Does Weight Lifting (lifting heavy) Affect Growth?

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Does lifting weights stunt Growth

Many teens out there who have not yet had their final growth spurt wonder if lifting weights will stop them from growing, some are scared by their friends who tell them lifting weights will result in them staying as manlets for  their entire lives. Many parents are also concerned about their kids starting to work out using weights at an early age? This would cause concerned parents to not get their kids gym memberships or not buy their kids the weights they want in order to workout at home. So are your friends right and should parents really be concerned about when kids start weight lifting?

guiliano stroe is the worlds strongest kid
Worlds strongest kid Guiliano Stoe turning 8 on July 18

Weightlifting does not cause stunted growth

Weight lifting does not cause stunted growth in fact it has many benefits.  Lifting improves bone mass density in teens and children. Weightlifting increases strength, sometimes speed (e.g. in sprinting), it is great for improving sports performance. Weight lifting is great for increasing metabolic rate; this makes it easier to burn fat because most calories are used up. When you lift weights with proper form you increase your strength and it becomes harder for you to get injured. If a kid/teen is in great shape, their body image in enhanced so that can help them socially. Kids who are out of shape get teased a lot buy other kids, they are sometimes bullied. Weight lifting and being stronger and more muscular can be great for self defence against violent bullies (I do not encourage violence but some situation are out of our control and fighting back is the only option).

Also I Personally  know many people who started lifting weights pretty early on, like in their mid teens and have grown over 6’0” tall. Even online there are many great examples of people who started lifting early on and are good heights such as online fitness sensations the Harrison twins (5’10), Charley Monteuil (5’11), Simon George (6’2).  I take good height as from average height upwards.  If parents are short then its not the weightlifting that will cause the kids to be short. If someone not only kids and teens is into bodybuilding, weight lifting then they will research fitness stuff and they will learn a lot about nutrition which is an additional benefit in a world where obesity in children is growing.   

richard sandrak used to be the worlds strongest kid
Richard Sandrak former Worlds strongest kid, When he was a kid now he is 20

When is the best age to start weight training?

It is completely fine for teenagers to weight train, even children under 10 even though I personally feel that is a bit too young, studies have shown that children over the age of 6 can practice some form of weight training. As long as someone has some guidance and knows the proper way of lifting to avoid injury there is no reason why they should not use weight training. Weight lifting is a sport like any other and like other forms of exercises and sport, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it, people can get injured just like in any other sport like soccer, rugby, American football or whatever else.

Start off with bodyweight exercises

I am no doctor, physiotherapist or trainer; I am just a fitness enthusiast who started exercising at an early age. Kids who are still under 15/16 would be best served by doing body weight exercises, if done right they will get you in top shape and prepare you for weight training down the line. Exercises like pull ups, push ups, squats, single legged squats, dips etc will give you some size and shape as well as give you the strength you will need to lift some serious iron when you decide to lift weights. The benefit of doing bodyweight exercises is not only for strength gain, if you can stick to a workout schedule it will teach you discipline, improve your overall fitness and athletic ability as well as keep you safe from the injuries associated with lifting weights (especially when you are young and you don’t know what you are doing, lifting to heavy and having poor form).

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