Update on Muscle Gain, Workouts, Cutting, Change of Diet

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 It’s been a while since I wrote about my progress and seeing as it is the end of the year I find it fitting that I post some progress pictures and an update on what I have been doing since my last update (I don’t even remember when that was). Also if you are reading this it means that the world did not end on the 21st of December, so I am wishing you a merry Christmas and an of the chains New Year. I hope that you guys have had an awesome 2012 and are planning on having an even better 2013. If your year did not go so well, that is fine too, rebuild and concentrate your efforts on achieving all your goals in 2013, do not forget 2012 but learn from the mistakes you made during the past year.

bigger arms biceps pose update
Arm/bicep pose pic taken in the morning on the 20th dec 2012

I have done Intermittent fasting and 5 meals per day and now what?

Okay now that that is out of the way, I am going to talk about my progress. In the past year I have done a lot of experimentation, from intermittent fasting to eating 5 or more meals per day, each with their different effects, pros and cons. I have written about my experiences before so I will not repeat things that I have already written about.

What I will share with you is that I have not been intermittent fasting or eating many times per day for the past couple months. So what have I been doing? I have been trying to maintain and build muscle whilst having a type of meal plan that anyone can keep up with which does not require much effort. I still using the same rules I use even when I am fasting or eating many times per day only I only eat the recommended 3 meals per day of regular civilians.

Just to remind you of the rule, I eat more food meaning bigger portions during workout days, and on rest days I eat less because I do not need as much food especially carbs on rest days since I will not be as active meaning I will use and need less energy. I always eat breakfast most of the time I have eggs for breakfast, sometimes but not often I will have cereal or maize porridge. I also eat plenty of fruit throughout the day, I do not count fruit as a meal but just a snack usually apples and bananas but sometimes I have an orange as well and occasionally some peaches, mulberry and plums. I often have two meals on non workout days as I find I am not hungry and have no desire to eat, I also find it easier now to say no when someone offers me food when I have already eaten, or junk food.

updated arm chest shoulder pic
Front pic taken back in the beginning of december 2012 

My Goal Physique

I always said I wanted to get to 90kg’s and then cut to 85kg but that is not necessary, I judge my goal physique by the way I look rather than the weight on the scale so I might be happier being under 80kg’s if I look awesome and ripped at that weight. Take Ryan Terry for example he is a top fitness model and he is on the cover of a magazine like muscle and fitness and he is only about 80kg, he has an aesthetic muscular body at a low bodyweight and looks much bigger than he is. If I could have a Ryan Terry physique at around 80kg I would be happy with that.

update of front shoulders and chest
B/W pic of upper body with untidy  hair you may have noticed that I have  a mini Afro going on now, wanted to see how long I can go without a hair cut.

My Workout

I am still using my one body part per day workout program and I adjust it on weeks where I do not have enough time to a 4 or 3 day split so that I get all my body parts in on the action. I also still like incorporating bodyweight exercises in my workouts as I feel like they add something to the workout or at the very least could serve as great warm up sets. Rest is just as important as the workout itself, the other 23 hours of your day are just as if not more important than the hour you spent in the gym ( read something to that effect on twitter just the other day).

The Most Buff, Ripped, Jacked Rugby Players in the World

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Rugby players are some of the toughest athletes in the world, because rugby is a tough rough and violent sport requiring great speed and/or power. These guys have to engage in functional training so that they pack on muscle so they are not tossed around but still are able to be athletic since rugby is a sport after all. The end result of all this functional training is a jacked up physic with low body fat for those who manage to train the right way. In this post I will give you some people who have got their training right and have got the jacked up physiques most men will only dream of having and most ladies want in their men.

Sonny Bill Williams – 1.91m and 108kg
sonny bill williams muscles shirtless newzealand
Sonny Bill Williams aesthetic muscle

Sonny Bill is one of the most famous rugby players in the world, he play for the All Blacks. He is a New Zealand Rugby League and Rugby Union player who is also a heavyweight boxer with 5 fights which are all wins 3 being by KO.

Pierre Spies – 1.94 and 107kg
pierre spies muscles topless blue bulls sprinboks
Pierre Spies Huge Rugby Muscle

Pierre is a South African Rugby player with one of the most impressive physique with both size and cuts, he also moves pretty well for a man of his size. He plays for the Blue Bulls in Super Rugby and domestic leagues.

Sebastien Chabal – 1.91m and 114kg
sebastien chabal french rugby player shirtless muscles
Sebastien Chabal French Rugby beast Muscle

Sebastien is a beast of a man with a beard known as the caveman. He is a Frenchman who plays for the French rugby national team and Racing Metro 92 Paris the French domestic rugby league.

Thom Evans – 1.83m and 91kg
Thom evans scottish rugby player kelly brook boyfrriend shirtless muscles
Kelly Brooks Boyfriend Rugby muscle

Thom is a Zimbabwean born retired (due to serious neck injury) Scottish Rugby player turned model. He used to play wing for Glasgow Warriors.

Luke O’Donnell – 1.85m and 103kg
luke o'donnell muscles shirtless rugby aussie
Australian Luke O'Donnell Rugby muscle

Luke is an Australian professional Rugby League player who plays for the North Queensland Cowboys of the National Rugby League.

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End of the World or another Chance for New Year’s Resolutions

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Apparently according to the Mayans or the people who study them, the world is going to end this year on the 21st, I am not one to believe in that sort of thing. One could do crazy things like blowing all their life savings( not that I have any) just because someone said the world is ending just to wake up the next morning only to find the world intact and realizing just how silly they were to believe such things. Remember year 2000, wasn't the world supposed to end then as well? I can’t actually believe people spend their lives trying to research this end of the world stuff and make documentaries just to scare us (and actually get paid to do this).

21st end of the world new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Now back to reality, it’s almost the end of the year and New Years Day is almost upon us, now usually many people reflect on the year that was and make New Year’s resolutions and most people have lose weight and get fit in their list but soon after the first couple weeks of Jan after over populating the gym’s for those few weeks these resolutions people start dropping of the face of the gym one by one until gym-land is normal again.

Why New Year’s Resolutions are a Waste of time

I do not really know why people do not stick to their new year’s resolutions or why they make them every year even though they know they will not take those resolutions seriously. It may be that momentarily they reflect on the year that has passed and realise that they are still fat or out of shape and they have done nothing to change it, then they make a promise to themselves to change their behaviour and to eat better and work out only to forget that promise one they are not in reflection mode or once they figure out that getting in shape is not going to be as easy as they thought it was going to be.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that the day they are made has no real significance to people so they do not take the promises they make to themselves seriously. Also there is no one to hold them accountable for themselves if they do not do what they promise to do. It is pretty difficult to hold yourself accountable, it takes a lot of self discipline which many people simply do not have, they also do not have enough motivation or dedication to the cause which makes it easy to always take the easy way out which is to eat rubbish and lead sedentary lives.

It is much better to make resolutions on days with more importance to you like your birthday or the day a loved one died so that when you place importance on that day and you take the resolutions you take seriously. It is also much better if you publicly announce to someone you care about what you want to change and accomplish and you tell them to push and remind you, something like a bet on something of value to you if you do not follow through on the things you promised to do in order to achieve the day you made the resolution.

Also another form of motivation you could use is to have some sort of reward for yourself or someone else if they actually accomplish what they resolved to do.
new years resolutions gym members are coming
Brace Yourselves loyal gym members the new years resolutions gym members are coming  ( pic from  http://fuckyeahcrossfit.tumblr.com)

Do Not Make New Years Resolutions 

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, my goals are not usually determined by a year ending but by different time frames because all goals are not equal, some are short and require less time and effort than others. Also short goals ultimately fit into longer term goals. I believe everything we do is a building block until in the end you will have the final masterpiece. Please do not make resolutions you can’t keep, stop lying to yourselves. If you do make New Year’s resolutions make sure you put in all the effort, and surely you will achieve your goals, gaining muscle is not hard, losing weight is not hard millions or people have done it, millions more will do it, what is stopping you?

1 Year, 154 blogposts, 200 000 page views of fitness blogging

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I remember I started this blog last year around this time of year; it was the 4th of December 2011. It was unintentional; I had never thought about writing about fitness and my progress for that matter let alone share it online with the world. I wanted to comment on a friend’s blog and he only allowed comments from other bloggers so I decided to start a blog of my own. It was easy for me to choose what to write about, I was living it, reading it and trying to share it with my friends and family, and some would have described me as fitness obsessed. All I thought about was the gym and improving my physique.

1 year 200 000 page views 154 blog posts

The beginning of Zulu Muscle Express

I wanted to share my progress in the hopes that it would inspire someone out there to going the gym for the first time or rejoin if they went to gym before. I wanted this blog to serve as a sort of gym motivation. Not only did I want to share my progress I wanted to provide people with other gym motivation such as fitness models, young bodybuilders and up and coming fitness models, fit girls, fit ripped dudes in sport and their female counterparts as well as fit females in the fitness industry for the ladies to be inspired and to provide some eye candy for the guys.

In the first month I had managed to write 12 blog posts and because the blog was new and I was not promoting it at the time I only managed to get about 205 page views, that was a small number but I was excited that people actually came to my sight and read what I wrote.

Blogging similarity to getting fit

From that first month when I received 205 page views I knew that if I wanted to grow the blog, I had to do a lot of work. So I began reading a lot about how to promote a blog online, I tried various methods and I am still doing some of the stuff I learnt during those early days. I realised that the more I wrote the more my traffic increased which means more and more people got inspired, or learnt something new or just read my story.

In fitness it’s just like in blogging  consistency is key, the only way to grow and get more muscle is to train hard week after week, to eat well and to eat enough week after week and to rest enough so you can recover and prevent injury week after week. In blogging you have to always learn new things, tweak old things and but mostly it’s about being consistent, getting one link won’t help you much you need many links, and social media shares to grow so you produce content that will get shared by people whether via links or social media links. Sometimes you work on getting your content out there so that people can easily find it but it takes long for you to see where all your hard work went just like you may work hard in the gym before you get results, before you get big.

The future

I passed the 200 000 page views mark a couple days ago and I was over the moon, I would have never even imagined that I would get so many page views especially  after that first month when I only got 205 page views for a whole month . For me it’s just like when I was skinny I would have never imagined myself gaining so much mass in such a short space of time. I would have been happy with 20 000 page views but I have gotten more page views than initially expected. I would like to grow this blog some more this next year and see what happens in the coming months, 2012 has been a great year and I wish everyone enjoys the festive season and makes in into 2013 more goal oriented so that we all achieve what we want in life.

Staying in Shape This Festive Season

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It’s that time of the year again, the festive season. It is hard to stay in shape during the festive season because it brings with it celebratory feasts with loads of food, which is usually the kind of food you avoid throughout the year. If you had a festive season diet the whole year you would be obese, but it’s the time to be happy and with family and friends so a little food can’t hurt? Or can it?

staying fit this festive season
Festive season has arrived with all its gifts and food. How are you planning to stay fit this festive season?

Avoiding Getting Fat This Festive Season

During the festive season you don’t only eat a lot of food, but you eat a lot of junk food filled with empty calories which do nothing for you but make you fat. During the festive season people are together, relatives visit for afar and not much hard labour is done, time is spend catching up and reflecting on the year that has just past. The combination of the food and the relaxing sedentary period (the festive season) result in you getting fat, and going a couple steps backwards in terms of the progress you have made throughout the year.

Your Options to Stay Fit and Lean this Festive Season

It is difficult to stay lean during the festive season but it does not have to be, you have many fitness options and I will mention just a few so that you can maintain a killer body.

  • Do not stop your workout Program just because it’s the festive season, fitness is a lifestyle you don’t switch it on and off like a television, it’s always on. Besides working out need not be too time consuming, you will have enough time to hang with your loved ones (who spends their whole day with the same people without needing some alone time anyways).

  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol and if you can’t help it, do not binge drink, you are drinking to have a good time not to pass out and forget the events of your day.

  • Try to have the healthiest food options available at the festive feasts, also make sure that you eat small portions of food. Since you work out, you could eat small portions and have whatever else you want at a later stage maybe 2 hours apart so your body gets to use that food as energy and is less likely to be stored as fat and wasted. You don’t have to eat all the festive treats at once. If you are afraid they will get finished, save some for yourself in a lunch tin or something. Also eat slowly so your brain will register when you are full instead of eating till you are uncomfortable sitting in a chair and have to lie down.

  • Drink a lot of water; preferably ice water (apparently burns more calories) about an hour before your main meals to lose weight.

Top Fitness Models In South Africa

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I always talk about the top fitness models in the world, and they are usually based in America and I have recently done a blog post on the top fitness models in the UK. Today I will be sharing with you some of the top fitness models in South Africa. They are in top shape and are up there with the rest of the world in terms of level of shreddedness. Bodybuilding and the fitness industry is not very popular in South Africa but it is on the rise and the number of fitness and bodybuilding competitions, sponsors and fitness magazines are increasing year in South Africa. There is a strong gym community in South Africa and I am sure with a bit more exposure the fitness industry will grow and become popular like it is in the UK and maybe like America some day. I have gone on a bit of a tangent there, so to get back to the topic here are some of South Africa's    top fitness models.

Top 3 Fitness Models In South Africa:

Jaco de Bruyn

Jaco de bruyn South African fitness model

Jaco de bruyn south african fitness model
Jaco de Bruyn At a FITness/Physique competition

Jaco de Bruyn is a model turned bodybuilder/fitness model. He is Mr. Physique 2012 at the Mr Body Beautiful fitness contest.

Jacques Fagan

Jacques Fagan S.A fitness model

Jacques Fagan South african usn sponsored fitness model
USN Sponsored fitness model Jacques Fagan
Jacques is the Mr SA 2012 best body and sportsman of the year.

Peter Gaiser

Peter Gaiser South African fitness model

Peter Gaiser South African Fitness model
Peter Gaiser looking shredded in his backyard

Peter is the South African Fitness model champion and a model universe competitor.

Peter is in this video as well as two other South African fitness models who went over to compete in america  in 2012.