Why Do You Want To Get Shredded?

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So this is a pretty straight forward question, why do you want to get shredded? You see like anything in life, if you do something there is usually a reason for you doing it. The reason could be because your doctor said you need to lose weight, you saw a ripped celebrity and wanted to look like them, you enjoy working out, and you want to attract the opposite sex and so on. It’s important to know why you doing it since it affects how seriously you will take your goal to get shredded.

Stephen Amell Ripped super hero body
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Why You Should Have a Good Reason to Want to Get Shredded

Having a good reason makes it easier to stick to a tough nutritional and workout regimen. If you are getting shredded because you want to look and feel great then you have a higher chance of reaching your shredded goal then if you are doing it just to get girls. Also if you are doing it because your girlfriend or boyfriend is always telling you how fat you are compared to others, then that probably will not last because if you really want to change you yourself have to realise that there is a problem. As long as it’s others that see an issue with your body, and not you all you will get from it is depression and have a low self esteem, their negative comments will not necessarily motivate you to get in shape, the discouragement will probably drive you to eat even more and get even more overweight (it’s sad but it happens often).

Celebrities usually get in shape because their lively hood depends on it, and that is good enough inspiration in itself, getting fit could be the one thing standing between them and instant wealth and fame. Take Taylor Lautner for example he is this famous today because he got in shape, getting a great body was his way to get his career to the next level, had he not gotten buff for twilight then the role would have been given to someone else. Through getting buff he got the job, the increased fame and now has millions of girls around the world who are crazy about him and millions of guys who want to be like him and gain some muscle.

Getting buff for girls is not really a good reason because nobody really knows what they want, you do not need to be buff to get girls, some of the best pick up guys in the world are not guys you would call the most attractive or fit for that matter. If you want girls you are better served just being confident, funny, nice, and well groomed then being just shredded. Getting shredded is a lot of work to do; it’s not something to be taken lightly so if you want to attract the opposite sex there are easier ways to do that.

Get Shredded for the Right Reasons, and You Shall Reap the Rewards

If you truly have a good reason for wanting to get shredded, you will have the right inspiration to work hard every day. You will not give up easily because you know that the end goal is worth it and that getting fit and ripped is your choice. If you accept getting ripped as a lifestyle change and not just a short term goal it will be easier to achieve your goals and keep the body you worked hard for once you get there. One last thing, many times we begin our fitness journey’s for one reason, right or wrong reasons but in the end we fall in love with the gym and how it changes our bodies and how it makes us feel, so work out for long enough and before you know it, you are addicted.  

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