Short intense home workout – baby steps to fitness

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So today I wanted to post a short but fairly effective whole body workout, to help you get fit, maybe build a bit more muscle, make you stronger, to make you sweat a little bit, to get you off the couch and make you do something constructive. Heck there are many reasons why I am sharing this short simple working, but what is important to you is what is most important.

You may not be aware of it yet but a few months down the line you could develop some health problems that could have been prevented, or you might already have health problems that could be decreased or even eradicated using a workout program of some sort in which case this short workout could be a good start to help you along the way.
home workout defeat laziness
some words to help if you are struggling to get back or to stay consistent in your workout program.

You could be a university student who gained weight during your first year of uni or you gained in all your years or studying and you are trying to get back to your former size or maybe get into even better shape than you were before.

You may be an overweight person who is tired of being fat and want to lose weight so that you feel better about yourself by increasing self esteem and having a positive body image, you may be someone who wants to look good in all the fashionable clothes. You may want to be look at, a little attention every now and then never killed anyone.

Another possible scenario is that like me you might be that skinny guy who always wanted to gain some muscle size, and strength. Thought being fit would not hurt, especially when it comes to attracting the opposite sex and feeling great and doing sporty and adventurous stuff with ease would not hurt either.

This short workout could be of some help if you cannot afford a gym membership at the current time, or if you cannot buy a home gym. This along with other short home and bodyweight exercises could give you a decent looking body and you would be fit and strong. Home workouts are especially effective and they are for you if you are not looking for a fitness model look or a bodybuilder look which require lifting weights.

Now that I have mentioned some of the various reasons why you would want and could benefit by working out at home I would like to say that the only equipment you need is a pull up bar but if you cannot afford one or have some other accessible place to lift yourself like a tree with a branches that is horizontal and you have a good grip, or any other high horizontal bar that will be just fine.   


You are going to be working out the whole body here and you are not going to be spending more than 15 minutes doing these exercise. The 3 exercises to do are bodyweight squats, push ups and pull ups. The trick is to do all 3 exercises one after the other without a break, the key is intensity so that it is effective, muscle building and fat burning.

You have to start by warming up first, as warming up is important to make sure your muscles are prepared for the exercises then you can start with doing 50 bodyweight squat, 10 push ups and then 10 pull ups without taking a break between the 3 exercises, you can take a short break after all 3 exercises are done.

For the workout to be the most effective your breaks should not be longer than a minute and a half then repeat these exercises for the duration of the 15 minutes or you can set the amount of sets to a minimum of 4 sets.

With time you could either increase the reps to the exercise while doing it within the same 15 time frame, making each workout a sort of competition to beat you previous time or reps within time. 

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