50 Sit Ups per Web Page Read Challenge

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I used to think that I did not like to read but I was wrong, I like to read articles and blog posts on the web, I just don’t like reading books in paperback. I sometimes find myself reading the archives of blogs that I find interesting, then checking back every time they are updated. Every day I will come across a website where I will read a dozen of its pages or more. I read mostly fitness, game and travel related blogs, I sometimes read historic articles and maybe some informative websites with random fun facts just for entertainment sake.  So I figured since I read so many articles per day, I might as well use that in some productive way to help me get in even better shape.

50 sit ups per web page read challenge
50 reps abs challenge

How to use your internet addiction to get ripped abs

I decided I am going to do 50 sit ups for every new web page I visit, I figure it’s a pretty interesting way to work out my abs. That would add up to many sit ups per day, but if I find that to be too many sit ups for the day, I would make it a set of 50 sit ups for every new blog/ website I visit because If I were to visit one website and read 20 pages that would mean I had to do 50*20 sit ups which is too much especially if I was still going to visit other websites. So if I were to read about 20 pages of one site I would rather do 50 sit ups per 3-5 pages.

Just so that I do not over work one section of my abs, I would target a different section of abs every day such as doing 2 minute planks between pages on other days and maybe oblique sit ups on other days, and bicycle kicks on other days just to make sure no abs section is ignored. 

I reckon one can get pretty ripped doing this especially if they are avid readers. You could apply this to reading books as well, if you are reading a 300 page book you could do maybe 50 reps of an abs exercise per 20 pages or something like that depending on your level of fitness.

Applying this to other body parts

This does not have to be for abs only; you could apply this strategy to pull ups, push ups and even squats. You could always do a set amount or you could always increase the amount of reps you do as you get used to the different workouts. You could also mix it all and make a whole body workout by doing a different abs exercise each day.  This strategy is similar to doing short exercises during ad breaks when you are watching your favourite TV shows.  

Bodybuilding: Watching Myself Transform into My Perfect Form

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I love how exercising or lifting weights changes the body. It’s a beautiful thing to see, how it changes you slowly without you even noticing at times until months later when your body has completely transformed from that stick figure or amoeba it used to be to this muscle clad cartoon like figure.

transforming from an amoeba to super saiyan
Transforming from amoeba/stick figure to super saiyan

Changing like Caterpillar into a butterfly – From Amoeba/stick figure to Goku

I think just like other animals we go through phases in our transformation just like a butter fly comes into being, We may start out as kids, then teenagers then adults before we start getting old and useless. I feel like those phases of life are not the only phases we go through, we have a choice of whether to improve ourselves further whether it’s intellectually, spiritually or physically. This later phases are our personal choice; we have to decide to follow the herd or to differentiate ourselves by becoming the best we can be.

Going Super Saiyan

I liken bodybuilding to being a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z, by working out we aim to be the best and strongest that we can physically be, working out enables us to get closer to what our perfect form might be just as the harder a Saiyan trains the stronger he gets and the stronger he gets the more it is likely that he will transform into a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and so on.

Bodybuilding and lifting weights is the closest thing to being super human for me, the closest thing to being super hero like (even if only by looks). As a kid I always fantasised about being the strongest most muscular guy in the world, and lifting weights is the closest things that reminds me of that feeling and makes my body resemble what a strong man should look like little by little.

Physical Improvement is Visual – I’m a Visual Being

Other people get a high from being the smartest, knowing a lot about a certain topic and consuming information by the book loads. That is one way to improve yourself intellectually and I am no stranger to that as I feel to be a complete being one needs to improve all aspects of their life. I just prefer bodybuilding and the visual change it causes.  Everyone witnesses your transformation, some may not like the change but who cares you can’t please everyone and the most important thing as with any transformation is that you are doing it for yourself.

There is no better feeling then the feeling you get when you look back at your progress by looking at your progress pictures. Putting your latest picture next to your first picture before you began your fitness transformation, causes a great feeling of achievement and brings back a flood of memories about how you got to where you are now. I love a physical transformation for this reason because there is no need for words that before and after picture tells the story of hard work, consistency, struggle and dedication to your continued growth.

Weighted Abdominal Workouts – Next Level of Ripped

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Most abs exercises are body-weight exercises, and they are very effective in giving most people the kind of abs they want but for those who want those thick abs with the deep cuts without having to do too many reps the easiest route to take is to use weights when working out your abs.
serratus anterior for ripped physique
Image of serratus anterior from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serratus_anterior_muscle

Fitness models use weights to assist them to get those shredded abs, as well as to get those shredded serratus muscles on their ribs. One of my favourite fitness models is David Kimmerle, I have never seen a guy who was more ripped than him. He has those thick and divided abs that most guys who are into working out want, he uses weights or cable machines to thicken his abs. 
David Kimmerle Deep Cut Abs
David Kimmerle Deep Cut Abs

Weighted abs exercises allow you to get the same burn effect that you would get from many reps of body weight abs exercises like sit ups and crunches in a shorter period of time. Doing abs exercises does not have to take a long time, you could do 15 minutes of abs work after a workout and use a combination of body weight abs training (e.g hanging leg raises) and weighted abs training to get the best value/results for your time.

Here are a few examples of weighted abs exercises:

  • Cable Wood Choppers
  • Machine Crunch
  • Oblique machine twist
  • Twisted cable baseball
  • Weighted crunches

Remember to exercises your abs every other day and to always target all 3 regions of your abs which are upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Lifting Sets Faq – Understanding Fitness Lingo

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If you are a newbie and are searching through books or reading web pages on the internet there are often many fitness terms (fitness lingo) that you will come across that you may not understand.  So today I am going to explain what some of the most common fitness terms mean regarding the different types of weight  lifting sets.
If you are a fitness veteran then this post is obviously not for you, this blog post is meant to clear up some terms for people just starting out who either don’t know what these terms mean, or use these techniques of training these terms represent but just did not know what it was called. So here are some terms you will come across very often in your muscle building journey....

Kirill Chayka Greek god aesthetics, type of sets to build muscle
Kirill Chayka Greek God Aesthetics
Photo From his FB:http://www.facebook.com/ChaykaKirill
Learn the different types of sets to use for Greek god like muscle growth.

Popular lifting terms:

A set – This refers to the amount of repetitions of a particular exercise you will do without taking a break. For  example if you are doing bicep curls if you do 10 repetitions of the curling motion without a break between the reps then you stop at 10 because you could not lift anymore or were really struggling, that is your first set. You take a short break and you might do another set of 10 reps. for that particular workout you could end up doing 4 sets of 10 bicep curling repetitions.

Warm-up Sets – warm-up sets are sets done with a lighter weight before you start your actual exercise so that you get the blood flowing to your target muscle, and loosen up your joints so that you don’t injure yourself. You do not do warm up sets to failure but you can increase the weight a little with each warm up set.

A super set – a super set is when you do two sets one after the other without taking a break between them.

A circuit – A circuit is when you do 3 sets or more following each other without taking a break between the sets. (These sets usually target different muscles groups of course otherwise you would not be able to handle it)

Pyramid Set – are sets in which you go from a lighter weight with higher number of reps to heavier weight with a lower number of reps with each set. Reverse pyramid sets the opposite of pyramid sets.

A drop set – this is a set performed using a lower weight used to continue a workout after failure is reached at a higher weight. For example if you are using a 30kg dumbbell for doing the bicep curl for the first set then you decrease the weight to 25kg for the second set and 20 kg for the third set. One way to do drop sets is to do each set till failure or you could just drop the weight and increase the number of reps in each set. A drop set may also be referred to as a strip set when you keep stripping plates of the bar with each weight decrease, or running the rack.

Forced Reps – these are done straight after reaching failure with the aid of a partner/spotter to assist you in lifting the weight, they should assist you as little as possible, just knowing someone is there is often good enough to make you think they are actually helping you a lot which motivates to push even more and actually get the most out of those forced reps.

Negative Reps – Are when a partner helps you lift an extremely heavy weight but you have to control it down by yourself, or you use both legs or ups to lift a heavy weight up but only use one to bring it down another method is when you lift a weight up fast and bring it down slow and controlled.

Giant Set – When a single muscle group is targeted using 4 sets of different exercises one after the other with little to no rest time between the sets to reach failure, when muscle fatigue is reached mid set the weight is dropped to a lower weight and the workout continues.

Most of these more complex types of training sets are used to shock your muscles into more growth and are often done by experienced lifters; they should not be done often but only used as methods to break through plateaus.

Why Do You Want To Get Shredded?

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So this is a pretty straight forward question, why do you want to get shredded? You see like anything in life, if you do something there is usually a reason for you doing it. The reason could be because your doctor said you need to lose weight, you saw a ripped celebrity and wanted to look like them, you enjoy working out, and you want to attract the opposite sex and so on. It’s important to know why you doing it since it affects how seriously you will take your goal to get shredded.

Stephen Amell Ripped super hero body
Stephen Amell had a good reason to get all ripped up to super hero level,  to lend the role of a super hero he had to get that classic super hero body (developed shoulders and chest with a ripped 6 pack). Check out his workout http://weightlossandtraining.com/stephen-amell-workout-green-arrow

Why You Should Have a Good Reason to Want to Get Shredded

Having a good reason makes it easier to stick to a tough nutritional and workout regimen. If you are getting shredded because you want to look and feel great then you have a higher chance of reaching your shredded goal then if you are doing it just to get girls. Also if you are doing it because your girlfriend or boyfriend is always telling you how fat you are compared to others, then that probably will not last because if you really want to change you yourself have to realise that there is a problem. As long as it’s others that see an issue with your body, and not you all you will get from it is depression and have a low self esteem, their negative comments will not necessarily motivate you to get in shape, the discouragement will probably drive you to eat even more and get even more overweight (it’s sad but it happens often).

Celebrities usually get in shape because their lively hood depends on it, and that is good enough inspiration in itself, getting fit could be the one thing standing between them and instant wealth and fame. Take Taylor Lautner for example he is this famous today because he got in shape, getting a great body was his way to get his career to the next level, had he not gotten buff for twilight then the role would have been given to someone else. Through getting buff he got the job, the increased fame and now has millions of girls around the world who are crazy about him and millions of guys who want to be like him and gain some muscle.

Getting buff for girls is not really a good reason because nobody really knows what they want, you do not need to be buff to get girls, some of the best pick up guys in the world are not guys you would call the most attractive or fit for that matter. If you want girls you are better served just being confident, funny, nice, and well groomed then being just shredded. Getting shredded is a lot of work to do; it’s not something to be taken lightly so if you want to attract the opposite sex there are easier ways to do that.

Get Shredded for the Right Reasons, and You Shall Reap the Rewards

If you truly have a good reason for wanting to get shredded, you will have the right inspiration to work hard every day. You will not give up easily because you know that the end goal is worth it and that getting fit and ripped is your choice. If you accept getting ripped as a lifestyle change and not just a short term goal it will be easier to achieve your goals and keep the body you worked hard for once you get there. One last thing, many times we begin our fitness journey’s for one reason, right or wrong reasons but in the end we fall in love with the gym and how it changes our bodies and how it makes us feel, so work out for long enough and before you know it, you are addicted.