Do Women Find Bulky Body Attractive?

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One of the first things that guys think about when they work out is if women find guys with lots of muscles attractive. We ask ourselves this question because most guys work out because they think that being fit and having a muscular body will help them get chicks or at least make it easier to get or attract chicks. Then the next thing that probably comes to mind is exactly how much muscle is too much muscle. It is hard to tell when you have crossed that too much muscle line. It is hard to tell when the amount of muscle you have is just fine and is most attractive to the majority of the opposite sex.

Cam Gigandet lean and ripped, most girls would find ths kind of body attractive

There are plenty of ways to tell if you are too big, for example if your normal sized clothing no longer fits and you have to wear extra large clothing and baggy pants to be comfortable. When you are no longer athletic and your movement is limited by your size, when you have a hard to time sprinting or jumping then you are probably a bit too big and bulky. There are two kinds of bulky, the first kind is when you are big and your muscles are puffy and then the second kind of bulky is when you are big but you are cut and vascular, both these looks are probably not attractive to the majority of women out there as you have long surpassed the too muscular/big line.

I can definitely tell you that there is a girl out there for everyone from the skinny guy, to the short guy, fat guy, normal sized guy, lean guy and the big bodybuilder bouncer type guy out there. It all depends on your reason for lifting weights in the first place. If you are lifting for the sole purpose of getting chicks then a lean physique like that of fitness models or even smaller like Cam Gigandet will work best for you as most chicks find that attractive. If you are lifting to be a shredded beast and you love improving your physique and getting bigger and stronger than there are also chicks out there for you, especially chicks that are into working out, the hardcore chicks, they may not be as many of those chicks attracted to the bigger guys than leaner guys but they are out there.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor is on the big side but lots of woman still find this kind of physique attractive

At the end of the day working out gives you a positive self image, a positive body image and what you get the most from working out is not the muscle but the confidence which is worth more than superficial chicks. Once you have confidence and a good personality you can get any chick you want regardless of whether you are lean or a bit bigger. Big guys like Arnold and Ronnie Coleman are/were huge and they still got girls, Arnold was pretty successful with his size and Ronnie had many women after him, and was even involved in a scandal around his wedding when he was supposedly seeing one woman for several years and whilst she was still under the impression that they were a couple, he wed another woman.

Even in Hollywood you get you Cam Gigandet’s and your Chris Hemsworths who are on opposite sides of the size spectrum but they all still have many woman attracted to them, the attraction is largely influenced by fame and money though.

So I guess which ever size you are you can still get girls and some will find you attractive and some won’t, so do not work out for girls but work out because you love it and it makes you feel good, work out for you!

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