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I am always reading other blogs, to find out about the way other people train, the kinds of diets that work and to find out about everything fitness. My favourite blogs are blogs with a personal touch, blogs not made only to make money or just share information as if they were Wikipedia, but blogs where you can relate to the author or their personality shines through. So today I want to share posts that I have recently read or I have read in the past (but they have stayed on my mind) which I feel that many of you might find very useful.
best fitness articles from all over the web
Thinking a little differently

I would like to share the link to a post on bodyweight training by Jason Ferruggia, he tells it like it is, he does not sugar coat anything, and boy does he write up a good blog post.

Another blog I like to visit every once in a while is Rusty Moore’s Blog Fitness Black Book, he does not post often but when he does, it’s usually a killer post. Rusty is famous for going against the norm in the fitness world, one example of him going against the norm is this post he wrote recently: Squats and Deadlifts Are Not the “King of Exercise” for a Lot of People.

When it comes to nutritional information, and straight facts, I like to frequent a site I like to call the nutrition myth buster Site by Kris of He recently posted a very well researched post on Low Carb Diets vs. Low Fat Diets

And another site I like to frequent is ever since I discovered the site and intermittent fasting I have been reading through the archives of the blog written by the “High Priest” of intermittent fasting Martin Berkhan whose approach to intermittent fasting is very popular and effective for making lean muscular gains. Here is the lean gains guide to intermittent fasting .

There are many more awesome fitness/nutrition blogs out there, these are just some of my favourite, and I just shared some awesome posts that can be found there. I feel it is necessary to educate yourself, and then use what you learn; there is no use in just reading blog posts and not actually taking action. I hope some of these posts will give you some ideas as to how you would like to approach your workouts and your nutrition.

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