No I’m Not Showing off, I’m Just Wearing a Wife-Beater

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I have been wearing wife beaters my whole life, ever since I was a kid. I used to wear wife beaters when I was a skinny dude and no one would notice, but as soon as I added a bit of muscle to my frame I started getting silly comments like why am I showing off, and that I am being a douche bag from non gym goers, the silliest statement I have ever gotten from a chick was that “my top was too revealing,” you would swear she was talking to a chick, I am a dude and I could pretty much walk around topless and that would not be too revealing. The only time a guy is too revealing I feel is if he is completely naked in public.
Johnny Bravo the ultimate douche bag

I’m fit and muscular and I love wearing wife beaters

You know it’s funny how when a skinny guy with just flesh and bones, or a fat/overweight guy can get away with being in a wife beater without anyone noticing and then it becomes an issue when the muscular gym goer is wearing a wife beater. If the world is such a democratic place why does it have different standards for different people? I feel like if hot girls can wear dresses that make them look good and possibly attract a lot of guy attention to them, fit guys too should be able to wear something they feel comfortable in and something that looks good on them and could possibly attract female attention from females who are into the muscular fit guys.

Why are people being haters

You never hear someone from the gym making silly comments about things like wife beaters, or another muscular guy complaining about you looking at yourself in the mirror it’s always some out of shape person or the guy who is still skinny or overweight and just starting out in the gym. You see looking at oneself in the mirror and sometimes flexing is not a bad or douche thing to do, it’s the best way to see how much you have progressed, only you are able to see the minor improvements in your physique that scales cannot tell you about. Looking at the mirror lets you see your weaknesses and areas you want to improve if you don’t believe me Arnold Schwarzenegger will tell you, “When I was 15 years old, I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. When I stared at myself naked, I realized that to be perfectly proportional I would need twenty-inch arms to match the rest of me.”

Other Things which do not make me a douche bag

Oh and by the way I also like picking up chicks by that I actually mean lifting them off the ground (in a playful manner ofcourse). I mean most chicks I meet  like it when I lift them and I am talking about the small/light ones, the average size ones and the bigger ones, they love to know that a guy can carry them especially the bigger ones (just saying, physically weak guys are sometimes not attractive to females, not always the case though).

Oh and besides wearing wife beaters I like wearing muscle t-shirts/Muscle huggers because just like every other person I like wearing clothes that suit my body type. I am not the skinny jean kind of fella but I have nothing against guys who wear them as long as they feel it suits them and it gets them chicks its non of my business, I am also not the metro-sexual kind of guy so I am not clued up about what is fashionable or not, I just wear stuff that I like. We all wear what we want so it’s best to respect each other and sometimes agree to disagree of certain things, not all people are the same so obviously we will not have the same tastes and opinions as others, I am as much of a narcissist and douche bag as the next guy whether he is a muscular gym goer or not. Until the next guy/girl calls me a show off as I get bigger I will keep wearing my wife beater because that how I roll. 

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