Finding Your Inner Motivation Through Exercising

14:26 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

Bodybuilding, power-lifting or just simply working out, whether it’s for competitions, so that you win gold medal I Brazil in the next Olympics in 2016 or just to building your dream body is a beautiful thing. You start it for one reason and pretty soon it changes your life. It improves your life in ways you least expect, it is an addiction that is healthy for you, but most of the time many give up just before they experience the beauty of exercise and physical fitness, and most people never experience what it feels like to be their healthiest, to be the strongest they can be.
Arnold Back in the day back stage  

It is said that exercising just like drugs, alcohol and sex releases endorphins, the funny thing with most things that help you release the happy drug is that their side effects are more damaging than their benefits but not exercise. With drugs and alcohol there is addiction and the horrible feeling and craving afterwards, doing drugs can cause family break down and violent behaviour for something which is temporary. With sex, people can end up just having sex just to feel good about themselves only to feel worse or used afterwards especially in the case of females, plus if one is not careful these days there is a risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could be incurable or something that has a lasting effect like not being able to have kids. Out of many endorphin releasing activities, exercise is by far the best because it improves one’s life, not only in that it makes you faster, or stronger and better looking, it creates a better self image and positivity that comes with a good self esteem. With every session in the gym you improve providing you are being smart and using the proper techniques and weights that you can handle.
Arnold Posing

Exercise whether its bodyweight training or weight-lifting is a stress reliever, it is one of the keys to achieving total health in mind body and spirit. Working out teaches you hard work and requires a kind of dedication that will take you far in life when applied in your other areas in life. When you take into consideration the kind of dedication and consistency that goes into a great physique you will realise why people such as Arnold have been so successful in life. Working out to get a great body requires a lot of goal setting and sticking to your plan and adjusting, if you can do that and apply it elsewhere just like Arnold Schwarzenegger you are bound to succeed.

Use your goal setting and consistency skills that you have developed in the gym elsewhere in life and see where that takes you. Do as Arnie did follow your dreams and be the best and who knows, money could follow no matter what path you take, as long as you spend your time doing what you are passionate about. The way I see it if the average person lives for 60 years and we are asleep for 20 years that means we actually only live for 40 years, so why not spend those 40 years of being awake doing something you are passionate about. 

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