Hardcore 6 Pack Abs Guide

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Getting hardcore 6 pack abs (or the rare 8 pack abs) is something that most people would like. Each day on Tumblr I see people posting and reblogging images of guys and girls with shredded 6 pack abs, those images are always paired with captions describing how they plan on getting a midsection like the one in the picture or a quote to motivate themselves to keep working hard in the gym and to stay strong nutrition wise so that they can avoid bad eating habits.

Road to getting 6 pack abs – Where to start?

We are all different so our roads to getting abs will never be the same. Let us say you are fat or overweight, the way you go about getting ripped abs will not be the same as someone who is skinny and wants to have thick well developed abs. Each of us reacts differently to different foods, I know guys who eat whatever they like and still have great bodies with a great set of 6 pack abs but many people cannot eat what they want whenever they want if they want abs because doing so will result in fat gain for the average Joe/Jane. You need to know yourself and how your body reacts to a certain way of eating.
Guide to hardcore abs
Road to ripped 6 pack abs

The statement “Abs Are made In the Kitchen” is a half truth

If you did not exercise and ate very healthy “clean” foods you would not have the kind of abs you see in Hollywood stars, and fitness models. That is because abs are not made in the kitchen. It is true that we naturally have abs which are hidden by a layer of fat on our stomachs, it is also true that eating clean can help us lose that layer of fat but if you do not do abs exercises those natural abs hidden under your belly fat will not be too impressive.  I support the famous words “abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen,” tough you could probably take out the words gym because abs are one body part that certainly does not need a gym to develop. So I believe that abs are developed and thickened through abs exercises and other exercises that involve your core indirectly, and are revealed through proper nutrition and doing cardio (for most people anyways).

Nutrition for Ripped Abs

I am of the belief that the best diet is one that you can easily maintain for a prolonged period of time. The way you eat needs to be sustainable and not short term, so you need to make life long changes to the way you eat, not temporary changes which will only give you results only when you choose to stick with that short term diet. You need to eat in a way that will help you lose unnecessary belly fat, but in a way that you would like to continue eating without craving all of the foods of your previous nutritional lifestyle.

Some people use low carb diets and there are many benefits of low carb diets, others use low fat diets, it does not matter which diet you use as long as it is the kind of diet you are willing to make a part of your life style (here is a comparison of the two diet models low carb vs low fat – retire the fad).  I personally like to eat a balanced diet, a diet which does not dramatically decrease one macronutrient as opposed to another. I find that having a balanced diet is the easiest to maintain, mixed with regular training it can give great results.

Also note that the key to losing and gaining fat is the amount of calories that you consume, if you consume more than you need than you will gain fat/weight, whereas if you consume less than you need to maintain your current bodyweight than you will lose fat/weight. Whether you are eating good foods or bad foods, if you eat too much food no matter what food that is you will get fat. It’s not fats that make you fat; if you eat too many carbs then you will also get fat. I guess I like the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) kind of nutrition plan.

Also if you are not overweight and want to find a way to get ripped and stay ripped, then you could look into intermittent fasting, maybe that is the most suitable thing for you and not the traditional dieting but rather the intermittent fasting model of playing around with eating periods.

The key is finding a nutrition plan that you are comfortable with, a meal plan that suits you the best. Dieting is no child’s play and it is definitely not for the weak. Also if you are going to start a diet do not go from eating whatever you like to eating a highly restrictive diet the next day, if you do that you are setting yourself up for failure. Slowly change the way you eat to make your transition easier, you don’t go from 1st gear to 5th in one gear change, slowly drop the bad foods as you also slowly introduce the good foods to your diet.

Developing those ripped abs

This is the most fun part of building your 6 pack abs. There are many ways to go about getting your abs thickened but the way that is most effective is to develop an abs exercise plan which targets all the regions of your abs from your upper abs and lower abs to your oblique’s so that you have that dream midsection.

Abs recover quickly so it is best to work your midsection as often as you can, at least about 3 times a week if you really want Greg Plitt like 8 pack abs. At first you will only do a few abs exercises like crunches and you will struggle but push through the pain, your abs will be in pain for the next couple of days even though you did not do that many sets or reps for that matter, but as always your body will adapt and you will need to do more sets and more reps to achieve the same effect the next time.

I have written a lot about abs and shared many abs exercises; you can start by doing this hardcore abs workout. The idea is to do exercises that target each region of your abs, whether you mix the abs exercises for all the regions or you workout one abs region per ab workout day is up to you. Also you do not need a lot of time to do ab workouts. You could do them in the morning when you wake up, after your workouts (for other body parts) or just before you sleep, it all depends on you.

The people with the most developed thick abs with those deep cuts usually lift weights, the heavy lifting involves a lot of core work so doing heavy squats, dead-lifts, barbell shrugs and so on is a great way to indirectly work out and thicken your abs.
Best hardcore ripped 6 pack abs guide
Training with intensity can burn fat to reveal 6 pack abs

If diet and abs exercises don’t reveal your solid abs, turn to cardio

I was used to be skinny and had abs without doing any cardio, I also bulked up and do not do any cardio and had ripped abs so you don’t always have to do cardio in order to lose the belly fat. Sometimes training a very high intensity can give you great results without doing cardio, look at Adam Charlton for example he is super ripped and does not do cardio.

 For other people even after doing abs exercises, and eating well they still do not have the desired midsection that is when you have to go one step further and do some cardio to burn that belly fat so your hard work is revealed. The key to doing cardio is to choose a type of cardio that you enjoy be it a morning jog to help you start your day, a hectic dance session if you got the moves or a weekly soccer game with your mates to get your heart pumping. If you enjoy it, it will be something you look forward to which will help you to do it regularly and get ripped in the process.

Train and connect with like-minded people

If you have a partner or a supportive community that could motivate you to push harder and inspire you when you feel like giving up. Training with a partner can give you an edge, you two could be competitive with one another to see who could do more reps and sets; you could support each other and encourage each other to push on, as well as hold each other accountable so you deliver on your promises to yourself and to your partner. Together with a partner you could set weekly goals and help each other reach those goals for example setting goals liking increasing the amount of reps you can do for each abs exercise by 25 per week or increasing your plank time.

I have seen many people on twitter thank the #fitfam for their support; it is amazing how influential people from across the world can be. Every month they come up with new goals such as #SquatSeptember last month and I have seen people doing #OctoAbs this month; they encourage each other by sharing workouts, diets and progress pictures. 

I hope this post has helped you somehow, realize that getting abs can be made easier by doing things that you enjoy, having a sustainable diet , working all abs regions often and by embracing the fitness family and the power of community.

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