Bodybuilding: Watching Myself Transform into My Perfect Form

23:30 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

I love how exercising or lifting weights changes the body. It’s a beautiful thing to see, how it changes you slowly without you even noticing at times until months later when your body has completely transformed from that stick figure or amoeba it used to be to this muscle clad cartoon like figure.

transforming from an amoeba to super saiyan
Transforming from amoeba/stick figure to super saiyan

Changing like Caterpillar into a butterfly – From Amoeba/stick figure to Goku

I think just like other animals we go through phases in our transformation just like a butter fly comes into being, We may start out as kids, then teenagers then adults before we start getting old and useless. I feel like those phases of life are not the only phases we go through, we have a choice of whether to improve ourselves further whether it’s intellectually, spiritually or physically. This later phases are our personal choice; we have to decide to follow the herd or to differentiate ourselves by becoming the best we can be.

Going Super Saiyan

I liken bodybuilding to being a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z, by working out we aim to be the best and strongest that we can physically be, working out enables us to get closer to what our perfect form might be just as the harder a Saiyan trains the stronger he gets and the stronger he gets the more it is likely that he will transform into a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and so on.

Bodybuilding and lifting weights is the closest thing to being super human for me, the closest thing to being super hero like (even if only by looks). As a kid I always fantasised about being the strongest most muscular guy in the world, and lifting weights is the closest things that reminds me of that feeling and makes my body resemble what a strong man should look like little by little.

Physical Improvement is Visual – I’m a Visual Being

Other people get a high from being the smartest, knowing a lot about a certain topic and consuming information by the book loads. That is one way to improve yourself intellectually and I am no stranger to that as I feel to be a complete being one needs to improve all aspects of their life. I just prefer bodybuilding and the visual change it causes.  Everyone witnesses your transformation, some may not like the change but who cares you can’t please everyone and the most important thing as with any transformation is that you are doing it for yourself.

There is no better feeling then the feeling you get when you look back at your progress by looking at your progress pictures. Putting your latest picture next to your first picture before you began your fitness transformation, causes a great feeling of achievement and brings back a flood of memories about how you got to where you are now. I love a physical transformation for this reason because there is no need for words that before and after picture tells the story of hard work, consistency, struggle and dedication to your continued growth.

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