Juggling School and Gym - Dumbbell vs Textbook

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Trying to find a balance between school and gym can be difficult, especially if you are in university. It can be tricky fitting in all the study time and having an effective gym schedule, depending on your course load you may have very little time during your weekdays to go to the gym. Also going to class can take a lot of your energy and leave you without energy at the end of your school day, but they always say that one should learn to juggle school and a social life to enjoy school, adding gym to that equates to a very busy day/week.

School and gym - dumbbell vs text book
Dumbbell one hand, text book other hand

Finding Time to Workout

As a student you will find that not all days are the same, some days are more hectic than others. You should therefore do a workout split that compliments your school time table, for example if you have 3 practicals during the afternoon per week then you should have your workouts on less demanding days. If you are very busy you could do a 3 day split instead of working out 5 days a week. If you live close to the gym, you may find that you may be able to work out as much as you like if you schedule your workouts for the morning, you may find that this provides a perfect start to the day for you. Another option is to have your workouts at night when you have had some time to recover mentally from your school day.

If you really love the gym and consider it your hobby then maybe fitting in some lifting time during the weekend will suit you best. It would allow you to rest your muscles during the week and rest your brain a little during the weekend. It all depends on what your fitness goals are if you simply want to get fit, then it does not take much effort or time to get in good shape (it’s as simple as doing morning push-ups and sit-ups or pull ups before you sleep, which is not a lot of work). If you really want to pack on some muscle, the less time you have the more you have to make the little time you have count (you could do this by using a workout split that suits your study schedule as stated above and having short but intense workout sessions instead of longer sessions with long rest periods in between sets). 

Energy Levels throughout the Day

If you find that you cannot workout because by the end of your school day, you have no energy, it would be wise to revise your nutrition plan. What you eat supplies energy to your body; if you do not eat the right foods then you will not have energy at the end of your long school day. To have energy to lift at the end of your school day, you must not skip breakfast (it sets up your whole day, if you start your day off on a low, then it is very difficult for things to pick up after that (energy wise)).
Also do not skip any meals; you will need that energy especially if you are going to lift later in the day. Having snacks like some fruits and nuts between larger meals can help with your energy levels, plus if you want to gain mass little healthy snacks help you reach your daily macronutrient intake goals. If you can afford to buy supplements using pre-workout supplements can help you boost energy levels at the end of your school day so that you have the energy you need to have an awesome lifting session. Some people use coffee as a pre-workout, try it out and see if it helps you (get strong coffee, not some weak instant coffee). 

Exam Time – Studying and Working Out Between Exams

Exam time can be very stressful and a lot of students cannot do anything but study during exam time, so some people may find it easier just to take a break from gym during the exam period. Resting during the exam period could help you grow and break through plateaus when you get back to gym after exams. Also resting during exams, saves you time since you do not have to travel to the gym, workout and get tired and still study afterwards.

On the other hand some people find the gym very therapeutic, in that it helps them focus and it helps them to relieve stress and to calm down. So if you are studying and you are finding your studies overwhelming then maybe a little cardio or a gym session is what you need to give your brain a break, relax and then go reassess your books with fresh eyes after your gym session.

Remember that the key points are to have a workout plan that compliments your school schedule, to eat well so that you are well energized and workout during exams if it helps you relieve stress or take some time off from gym during exams if that is more beneficial to you. 

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