Weighted Abdominal Workouts – Next Level of Ripped

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Most abs exercises are body-weight exercises, and they are very effective in giving most people the kind of abs they want but for those who want those thick abs with the deep cuts without having to do too many reps the easiest route to take is to use weights when working out your abs.
serratus anterior for ripped physique
Image of serratus anterior from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serratus_anterior_muscle

Fitness models use weights to assist them to get those shredded abs, as well as to get those shredded serratus muscles on their ribs. One of my favourite fitness models is David Kimmerle, I have never seen a guy who was more ripped than him. He has those thick and divided abs that most guys who are into working out want, he uses weights or cable machines to thicken his abs. 
David Kimmerle Deep Cut Abs
David Kimmerle Deep Cut Abs

Weighted abs exercises allow you to get the same burn effect that you would get from many reps of body weight abs exercises like sit ups and crunches in a shorter period of time. Doing abs exercises does not have to take a long time, you could do 15 minutes of abs work after a workout and use a combination of body weight abs training (e.g hanging leg raises) and weighted abs training to get the best value/results for your time.

Here are a few examples of weighted abs exercises:

  • Cable Wood Choppers
  • Machine Crunch
  • Oblique machine twist
  • Twisted cable baseball
  • Weighted crunches

Remember to exercises your abs every other day and to always target all 3 regions of your abs which are upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

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