Fitness Junkies and Civilians Pay Attention Please

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Fitness is not like other niches on the web and in real life, it has an entrance point for all members of the human race. It does not matter whether you are a pro bodybuilder or the obese guy who was told to lose weight by his doctor or else he might die. There is no natural talent required in order to be part of the fitness community, it’s all up to YOU. - Never trust someone who works out in jeans.
Just thought I would add some funny gym humor

The way I see it the world is divided up into two groups of people, evil people and good people...hehe...just kidding, I meant the world is divided up into 2 CAMPS those who workout and care about their health and those who don’t work out, and care about their (just not enough to do something about it), because they are lazy or don’t feel they need to workout, some have self esteem issues and they would rather stuff their faces with food rather than to workout and eat healthily because eating junk food is known as consuming “comfort food” and working out and eating healthy is not comfortable for most people.


The first camp is filled with many douche-bags, both male and female but that should not be a stereo type all gym goers should be labelled as, there are a lot of nice and friendly gym freaks out there, who are passionate about working out, helping and inspiring others to look their best. The fitness freaks work hard to look the way they do, it takes a lot of time and discipline to look as fit and ripped as some people out there.  The truth is the fitness community is filled with all kinds of people, within the fitness niche you have your sub-niches your little tribes/churches as I like to call them.

You get all these popular diet plans and their followers, you get people who focus solely of power-lifting, you have bodybuilders and within the bodybuilding community you find divisions like those who use performance enhancing drugs such as steroids and those “natural” ones who don’t use performance enhancing drugs which are illegal in most places in the world. You get popular fitness programs like your Zumba’s, P90x’s, your Taebo’s and son on. I am sure you get the idea, I mean there is something for everyone in the fitness world, from fitness programs for those who want to go from fat to fit or skinny to buff, or those who just want 6 pack abs, the fitness world has it all.


I feel that you often cannot force other people to become concerned about their own health and well being, they have to decide for themselves that it’s time for a change. People do not like listening to words most of the time, what is heard usually goes out the other ear as fast as it came in, words provide temporary motivation for those who are not internally inspired, so usually actions work best for them. When I say actions I mean things like, if someone is extremely obese probably the thing that would get them to do something about it would be that final warning from a doctor when they have a health scare, or a documentary showing how someone lost weight and why they chose to finally do something about their weight issues (e.g a parent wanting to be there to see their kids grow up or something emotional like that).

Also people find it easier to relate to someone who has been there before, someone who has faced the same challenges they currently face, an overweight person would most likely be inspired by a person who used to be overweight and lost the weight than a lean athletic person who has always been that way. Another way to think about it is that a person would find it hard to be inspired by a person who represents the cool douche bag jock who used to make fun of them back in their schooling days, unless they use those negative memories as a reminder of why they are working out, gaining confidence, so that they are never treated that way again.

I wrote a blog post before about the different ways you could try and convince others into joining the fitness community, because I feel there are a lot of benefits that come with being fit and healthy, benefits like increased self esteem which contribute to other aspects of your life. People do not like working out because it is not easy, or they workout and they stop soon after because they find out that there are no short cuts, that it is not temporary but that’s the beauty of it, once you get through those first couple of weeks it gets easier, no I’m wrong it does not get easier you get stronger, you get addicted and it becomes a habit. Once you do not see living a fitness lifestyle as being a temporary fix but as a lifestyle, something that’s a part of your daily routine like eating breakfast it becomes a breeze. It’s cheap to start working out, you don’t even need a gym, join the fitness community if you have not joined already (membership is free), if you are part of the growing fitness community (just have a look at the endless amount of fitspo’s and twitter accounts dedicated to fitness)  then keep it beast mode fitness dudes and dudettes. 

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