Top Fitness Up & Comers in the UK

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When you think of the fitness industry in the UK, the first person who comes to mind for most people is Rob Riches who is one of the top fitness models in the world. Aside From Rob Riches there are other guys who are killing it in the UK fitness model scene or those that are just now breaking into the industry. I want to introduce these guys to you just in case you do not know them yet, they have built fantastic aesthetic physique which are desired by the ladies and admired by the gents. I shall give you three fitness models from the UK whose popularity is growing each day, and each of them have their own stories of how they got started out in the fitness industry.

Top 3 New UK Fitness Models:

Top fitness model UK
Ryan Terry  ripped muscle pic from his facebook (link on his name below)

Ryan Terry – Stats: height 5’11”/1.8m, Weight 174lbs/79kg

 Ryan terry is a guy who used to be a plumber before entering Mr Great Britain and winning the crown. He then went on to take part in Mister International 2010, where he again took the crown. Ever since then his career in the modelling industry has been on the rise. He is also a USN sponsored athlete. Ryan has a history in sports doing things like gymnastics, football and swimming in his school days, no wonder he eventually made his way back into fitness. From the videos I have watched of him, he seems to be very friendly and polite. He interacts well with fans on his Facebook page and on his Twitter profile.

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Most ripped fitness model UK Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton super ripped (plenty of pics in his bodyspace  and the interview link below)

Adam Charlton – Stats:  height 5’11”/1.8m, Weight 215lbs/97.5kg

Adam also has a back ground in sports, he used to be a sprinter until the age of 20 when due to injury problems he chose to call it quits and begin a career in fitness/Bodybuilding. His most distinctive features are his well developed legs, which were well developed even before he chose to start looking into bodybuilding as a possible future career. I will not go into much detail about him because I feel that has been covered in this article in an interview he did with Simply Shredded

UK top fitness model plumber
Kirk Miller ripped 6 pack abs pic from his facebook (link below)

Kirk Miller – Stats: height 5’10/1.78m, Weight 172lbs/78kg

Kirk won a cover model competition in 2010, to begin his career as a fitness model. Before winning the competition he was a plumber. After winning the cover model competition he became a personal trainer because as he said in his December 2011 interview with Muscle & Fitness UK Edition (By Sam Bond) “I grew tired of seeing people waste their time in the gym. People were continually asking me for advice anyway so it made good sense to switch to personal training. I love how I can make a difference as a trainer and I’ve even helped a client reach the finals of a cover model competition like I did.”

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