Juggling School and Gym - Dumbbell vs Textbook

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Trying to find a balance between school and gym can be difficult, especially if you are in university. It can be tricky fitting in all the study time and having an effective gym schedule, depending on your course load you may have very little time during your weekdays to go to the gym. Also going to class can take a lot of your energy and leave you without energy at the end of your school day, but they always say that one should learn to juggle school and a social life to enjoy school, adding gym to that equates to a very busy day/week.

School and gym - dumbbell vs text book
Dumbbell one hand, text book other hand

Finding Time to Workout

As a student you will find that not all days are the same, some days are more hectic than others. You should therefore do a workout split that compliments your school time table, for example if you have 3 practicals during the afternoon per week then you should have your workouts on less demanding days. If you are very busy you could do a 3 day split instead of working out 5 days a week. If you live close to the gym, you may find that you may be able to work out as much as you like if you schedule your workouts for the morning, you may find that this provides a perfect start to the day for you. Another option is to have your workouts at night when you have had some time to recover mentally from your school day.

If you really love the gym and consider it your hobby then maybe fitting in some lifting time during the weekend will suit you best. It would allow you to rest your muscles during the week and rest your brain a little during the weekend. It all depends on what your fitness goals are if you simply want to get fit, then it does not take much effort or time to get in good shape (it’s as simple as doing morning push-ups and sit-ups or pull ups before you sleep, which is not a lot of work). If you really want to pack on some muscle, the less time you have the more you have to make the little time you have count (you could do this by using a workout split that suits your study schedule as stated above and having short but intense workout sessions instead of longer sessions with long rest periods in between sets). 

Energy Levels throughout the Day

If you find that you cannot workout because by the end of your school day, you have no energy, it would be wise to revise your nutrition plan. What you eat supplies energy to your body; if you do not eat the right foods then you will not have energy at the end of your long school day. To have energy to lift at the end of your school day, you must not skip breakfast (it sets up your whole day, if you start your day off on a low, then it is very difficult for things to pick up after that (energy wise)).
Also do not skip any meals; you will need that energy especially if you are going to lift later in the day. Having snacks like some fruits and nuts between larger meals can help with your energy levels, plus if you want to gain mass little healthy snacks help you reach your daily macronutrient intake goals. If you can afford to buy supplements using pre-workout supplements can help you boost energy levels at the end of your school day so that you have the energy you need to have an awesome lifting session. Some people use coffee as a pre-workout, try it out and see if it helps you (get strong coffee, not some weak instant coffee). 

Exam Time – Studying and Working Out Between Exams

Exam time can be very stressful and a lot of students cannot do anything but study during exam time, so some people may find it easier just to take a break from gym during the exam period. Resting during the exam period could help you grow and break through plateaus when you get back to gym after exams. Also resting during exams, saves you time since you do not have to travel to the gym, workout and get tired and still study afterwards.

On the other hand some people find the gym very therapeutic, in that it helps them focus and it helps them to relieve stress and to calm down. So if you are studying and you are finding your studies overwhelming then maybe a little cardio or a gym session is what you need to give your brain a break, relax and then go reassess your books with fresh eyes after your gym session.

Remember that the key points are to have a workout plan that compliments your school schedule, to eat well so that you are well energized and workout during exams if it helps you relieve stress or take some time off from gym during exams if that is more beneficial to you. 

Working Out Wherever You Are - The Power of Body-weight Exercises

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I remember the first time I saw a Hannibal Video on YouTube  I was amazed at the things and the body weight workouts he was able to do using resources that are available in most community parks, resources like jungle gyms etc.

If you have never seen a Hannibal video, here is one with him and Barilla doing their thing as usual.

Getting Ripped Using Body-weight Exercises

I have written a lot about body-weight exercises in the past and I will link to those posts at the end of this post , I have also written about my own personal experiences from using body-weight training. I believe that body-weight training can be a very effective way to build a lean muscular physique like the physiques of male gymnasts and people who do complex and simple body-weight exercises like the ones done in the video above.

To get results from doing body-weight exercises one must be consistent and like with weights people do progressive overload, with body-weight exercises, you have to progressively increase the difficulty and intensity of your body-weight exercises.

You have to progress from normal shoulder width push ups to close grip push ups, to doing 100 rep sets, to being able to do one arm push ups, you have to progress from doing body weight squats to doing pistols (single legged squats), you have to progress from doing pull ups/ chin ups and simple abs exercises like hanging leg raises and sit ups to being able to do front levers. My point is the more you do body weight, exercises the stronger and more lean muscle you gain but that means you have to do more difficult exercises, higher reps, shorter breaks, or no breaks at all so that you challenge yourself and bring your body to the next level.

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Here is another pair who do some amazing things and have managed to build great aesthetic bodies using just their body weight to train, the Bar Brothers. Watch this to see their inspirational transformation.

Hardcore 6 Pack Abs Guide

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Getting hardcore 6 pack abs (or the rare 8 pack abs) is something that most people would like. Each day on Tumblr I see people posting and reblogging images of guys and girls with shredded 6 pack abs, those images are always paired with captions describing how they plan on getting a midsection like the one in the picture or a quote to motivate themselves to keep working hard in the gym and to stay strong nutrition wise so that they can avoid bad eating habits.

Road to getting 6 pack abs – Where to start?

We are all different so our roads to getting abs will never be the same. Let us say you are fat or overweight, the way you go about getting ripped abs will not be the same as someone who is skinny and wants to have thick well developed abs. Each of us reacts differently to different foods, I know guys who eat whatever they like and still have great bodies with a great set of 6 pack abs but many people cannot eat what they want whenever they want if they want abs because doing so will result in fat gain for the average Joe/Jane. You need to know yourself and how your body reacts to a certain way of eating.
Guide to hardcore abs
Road to ripped 6 pack abs

The statement “Abs Are made In the Kitchen” is a half truth

If you did not exercise and ate very healthy “clean” foods you would not have the kind of abs you see in Hollywood stars, and fitness models. That is because abs are not made in the kitchen. It is true that we naturally have abs which are hidden by a layer of fat on our stomachs, it is also true that eating clean can help us lose that layer of fat but if you do not do abs exercises those natural abs hidden under your belly fat will not be too impressive.  I support the famous words “abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen,” tough you could probably take out the words gym because abs are one body part that certainly does not need a gym to develop. So I believe that abs are developed and thickened through abs exercises and other exercises that involve your core indirectly, and are revealed through proper nutrition and doing cardio (for most people anyways).

Nutrition for Ripped Abs

I am of the belief that the best diet is one that you can easily maintain for a prolonged period of time. The way you eat needs to be sustainable and not short term, so you need to make life long changes to the way you eat, not temporary changes which will only give you results only when you choose to stick with that short term diet. You need to eat in a way that will help you lose unnecessary belly fat, but in a way that you would like to continue eating without craving all of the foods of your previous nutritional lifestyle.

Some people use low carb diets and there are many benefits of low carb diets, others use low fat diets, it does not matter which diet you use as long as it is the kind of diet you are willing to make a part of your life style (here is a comparison of the two diet models low carb vs low fat – retire the fad).  I personally like to eat a balanced diet, a diet which does not dramatically decrease one macronutrient as opposed to another. I find that having a balanced diet is the easiest to maintain, mixed with regular training it can give great results.

Also note that the key to losing and gaining fat is the amount of calories that you consume, if you consume more than you need than you will gain fat/weight, whereas if you consume less than you need to maintain your current bodyweight than you will lose fat/weight. Whether you are eating good foods or bad foods, if you eat too much food no matter what food that is you will get fat. It’s not fats that make you fat; if you eat too many carbs then you will also get fat. I guess I like the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) kind of nutrition plan.

Also if you are not overweight and want to find a way to get ripped and stay ripped, then you could look into intermittent fasting, maybe that is the most suitable thing for you and not the traditional dieting but rather the intermittent fasting model of playing around with eating periods.

The key is finding a nutrition plan that you are comfortable with, a meal plan that suits you the best. Dieting is no child’s play and it is definitely not for the weak. Also if you are going to start a diet do not go from eating whatever you like to eating a highly restrictive diet the next day, if you do that you are setting yourself up for failure. Slowly change the way you eat to make your transition easier, you don’t go from 1st gear to 5th in one gear change, slowly drop the bad foods as you also slowly introduce the good foods to your diet.

Developing those ripped abs

This is the most fun part of building your 6 pack abs. There are many ways to go about getting your abs thickened but the way that is most effective is to develop an abs exercise plan which targets all the regions of your abs from your upper abs and lower abs to your oblique’s so that you have that dream midsection.

Abs recover quickly so it is best to work your midsection as often as you can, at least about 3 times a week if you really want Greg Plitt like 8 pack abs. At first you will only do a few abs exercises like crunches and you will struggle but push through the pain, your abs will be in pain for the next couple of days even though you did not do that many sets or reps for that matter, but as always your body will adapt and you will need to do more sets and more reps to achieve the same effect the next time.

I have written a lot about abs and shared many abs exercises; you can start by doing this hardcore abs workout. The idea is to do exercises that target each region of your abs, whether you mix the abs exercises for all the regions or you workout one abs region per ab workout day is up to you. Also you do not need a lot of time to do ab workouts. You could do them in the morning when you wake up, after your workouts (for other body parts) or just before you sleep, it all depends on you.

The people with the most developed thick abs with those deep cuts usually lift weights, the heavy lifting involves a lot of core work so doing heavy squats, dead-lifts, barbell shrugs and so on is a great way to indirectly work out and thicken your abs.
Best hardcore ripped 6 pack abs guide
Training with intensity can burn fat to reveal 6 pack abs

If diet and abs exercises don’t reveal your solid abs, turn to cardio

I was used to be skinny and had abs without doing any cardio, I also bulked up and do not do any cardio and had ripped abs so you don’t always have to do cardio in order to lose the belly fat. Sometimes training a very high intensity can give you great results without doing cardio, look at Adam Charlton for example he is super ripped and does not do cardio.

 For other people even after doing abs exercises, and eating well they still do not have the desired midsection that is when you have to go one step further and do some cardio to burn that belly fat so your hard work is revealed. The key to doing cardio is to choose a type of cardio that you enjoy be it a morning jog to help you start your day, a hectic dance session if you got the moves or a weekly soccer game with your mates to get your heart pumping. If you enjoy it, it will be something you look forward to which will help you to do it regularly and get ripped in the process.

Train and connect with like-minded people

If you have a partner or a supportive community that could motivate you to push harder and inspire you when you feel like giving up. Training with a partner can give you an edge, you two could be competitive with one another to see who could do more reps and sets; you could support each other and encourage each other to push on, as well as hold each other accountable so you deliver on your promises to yourself and to your partner. Together with a partner you could set weekly goals and help each other reach those goals for example setting goals liking increasing the amount of reps you can do for each abs exercise by 25 per week or increasing your plank time.

I have seen many people on twitter thank the #fitfam for their support; it is amazing how influential people from across the world can be. Every month they come up with new goals such as #SquatSeptember last month and I have seen people doing #OctoAbs this month; they encourage each other by sharing workouts, diets and progress pictures. 

I hope this post has helped you somehow, realize that getting abs can be made easier by doing things that you enjoy, having a sustainable diet , working all abs regions often and by embracing the fitness family and the power of community.

10 Best Ways to Go From Skinny to Buff

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The Ultimate Skinny Guy Guide to Gaining Muscle

If you are skinny and want to gain some weight (muscle) this is the blog post for you. There is no problem being skinny if that is how you like to be, but if you are the guy who has tried eating a lot but failed to gain any mass, if you are the guy who has been teased by others and rejected by chicks just because you were too skinny then I will share with you some very useful methods to increase your weight by gaining muscle. A note before you continue reading on, if you are lazy and think this will be easy then you can stop reading this right now and stay the way you are.

ways to go from skinny to buff
My transformation from skinny to buff - skinny 143lbs to muscular  176lbs

Change Begins In Your Mind

If you want to gain muscle, then the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself mentally for the lifestyle change you want to undergo, because being skinny and being muscular with T-shirt muscles are at two opposite ends of the spectrum. In order to gain weight you are going to have to make a lot of lifestyle changes and sacrifice some of your time so that you are able to gain and maintain muscle. Gaining muscle is not as easy as gaining fat, so do not think you can just eat whatever you want to eat... more on this later on in this article.

Be Goal Oriented

To gain functional muscle and transform from your previous skinny weak self into a new buff you, you need to learn to set goals for yourself. You need to have an ultimate goal, and then you need to make smaller short term goals which will together make sure you get to your ultimate goal. You cannot make silly goals like gaining 10kg in one week; you need to understand that you need to set realistic goals for yourself such as gaining maybe 0,5kg per week. What you also need to realize is that not all mass you gain will be muscle but when you want to gain mass to look aesthetic at the end of your bulk you need to maximize muscle gain and minimize fat gain (this shall be discussed later on).

Start Off With Body-weight Exercises

It is quite obvious that if you want to gain muscle mass then you need to work out. If you are skinny and just want to gain weight through eating and it has not been working, then the best way to do it is to exercise. If you did manage to gain weight through eating and not exercising, the weight gain from that would have been fat gain, which would just make you look chubby/fat and I do not think that is how anyone wants to look (that is worse than being naturally skinny, health wise anyways).

I recommend that when you have no previous experience with exercise and lifting weights that you start off by just doing body weight exercises. What this will do is it will prepare you for when you do start lifting weights in the gym. It will prepare you for the gym by providing a foundation of muscle and strength developed through doing body-weight training, allow you to be able to lift heavier weights at the gym which you will not have managed without prior exposure to working out. The basic body-weight exercises to start building some muscles and strength are push ups, which are great for your chest, arms and shoulders, dips which are great for your triceps and chest, pull ups/chin ups which are great for your upper back and your arms as well as increasing your grip strength, body weight squats and lunges which target your legs. You can also do some abs exercises to strengthen your core which will be vital for heavy lifting to gain mass, plus a pair of 6 pack abs adds the finishing touches to a great body. There are other body-weight exercises but those should be adequate enough to form a good foundation.

You will find that if you are a person who does not have any previous experience with working out, you will gain some muscle from doing body-weight exercises, and you will see you body start to shape up. You will also notice that your strength will increase and you will need to increase the intensity or number of reps of your exercises to make them more challenging. You may start doing weighted body-weight exercises to get the most out of them; this is the point when you need to move on to the next step which will bring a lot of growth.

Lifting Weights is the Best Way to Gain Muscle

The easiest way to gain muscle is lifting weights, but doing body-weight exercises first makes sure you have enough strength and muscle to get the most out of your weight training. When you start lifting weights its best to leave your ego at the door, you must realize that you are not in a competition with anyone and that you should lift weights that serve the purpose of your workout and not try to be the heaviest lifter in the gym.

Trying to lift weights that you cannot handle is stupid and will only lead to injuries which could set you back by months or even years before you are fully recovered. To get the best results always train using weights that you can handle, but not weights that are easy for you to lift. Do not use a 60kg (135lbs) weight when you could handle more than that. The key is to lift a weight you can handle but a weight such that if you are doing 10 reps with it, you will be struggling by the time you reach 10.

Start Off With a Compound Exercise Workout Plan

It’s not a necessity but it will serve you well. Compound exercises are workouts such as the squat, the dead-lift, the farmers walk, the pull up, the bench press, bent over rows and the dumbbell/barbell clean and press. Compound exercise workout your whole body and workout mainly your large muscle groups, since compound exercises are whole body exercises if you are on a compound exercises program you probably only workout at most 3 times per week because you need the other 3 days to fully recover from this taxing whole body workout. You will find that the compound exercises and the long rest periods will give you great mass growth because of the recovery period as well as the fact that working out large body parts like your back and legs is believed to increase the secretion of hormones like growth hormone and testosterone which help to build muscle.

You will find that as you get stronger, that you will be able to lift heavier weights, and you will want to maximize growth in all body parts so you will need to change this workout plan to a different kind of split that allows for more focus on individual body parts and more rest time for each body-part as one day between workout days will not be enough if you are working out the same body-part with heavy weights.

Choosing a Workout Split to Suit Your Lifestyle

Now that you have gained the basic through body weight training and compound exercises, you are ready for a more advanced workout plan. If you do not have time, you could have a two day workout split which divides the body into two and you workout both halves with enough days between the workout days. This two day workout split does not necessarily need to be an upper body day and a lower body day because that is a bad system because that would mean you work out chest, shoulders, back, abs, and arms on one day and only legs during the next workout day. You could split the body parts by putting back, legs and abs on workout day 1 and chest, shoulders and arms on workout day two for example.

The other split you could use is the 3 day workout split whereby you put chest, shoulders and triceps on day 1, back and biceps on day 2 and legs on day 3.

And then there is a 4 day split, where you could match exercises that complement each other on the same day, Arnold Schwarzenegger once said he liked training chest and back on the same day because noting felt better than having a chest pump and a back pump at the same time. The chest uses primarily a pushing motion in chest exercises and back workouts use a pulling motion so that could complement each other.  Also remember when working out chest your shoulders are also indirectly worked out and when you work out your shoulders, your chest is indirectly worked out. When you work out your back your arms are worked out, especially your biceps, also when you workout chest your arms are worked out, when you do close grip chest exercises or dips your triceps are worked out. These are all just things to consider if you can only manage 4 days to work out and want to combine certain body parts.

For people who have a lot of time or can make time, you could work out one body part per day. This would give each body part the maximum time to recover, and allow you to focus fully on that body part on each workout day.

10 Ways to go from Skinny to Buff
Young Arnold Schwarzenegger posing his huge biceps.
"The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens" ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Eat More Food Than You Normally Eat

If you want to gain mass then you are going to have to eat more food (calories) than you normally eat, a lot more (caloric surplus). Working out is going to help in this department by making you hungry all the time. The easiest way to eat more food is to have many smaller meals throughout the day so you don’t have to eat 3 huge meals each day.  Instead of 3 meals a day, you should have 5 or 6 meals a day. If you are a skinny hard gainer it does not matter what you eat but if you want the best results you should eat healthy balanced meals with good fats, a lot of protein as well as carbohydrates. Each of these foods has its own nutritional benefits. Out of the 5 meals one or two of those meals could be a supplement shake such as a whey protein shake or a snack such as a cup of walnuts or a peanut butter sandwich. Taking supplements can help you if you find it difficult to get enough protein in your diet each day, or if you find it hard to eat an increased amount of chicken, beef, fish, nuts etc. You may find a protein shake easier to consume or cheaper than buying loads of chicken/fish etc.

Be Consistent

Eat as clean as you possibly can most of the time, most people allow themselves a cheat meal during the week so that they have something to look forward to. Go to the gym consistently don’t go one week stop for two weeks and go again because that only takes you backwards. Being consistent will make sure you keep gaining strength and you keep lifting heavier which means you will consistently be breaking down and rebuilding bigger and stronger muscles which in turn means that you will get bigger. Without the consistency in the kitchen and the gym you should not expect consistent muscle gains. Discipline is key here, if you really want to get results you will put in the hard work consistently, and day by day your hard work and dedication will start showing.

Use the Proper Lifting Techniques

Oh and before I forget the most important part about lifting weights is not only the amount of weight (whether it is challenging) but also if you are lifting it properly with the correct form. If you lift weight the right way you get maximum growth from each workout you do but if you are lifting the wrong way and your technique is faulty, you are risking getting injured, you are not getting the full benefits of the workout either because you are not using the full range of motion, or are using momentum to assist you or other ways people cheat themselves out of muscle gains. Watch videos on YouTube if you want to learn how to lift weight read workout magazines and don’t be afraid to ask someone at your gym or a more experienced friend.

Stop Following everyone’s Instructions

There are many methods to gain muscle out there, and I am sure most of them work. Fitness magazines and blogs come out with new ways to help hard gainers gain muscle each month but that is just to sell copies and get more visitors. What you need to do is to find a method you like and stick with it for a while so you can get the best results from that program. When you mix program that do not complement each other and you do not get results, you have no one but yourself to blame.

You cannot follow everyone at the same time.  One person will tell you to you the IIFYM (if it fits your macros way of dieting) telling you to eat 5-6 times per day whereas another will teach you to use intermittent fasting where you don’t eat breakfast and only have an 8 hour eating window every 24 hours, both of these strategies work and have worked for many people but you have to chose one and stick with it to get the best results from it.

I have done it and I know that you too can do it. You do not need luck just hard, smart  and consistent work.

Fitness Goal Setting For Serious Individuals

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Fitness is just like any other field, in order to succeed you need to know what you want and then from that point know or plan how you are going to achieve those goals you set. You see most successful people are not lucky they have achieved success because they plan ahead and take all necessary steps to ensure that their goals are met. What do you think top bodybuilders do in between Olympia’s? What do you think aspiring fitness models do so that they can one day be as successful as Greg Plitt?

Lou Ferrigno was aiming for the top spot in bodybuilding looking beastly
Lou Ferrigno gave Arnold a run for his money back in the day, the guy was a beast

"Goals that are not written are just wishes" ~ unknown

What is the first step of goal setting towards acquiring the physique of your dreams?

The first step is to wake up and realise that you cannot just wish that you had a great body. You have to wake up and be prepared to work hard to achieve what you want. You have to come up with an action plan, so that you have some sort of strategy as to how you are going to tackle these goals. You have to set achievable goals for yourself, not silly unrealistic goals like you are going to have a six pack in 10 days when you have a beer belly.

Writing down your goals and documenting your progress

You have to write down your goals, writing down your goals makes it real; it makes sure that you keep yourself accountable. You could brainstorm what kind of workout you are doing, what kind of food you will be eating, how many times you will be working out.

Writing down your goals is like taking progress pictures, it gives you a clear picture of what you have to do, it also allows you to come back in future to analyse what you did right and what you did wrong because in the fitness world you are always learning and pick up new things and you make adjustments in accordance to your lifestyle. You could also use that goal setting book to write down goals and when you achieve them you could strike through those goals and write new ones and like progress pictures these achieved goals serve as inspiration that shows just how far you have come. This helps you push on further and harder.

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." ~ Diana Scharf Hunt 

Set deadlines for yourself

There is no use in having goals that have an infinite time limit that is like having no goals at all.  If you want to be the guy with the heaviest bench press, you will not just go try lifting the record heaviest weight ever bench pressed. You will start off at the beginning maybe only managing to bench press 135lbs (60kg), but you will set little achievable goals for yourself so that ultimately you will be lifting that record bench press of over 440lbs (200kg) one day. You will say to yourself this week I am going to lift 135lbs, then each week I will try and increase my lift by 5lbs-10lbs, train hard, eat well,  get enough rest and record how much you manage to do with each lift. The next step will be to achieve equal to or more than you did the last time, to make sure that you are making progress (that is why it is important to write your goals and achievements down so you have a frame of reference for each lift you do).

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.” ~ Muhammad Ali

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”~ Audrey Hepburn

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You have to believe that you can achieve your goals, because if you don’t believe in yourself, if you doubt yourself you will not fully commit, you will procrastinate. Anything is possible if you really want it, you have to image yourself being your ripped self even before you get to that point, you have to believe that if others can do it, so can you. You may be overweight and have been that way your whole life but the minute you decide to stop dreaming and start working you have to believe you are strong enough to resist the temptation of having junk food, the temptation to have midnight snacks, you have to be strong enough to eat smaller portion even when you want to have more.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” ~ Eric Thomas

Everyone can succeed if they win the battle in their heads and that victory is translated in action by the body. Start believing in...YOU!

Top Fitness Up & Comers in the UK

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When you think of the fitness industry in the UK, the first person who comes to mind for most people is Rob Riches who is one of the top fitness models in the world. Aside From Rob Riches there are other guys who are killing it in the UK fitness model scene or those that are just now breaking into the industry. I want to introduce these guys to you just in case you do not know them yet, they have built fantastic aesthetic physique which are desired by the ladies and admired by the gents. I shall give you three fitness models from the UK whose popularity is growing each day, and each of them have their own stories of how they got started out in the fitness industry.

Top 3 New UK Fitness Models:

Top fitness model UK
Ryan Terry  ripped muscle pic from his facebook (link on his name below)

Ryan Terry – Stats: height 5’11”/1.8m, Weight 174lbs/79kg

 Ryan terry is a guy who used to be a plumber before entering Mr Great Britain and winning the crown. He then went on to take part in Mister International 2010, where he again took the crown. Ever since then his career in the modelling industry has been on the rise. He is also a USN sponsored athlete. Ryan has a history in sports doing things like gymnastics, football and swimming in his school days, no wonder he eventually made his way back into fitness. From the videos I have watched of him, he seems to be very friendly and polite. He interacts well with fans on his Facebook page and on his Twitter profile.

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Most ripped fitness model UK Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton super ripped (plenty of pics in his bodyspace  and the interview link below)

Adam Charlton – Stats:  height 5’11”/1.8m, Weight 215lbs/97.5kg

Adam also has a back ground in sports, he used to be a sprinter until the age of 20 when due to injury problems he chose to call it quits and begin a career in fitness/Bodybuilding. His most distinctive features are his well developed legs, which were well developed even before he chose to start looking into bodybuilding as a possible future career. I will not go into much detail about him because I feel that has been covered in this article in an interview he did with Simply Shredded    http://www.simplyshredded.com/aesthetic-overload-adam-charlton-talks-with-simplyshredded-com.html

UK top fitness model plumber
Kirk Miller ripped 6 pack abs pic from his facebook (link below)

Kirk Miller – Stats: height 5’10/1.78m, Weight 172lbs/78kg

Kirk won a cover model competition in 2010, to begin his career as a fitness model. Before winning the competition he was a plumber. After winning the cover model competition he became a personal trainer because as he said in his December 2011 interview with Muscle & Fitness UK Edition (By Sam Bond) “I grew tired of seeing people waste their time in the gym. People were continually asking me for advice anyway so it made good sense to switch to personal training. I love how I can make a difference as a trainer and I’ve even helped a client reach the finals of a cover model competition like I did.”

The Power of Some Good Rest

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Many people underestimate the power of resting your muscles. Resting your muscles could be beneficial in a number of ways which we are going to explore in this post, such as allowing your body to fully recover from the stress you have been putting it under, allowing your body to grow (preventing over training), and helping you break through plateaus.

Importance of Full Recovery

Although working out helps to relieve mental stress and is said to release endorphins which make you feel happy and positive it can also be very stressful to your body. Your body reacts to working out the same way it does to a stressful situation (I will not be discussing that in this post but you can read this article if you are interested in finding out http://www.boxingscene.com/exercise/42936.php). When you workout you break down muscle, in the hopes that with proper nutrition those muscle fibres will grow back even bigger and stronger than before to adapt to the stress (weight lifting/exercise) you put it through. If you over train and do not have enough rest days you are actually not accomplishing much in terms of muscle gain and you will not make much progress. Over training is like working backwards, when you over train all you ever do break down muscle and you do not allow it time to recover and grow.
Me attempting to pose outside

This is disadvantageous to you since you will not grow, you will start losing your strength and struggle with lifts you had no trouble lifting before. You will become moody because of over training because as I said training is like stress to your body in many ways; if you over train the negative effects will be the release of stress hormones in your body which make you moody (you will start experiencing depression, anger, irritability and anxiety). Over training will lead to fatigue and insomnia which will lead to fat gain, because your sleeping cycle and stress plays a very important role when it comes to the release of hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone which will then be inhibited and cortisol which is a stress hormone will increase which will lead to muscle loss and fat gain. If your body is in a state of stress because of your over-training and lack of rest, you will have a weak immune system which will make you more vulnerable to diseases.

I have often found that I grow the most muscle when I recover and don’t work out for a week after a long period of gruelling workouts. Maybe all you need to get over your lack of strength increase and plateaus in muscle gain is to have some rest to give your body a break. Your body is the only place where you have to live so take care of it, listen to it when it tells you that it is overworked. You will make good gains if you know how to balance the workouts and the recovery time you need.

The Olympia 2012 Where Legends Were Made

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Phil Heath took the main prize at the Olympia 2011, everyone was looking forward to yet another Cutler vs Heath Olympia but Jay did not make it to this year’s Olympia. So it was up to the others to give heath a run for his money if he was to be crowned Mr Olympia for the second year in a row. After not competing in the Olympia 2011 Branch Warren was back this year although he did not place in the top 3 he did relatively well placing fifth in the Olympia 2012. I am here to give you the top 3 positions in the Olympia 2012 to show you who are the top dogs in bodybuilding this year and who to look out for in the future. 

So without further ado here are the world’s biggest most ripped muscle beasts:

At number 3 this year’s surprise came in the form of Shawn Rhoden, who has the most amazing shape. He is said to be the fastest rising star in bodybuilding and could challenge for the Olympia title in the years to come.
Shawn Rhoden Mr Olympia of the future
Shawn Rhoden awesome shape

Rhoden height 1.78m (5’10”), weight 108kg (240lbs)

In second position was the ever improving Kai Greene who had his best showing at this year’s Olympia, even though it was not enough to beat the reigning champion he did give heath a run for his money.
Kai Greene came close to winning Olympia 2012
Kai Greene is a beast

Greene height 1.73m (5’8”), weight 116kg (256lbs)

At number one it comes as no surprise that Phil Heath has defended his title even though he was not in the same top condition that he was in last year when he beat 4 times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler. Despite him not being in his best shape and condition, it was still enough to beat the competition.
Mr Olympia 2012, 2011 Phil Heath
Phil Heath the champ

Heath height 1.75m (5’9”), weight 111kg (246lbs).

The Olympian always has its rivalries and surprises which make it entertaining, this year’s Olympia was no different and I am looking forward to see what happens next year and who will rank in the top 3. Also 2008 Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson had a great showing this year finishing forth so that was also great to see. I am looking forward to see Cutler, Heath, Greene, Rhoden, Jackson, Warren battle it out next year to see how they swap spots.

Confidence vs Arrogance

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In order to succeed one has to have confidence, now this is often confused with being arrogant. So right from the start I am going to give you a clear definition of what they both mean. Firstly I will define confidence for you, the dictionary meaning of confidence is: “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance: His lack of confidence defeated him."  Arrogance on the other hand is unlike confidence, it is a negative quality defined by the dictionary as: “Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.”
we could all learn a thing or two from Arnold

 Now you see that these two words have different meanings and sometimes confidence can be perceived as being arrogant by others because as Friedrich Nietzsche put it “the arrogance that accompanies merit offends us even more than the arrogance of people who are lacking merit: since merit itself offends us.” Many a time if a person is very successful and they have achieved what others have not, others manifest their jealousy as judgement of the achiever. What was before confident behaviour becomes arrogant behaviour because you make under achieving people feel bad about themselves. Instead solving their problem buy doing something with their lives so that they too can achieve people deflects their insecurities onto the confident person.

Of course that is not always the case, some people really are arrogant, for example boxers if they are the champion and they are undefeated. This kind of arrogance is often the reason they stay on top, because this belief that they are better than everyone else is what keeps them going, what keeps them training so that they stay the best at what they do. A great example of this was Muhammad Ali, he believed he was the greatest before he was even champ and when he was champ he continued to tell people he was the greatest because as he put it, “I figured if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.”  He was a man of many words, and wise words at that, there was method in his madness. He is the guy famous for saying “it’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

There are benefits to both confidence and arrogance, both will make some people dislike you but arrogance will make many more people dislike you, but if you are good at what you do I am sure there will be plenty of people who love either way. You have to think of your end goal, the point is to believe in yourself, to back yourself up no matter what. The point is to make goals and convince yourself that you can achieve them even if you originally had doubts and you will find that you achieve your goals and go beyond that. The point is not just to talk the talk; the point is for you antics and your appearance to match your work ethic (actually walking the walk). You cannot be confident/arrogant a lazy, you are confident because you know you work hard and can “back it up.”

Muhammad Ali is not the only person who had unrelenting belief in himself, it is a common trait among the successful no matter which field they are in. Look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved in his bodybuilding, Hollywood and political career. It’s an obvious belief which shows in the words he often says when referring to his success, “I knew I was a winner back in the late sixties. I knew I was destined for great things. People will say that kind of thinking is totally immodest. I agree. Modesty is not a word that applies to me in any way – I hope it never will.”

If you don’t believe in yourself that is the first thing you need to fix so that you can progress and stop looking down at yourself. If you don’t believe in you, don’t expect others to believe in you.