fat stopping you from becoming ripped, to burn that stubborn belly fat.

What dancing does for your body?

Dancing is a whole body exercise; it is great for cardiovascular health. Dancing improves the efficiency of your lunges, heart and vascular system in transporting oxygen around the body; it increases your stamina because it involves constant movement for an extended period of time.  Depending on the type of dance, you can up the intensity to make the exercise even more challenging and effective, increasing your heart rate and hence the amount of oxygen available or being pumped to regions where it’s most needed.

Dancing is a great exercise for those who prefer something a little different from traditional cardio workouts, but in dancing just like in any sport that requires that you move so much, you should warm up and stretch before you begin and even warm down at the end of your dance session. 

Does Weight Lifting (lifting heavy) Affect Growth?

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Does lifting weights stunt Growth

Many teens out there who have not yet had their final growth spurt wonder if lifting weights will stop them from growing, some are scared by their friends who tell them lifting weights will result in them staying as manlets for  their entire lives. Many parents are also concerned about their kids starting to work out using weights at an early age? This would cause concerned parents to not get their kids gym memberships or not buy their kids the weights they want in order to workout at home. So are your friends right and should parents really be concerned about when kids start weight lifting?

guiliano stroe is the worlds strongest kid
Worlds strongest kid Guiliano Stoe turning 8 on July 18

Weightlifting does not cause stunted growth

Weight lifting does not cause stunted growth in fact it has many benefits.  Lifting improves bone mass density in teens and children. Weightlifting increases strength, sometimes speed (e.g. in sprinting), it is great for improving sports performance. Weight lifting is great for increasing metabolic rate; this makes it easier to burn fat because most calories are used up. When you lift weights with proper form you increase your strength and it becomes harder for you to get injured. If a kid/teen is in great shape, their body image in enhanced so that can help them socially. Kids who are out of shape get teased a lot buy other kids, they are sometimes bullied. Weight lifting and being stronger and more muscular can be great for self defence against violent bullies (I do not encourage violence but some situation are out of our control and fighting back is the only option).

Also I Personally  know many people who started lifting weights pretty early on, like in their mid teens and have grown over 6’0” tall. Even online there are many great examples of people who started lifting early on and are good heights such as online fitness sensations the Harrison twins (5’10), Charley Monteuil (5’11), Simon George (6’2).  I take good height as from average height upwards.  If parents are short then its not the weightlifting that will cause the kids to be short. If someone not only kids and teens is into bodybuilding, weight lifting then they will research fitness stuff and they will learn a lot about nutrition which is an additional benefit in a world where obesity in children is growing.   

richard sandrak used to be the worlds strongest kid
Richard Sandrak former Worlds strongest kid, When he was a kid now he is 20

When is the best age to start weight training?

It is completely fine for teenagers to weight train, even children under 10 even though I personally feel that is a bit too young, studies have shown that children over the age of 6 can practice some form of weight training. As long as someone has some guidance and knows the proper way of lifting to avoid injury there is no reason why they should not use weight training. Weight lifting is a sport like any other and like other forms of exercises and sport, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it, people can get injured just like in any other sport like soccer, rugby, American football or whatever else.

Start off with bodyweight exercises

I am no doctor, physiotherapist or trainer; I am just a fitness enthusiast who started exercising at an early age. Kids who are still under 15/16 would be best served by doing body weight exercises, if done right they will get you in top shape and prepare you for weight training down the line. Exercises like pull ups, push ups, squats, single legged squats, dips etc will give you some size and shape as well as give you the strength you will need to lift some serious iron when you decide to lift weights. The benefit of doing bodyweight exercises is not only for strength gain, if you can stick to a workout schedule it will teach you discipline, improve your overall fitness and athletic ability as well as keep you safe from the injuries associated with lifting weights (especially when you are young and you don’t know what you are doing, lifting to heavy and having poor form).

FITNESS DIY – It’s Never Been Easier to Get Fit and Healthy

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If you want to get fit, there is nothing stopping you, there is no one else to blame for your lack of health and fitness but yourself. We live in a world where all the information we need is just a mouse click away.  We live in a world where you can talk to the top fitness people directly in popular forums like on There is nothing you cannot find for yourself online, all the information, on nutrition, workouts, cardio and fitness programs is there for you to read.


One, many people are un aware that most of the information that they buy in EBooks is freely available on the net because they do not take the time to do their research, to search as many sites as possible, to read through popular forum threads. In fact information on most topics is freely available online, even education is attainable for free online now, and there are many things that you can learn for yourself without having to pay anyone or any institution.
Do it yourself on the internet or get the ready available information at a price

Two, it is easier to just read and eBook instead of just reading through someone’s blog, or instead of reading through a whole thread. Most people are lazy just to keep reading from different sources online and sort out who is real and knows their stuff and who is just trying to sell products. People who sell eBooks often use this to sell information that is already out there to people, when people think they are getting a great deal (time is valuable to people, it’s worth more than a couple hundred $’s), the thing these “authors use to trick you” is good advertising to make you think you are getting good value for money, and the funny thing is you never really know until you have bought the product.

Three, people find it easier just to buy a video program they see on TV then to search through junk on the net until they find the good stuff. Fitness programs on TV get seen by millions of people and they show you results making you believe you would be better served buying that fitness program then doing it yourself ( sometimes buying a fitness program  is the best option especially those people looking to lose weight fast, without having to spend hours researching nutrition and workouts).

So there are lots of things that stop people from doing it themselves but nowadays there are YouTube how to videos that will show you everything you need, there are YouTube inspirational videos that will make you want to stand up and do something about your lifestyle, heck Tumblr is on the rise now and it Is one of the best sources of instant motivation. There is no shortage of fitspo’s and fitblr’s.

It Is Never Too Early or Late To Start Working Out

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I do not believe in excuses, I believe that most things are a choice especially when it comes fitness, it does not get more personal than that. Taking care of yourself being healthy are all personal choices, how you choose to live your life is your choice. How you treat your body is your choice, it is you who chooses to treat your body like a temple or a rubbish bin. I also believe that being healthy and being fit by working out is something that you can start at an early age, if you have been treating your body as a garbage bag for years you can also change even if you have many miles under your belt.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.~Wayne Dyer 
naso aesthetics bodybuilder
This is Naso, picture from his growing Facebook page check  it out here

I see many kids out there asking if it’s too early to start lifting weights, or start working out, and I am impressed that at an early age usually their teens when they are still growing they are interested in fitness. I wish I started weight lifting when I was around 16 or so, people who did start early like Josef Rakich, Naso, and Simon George are some of many good example of the kind of great physiques you could build at an early age, doing so opened up money making opportunities for these young guys. Naso is sponsored now, Josef Rakich is sponsored and has been featured on some of the top bodybuilding websites in the world, and he also has a personal site where he helps people by selling personalised meal plans and so on. Simon George is an up and coming fitness model at only 19 years old. Naso and Josef Rakich have some of the most followers on their Facebook pages; they are at internet celebrity status.

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~ Edward Stanley
josef rakich shredded bodybuilder
Josef Rakich check his FB page Josef  Rakich fitness with over 100k  likes
The earlier you start living a fitness lifestyle the better in my opinion, even if you would not like to pursue a career in the fitness industry. It simply means you will always be in the best shape of your life, it would help you deal with stress, help you focus and also save you money on medical bills because of your now enhanced health status. You do not necessarily have to lift weights; being fit can be achieved in many ways, for example playing sports which require you to train like soccer and athletics. You could do body-weight exercises, swim, run long distance, there are lots of things you can do specific to your fitness goals. A person who wants to build some muscle could start out doing body-weight exercises and eventually they lift weights when they can afford a gym membership, or they can afford to by weight sets, when they feel they have reached their limits using body-weight exercises and they want to gain more muscle than is possible using their own body-weight etc.

Age is an issue of mind over matter.If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~ Mark Twain

Age is not that much of a factor even if you are old you can start working out just to get back in shape and not necessarily for muscle building, just for pure health and fitness. Working out at an older age has many advantages, it could extend your life by improving your health, it could inspire your young kids to lead healthy lifestyles and avoid being fat or obese like many kids are in this generation of video game playing, TV watching zombies. Your kids seeing you as their parent be fit could be inspired to be active, after all parents are the biggest influencers for their kids. There are a lot of other advantages for older people to work out; this was just a reminder that it’s never too late to start, it’s never too late to have a 6 pack, on Body Space every day I see guys who are over 50 who are in much better shape than most people will ever be at any age.

He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not. ~ Italian Proverb

Fitness is not about age, it’s not about the short term, but it’s a lifestyle. Once it gets ahold of you it’s hard to let go, it is one of the very few addictions which are actually good for you.

Sharing The Fitness Happiness – Get Your Friends & Family Involved

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Working out not only makes you fit, healthy and energetic, it also makes you happy. It makes you have in many ways, but one of the ways it makes you happy is by releasing the happy drug, endorphins in a healthy sustainable manner provided you workout consistently unlike other endorphin releasing thing like drugs etc. The best thing you can do is actually share your happiness and spread the love with those around you, such as friends and family. You could even share your love for fitness with people around the world, just like I am doing right now by blogging about it or starting a Facebook page sharing motivation and health living knowledge or whatever  you feel would add value to people’s lives, and make them happy.
That is me earlier this year 2012

How to convince others to exercise

I want to talk about the kinds of things you can do to help those around you see the light, to see that many benefits of working out and staying healthy. You do not have to be as powerful and wealthy as Oprah Winfrey to change the way people see things, or as influential as Doctor Phil, you can help change the lives of those around you without a medical degree and the thing is you do not even charge a cent for it.

How I Get My Family Involved

I have been trying to change the way my mother views fitness and being healthy for a while now, but I have not succeeded yet, she thinks because she is not sick then everything is fine, she likes being a fuller woman because she is allowed to be that size because she is a mother of three and an adult traditional African woman. I have however managed to get my little sisters into a fitness mentality, they enjoy joining me for workouts, especially the bodyweight exercise, my 16 year old sister even enjoy running long distance, and she has won a few medals in athletics competitions as well. I also managed at one point to convince my dad to start working out, we used to do body weight exercises together and he used to jog with my sister but for some reason he has stopped now and I have been trying to get him back on track. I will keep working on my family till we are all into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it’s an uphill battle but some has to do it. I even convinced my little cousin to start working out, he did for a while and was ripped at 14 years old, he stopped when he went through a growth spurt (height) but upon seeing how I had gained size he was inspired to start working out again and I could not be more proud. With consistent working out he will be one of those cool muscular confident dudes by the time he goes to university.

How To Get Your Friends To Workout

On the friends side at some point all of my friends joined the gym and for one gym session we all went to the gym together but that did not last for too long, I ended up being the most consistent and hence my physique has changed the most. The problem was we all did not have the same goals, one of my friends was training using whole body exercise because he said he did not want to be muscular just fit, Some of us wanted muscle and fitness model bodies, and other had no clear goals. So with conflicting class schedules since we were not studying the same degrees and different gaols we did not make suitable gym partners. I would walk up to one friends room and tell him lets go to the gym and he would agree other times and other times he would tell me he was not up to it, there was no consistency so I ended up going on my own, I was not dependant on my friends to reach my fitness gaols.

One of my friends was more interested in running than lifting so I would compromise sometimes, to run with him if he promised to be my lifting partner, and it worked for a while anyways. My friends still have gym memberships and they go whenever they feel like it, I workout every week for 5 days, my friends have not changed much but I am now over 15 kg’s more muscular than I was at the beginning of 2011 when I was skinny. I try to convince my friends to work out more regularly every time I get the chance, I hope that them seeing my progress will inspire them, I hope that seeing how chicks react to a more muscular me helps to inspire them to lift weights even if for a silly reason.

Finding An Angle to Pitch A Fitness Lifestyle

Sometimes to convince people to start working out you have got to make them see it from their perspective. If someone is older and a parent you appeal to them about how it will improve their health, how working out will extend their life so they will see their children grow up and make something of themselves, and how they should workout to look good and set a good healthy example for their kids (unhealthy parents are more likely than healthy parents to have unhealthy obese/overweight little kids).

For people who are younger you appeal to superficial things like looking good so that they attract the opposite sex. A girl is more likely to attract the cool guy if she is good looking and takes care of herself. Being overweight is a form of not taking care of yourself; if you did take care of yourself then you would watch what you eat. Guys idolize wrestlers and action movie stars; you could use that to inspire them to start working out so that they can be alpha like those action heroes and have the girls chasing after them.

There are many angles to use when it comes to inspiring other to start working out, just sit and think for a while, you will know what appeals to the people you care about. Tell them about stress relief benefits, explain what endorphins are and how working out increases them, tell them anything that is useful. The point is to at least try to open their eyes, make some effort to show you care. 

Short intense home workout – baby steps to fitness

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So today I wanted to post a short but fairly effective whole body workout, to help you get fit, maybe build a bit more muscle, make you stronger, to make you sweat a little bit, to get you off the couch and make you do something constructive. Heck there are many reasons why I am sharing this short simple working, but what is important to you is what is most important.

You may not be aware of it yet but a few months down the line you could develop some health problems that could have been prevented, or you might already have health problems that could be decreased or even eradicated using a workout program of some sort in which case this short workout could be a good start to help you along the way.
home workout defeat laziness
some words to help if you are struggling to get back or to stay consistent in your workout program.

You could be a university student who gained weight during your first year of uni or you gained in all your years or studying and you are trying to get back to your former size or maybe get into even better shape than you were before.

You may be an overweight person who is tired of being fat and want to lose weight so that you feel better about yourself by increasing self esteem and having a positive body image, you may be someone who wants to look good in all the fashionable clothes. You may want to be look at, a little attention every now and then never killed anyone.

Another possible scenario is that like me you might be that skinny guy who always wanted to gain some muscle size, and strength. Thought being fit would not hurt, especially when it comes to attracting the opposite sex and feeling great and doing sporty and adventurous stuff with ease would not hurt either.

This short workout could be of some help if you cannot afford a gym membership at the current time, or if you cannot buy a home gym. This along with other short home and bodyweight exercises could give you a decent looking body and you would be fit and strong. Home workouts are especially effective and they are for you if you are not looking for a fitness model look or a bodybuilder look which require lifting weights.

Now that I have mentioned some of the various reasons why you would want and could benefit by working out at home I would like to say that the only equipment you need is a pull up bar but if you cannot afford one or have some other accessible place to lift yourself like a tree with a branches that is horizontal and you have a good grip, or any other high horizontal bar that will be just fine.   


You are going to be working out the whole body here and you are not going to be spending more than 15 minutes doing these exercise. The 3 exercises to do are bodyweight squats, push ups and pull ups. The trick is to do all 3 exercises one after the other without a break, the key is intensity so that it is effective, muscle building and fat burning.

You have to start by warming up first, as warming up is important to make sure your muscles are prepared for the exercises then you can start with doing 50 bodyweight squat, 10 push ups and then 10 pull ups without taking a break between the 3 exercises, you can take a short break after all 3 exercises are done.

For the workout to be the most effective your breaks should not be longer than a minute and a half then repeat these exercises for the duration of the 15 minutes or you can set the amount of sets to a minimum of 4 sets.

With time you could either increase the reps to the exercise while doing it within the same 15 time frame, making each workout a sort of competition to beat you previous time or reps within time. 

Do Women Find Bulky Body Attractive?

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One of the first things that guys think about when they work out is if women find guys with lots of muscles attractive. We ask ourselves this question because most guys work out because they think that being fit and having a muscular body will help them get chicks or at least make it easier to get or attract chicks. Then the next thing that probably comes to mind is exactly how much muscle is too much muscle. It is hard to tell when you have crossed that too much muscle line. It is hard to tell when the amount of muscle you have is just fine and is most attractive to the majority of the opposite sex.

Cam Gigandet lean and ripped, most girls would find ths kind of body attractive

There are plenty of ways to tell if you are too big, for example if your normal sized clothing no longer fits and you have to wear extra large clothing and baggy pants to be comfortable. When you are no longer athletic and your movement is limited by your size, when you have a hard to time sprinting or jumping then you are probably a bit too big and bulky. There are two kinds of bulky, the first kind is when you are big and your muscles are puffy and then the second kind of bulky is when you are big but you are cut and vascular, both these looks are probably not attractive to the majority of women out there as you have long surpassed the too muscular/big line.

I can definitely tell you that there is a girl out there for everyone from the skinny guy, to the short guy, fat guy, normal sized guy, lean guy and the big bodybuilder bouncer type guy out there. It all depends on your reason for lifting weights in the first place. If you are lifting for the sole purpose of getting chicks then a lean physique like that of fitness models or even smaller like Cam Gigandet will work best for you as most chicks find that attractive. If you are lifting to be a shredded beast and you love improving your physique and getting bigger and stronger than there are also chicks out there for you, especially chicks that are into working out, the hardcore chicks, they may not be as many of those chicks attracted to the bigger guys than leaner guys but they are out there.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor is on the big side but lots of woman still find this kind of physique attractive

At the end of the day working out gives you a positive self image, a positive body image and what you get the most from working out is not the muscle but the confidence which is worth more than superficial chicks. Once you have confidence and a good personality you can get any chick you want regardless of whether you are lean or a bit bigger. Big guys like Arnold and Ronnie Coleman are/were huge and they still got girls, Arnold was pretty successful with his size and Ronnie had many women after him, and was even involved in a scandal around his wedding when he was supposedly seeing one woman for several years and whilst she was still under the impression that they were a couple, he wed another woman.

Even in Hollywood you get you Cam Gigandet’s and your Chris Hemsworths who are on opposite sides of the size spectrum but they all still have many woman attracted to them, the attraction is largely influenced by fame and money though.

So I guess which ever size you are you can still get girls and some will find you attractive and some won’t, so do not work out for girls but work out because you love it and it makes you feel good, work out for you!

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Carb cycling – a bodybuilding trick to get shredded

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Today I will be telling you about carbohydrate cycling which is a method used by bodybuilders to get shredded. Last month I wrote a post about carbohydrates, so this post will feed you more information on how to use carbs to get the body you dream of having. I will just be telling you about the basics of carb cycling and why bodybuilders and fitness models use this method of carb intake manipulation.

What is carb cycling?

Carb cycling also known as a cyclic ketogenic diet is when you have a low carbohydrate diet where you consume very low levels of carbohydrates for most days followed by a day/period where you increase the amounts of carbs you consume (period of carb loading). Most of your calories in this kind of diet come from fats and proteins when you are not on carb loading days/periods. Carb cycling is meant to maximize fat burning while also building muscle which makes it a favourite in bodybuilding circles.
a bowl of carbs/rice

Carb cycling is done to bring the body to a state of ketosis, which is when the body burns fat instead of glucose for fuel (glucose coming from carbohydrates, with the lack of carbs in this diet you force the body to use fat as fuel). Carb cycling is a smart way to trick the body into burning fat, now you know how those bodybuilders manage to maintain their size and still look lean with low body fat. This is the best way to get cut the natural way without the aid of performance enhancing drugs.

Most diets are very high carbohydrate based so it could be tricky at first cutting your carbohydrates to very low amounts.  Cutting your carbs since they are What is usually used as fuel by your body will have an instant effect on your energy levels, you will have a dip in energy as your body adjusts and that will affect your daily activities and your workouts, you will not be able to exert yourself as you did before at first but you will adapt and get used to it.

Why you need high carb days?

Your body was not made to function on low carbs, carb cycling just tricks it into using fat as fuel. You need the high carb days or periods of carb loading to replenish your energy stores (muscle glycogen levels) so that you have energy and are not the living dead, to keep your metabolism high (if you are without enough carbs for too long your metabolic rate will decrease making it harder for you to lose fat) and so you do not start losing muscle.

 Simple way to manipulate carbs for minimum fat gain

On my last post on carbohydrates I wrote that one way to make sure that you do not gain unnecessary fat by storing carbs as fat is to eat more carbs on days when you are the most active and that is on workout days and to eat less carbs on days when you are not active, that is on rest days. This is a form of manipulating your carb intake to suit activity level.