End of the World or another Chance for New Year’s Resolutions

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Apparently according to the Mayans or the people who study them, the world is going to end this year on the 21st, I am not one to believe in that sort of thing. One could do crazy things like blowing all their life savings( not that I have any) just because someone said the world is ending just to wake up the next morning only to find the world intact and realizing just how silly they were to believe such things. Remember year 2000, wasn't the world supposed to end then as well? I can’t actually believe people spend their lives trying to research this end of the world stuff and make documentaries just to scare us (and actually get paid to do this).

21st end of the world new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Now back to reality, it’s almost the end of the year and New Years Day is almost upon us, now usually many people reflect on the year that was and make New Year’s resolutions and most people have lose weight and get fit in their list but soon after the first couple weeks of Jan after over populating the gym’s for those few weeks these resolutions people start dropping of the face of the gym one by one until gym-land is normal again.

Why New Year’s Resolutions are a Waste of time

I do not really know why people do not stick to their new year’s resolutions or why they make them every year even though they know they will not take those resolutions seriously. It may be that momentarily they reflect on the year that has passed and realise that they are still fat or out of shape and they have done nothing to change it, then they make a promise to themselves to change their behaviour and to eat better and work out only to forget that promise one they are not in reflection mode or once they figure out that getting in shape is not going to be as easy as they thought it was going to be.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that the day they are made has no real significance to people so they do not take the promises they make to themselves seriously. Also there is no one to hold them accountable for themselves if they do not do what they promise to do. It is pretty difficult to hold yourself accountable, it takes a lot of self discipline which many people simply do not have, they also do not have enough motivation or dedication to the cause which makes it easy to always take the easy way out which is to eat rubbish and lead sedentary lives.

It is much better to make resolutions on days with more importance to you like your birthday or the day a loved one died so that when you place importance on that day and you take the resolutions you take seriously. It is also much better if you publicly announce to someone you care about what you want to change and accomplish and you tell them to push and remind you, something like a bet on something of value to you if you do not follow through on the things you promised to do in order to achieve the day you made the resolution.

Also another form of motivation you could use is to have some sort of reward for yourself or someone else if they actually accomplish what they resolved to do.
new years resolutions gym members are coming
Brace Yourselves loyal gym members the new years resolutions gym members are coming  ( pic from  http://fuckyeahcrossfit.tumblr.com)

Do Not Make New Years Resolutions 

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, my goals are not usually determined by a year ending but by different time frames because all goals are not equal, some are short and require less time and effort than others. Also short goals ultimately fit into longer term goals. I believe everything we do is a building block until in the end you will have the final masterpiece. Please do not make resolutions you can’t keep, stop lying to yourselves. If you do make New Year’s resolutions make sure you put in all the effort, and surely you will achieve your goals, gaining muscle is not hard, losing weight is not hard millions or people have done it, millions more will do it, what is stopping you?

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