Dancing your way to shreddedness

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Dancing as a cardio exercise

Most people who work out and especially those who lift weights do so to gain muscle, to be as lean as possible with a body fat percentage sub 10%. Most of the time we are told that in order to be super ripped we need cardio and lots of cardio, and this is true for most of us. So if we want to get ripped to shreds, we have to do cardio whether it HIIT or whether its steady state cardio we have to do it to take our physiques to the next level. So why not do a form of cardio which is fun, and does not even feel like an exercise, that is a sport that can be done in groups or with a partner, yes I am talking about dancing hence the title dancing your way to shreddedness (not a real word but sounds good).

Why should you dance to lose body fat?

The first reason is because it works, how many fat dancers to you see around, especially professional dancers, think about ballet dancers who are some of the fittest people in the world, think about ball room dancers, they are lean and have killer legs, think about break dancers they are almost like gymnasts, the ability to manipulate the body movement in the air or just balancing their whole body on a single hand. Think about all the TV shows such as Dancing with The Stars ( or in S.A Strictly Come Dancing) where celebs lose weight while in the competition and they become fit (dancing is no Childs play, its serious business and like any sport the best in the game are super fit).
I have even seen weight loss shows on TV where they bring in obese and overweight people, the method used for them to lose weight is dancing. And it works wonders, plus the people involved have fun during the weight loss journey. Some of the top at home fitness programs are dance based, they mix martial arts (kicks and punches), into a rhythmic dance move sequence, you are working out and dancing to some awesome music, by the end you are tired and are going to feel the effects the next day but you feel awesome because you were having fun. Some people really do not enjoy traditional workouts especially woman, but guys can benefit from this kind of dancing routine as cardio to torch that extra bit of fat stopping you from becoming ripped, to burn that stubborn belly fat.

What dancing does for your body?

Dancing is a whole body exercise; it is great for cardiovascular health. Dancing improves the efficiency of your lunges, heart and vascular system in transporting oxygen around the body; it increases your stamina because it involves constant movement for an extended period of time.  Depending on the type of dance, you can up the intensity to make the exercise even more challenging and effective, increasing your heart rate and hence the amount of oxygen available or being pumped to regions where it’s most needed.

Dancing is a great exercise for those who prefer something a little different from traditional cardio workouts, but in dancing just like in any sport that requires that you move so much, you should warm up and stretch before you begin and even warm down at the end of your dance session. 

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