Staying in Shape This Festive Season

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It’s that time of the year again, the festive season. It is hard to stay in shape during the festive season because it brings with it celebratory feasts with loads of food, which is usually the kind of food you avoid throughout the year. If you had a festive season diet the whole year you would be obese, but it’s the time to be happy and with family and friends so a little food can’t hurt? Or can it?

staying fit this festive season
Festive season has arrived with all its gifts and food. How are you planning to stay fit this festive season?

Avoiding Getting Fat This Festive Season

During the festive season you don’t only eat a lot of food, but you eat a lot of junk food filled with empty calories which do nothing for you but make you fat. During the festive season people are together, relatives visit for afar and not much hard labour is done, time is spend catching up and reflecting on the year that has just past. The combination of the food and the relaxing sedentary period (the festive season) result in you getting fat, and going a couple steps backwards in terms of the progress you have made throughout the year.

Your Options to Stay Fit and Lean this Festive Season

It is difficult to stay lean during the festive season but it does not have to be, you have many fitness options and I will mention just a few so that you can maintain a killer body.

  • Do not stop your workout Program just because it’s the festive season, fitness is a lifestyle you don’t switch it on and off like a television, it’s always on. Besides working out need not be too time consuming, you will have enough time to hang with your loved ones (who spends their whole day with the same people without needing some alone time anyways).

  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol and if you can’t help it, do not binge drink, you are drinking to have a good time not to pass out and forget the events of your day.

  • Try to have the healthiest food options available at the festive feasts, also make sure that you eat small portions of food. Since you work out, you could eat small portions and have whatever else you want at a later stage maybe 2 hours apart so your body gets to use that food as energy and is less likely to be stored as fat and wasted. You don’t have to eat all the festive treats at once. If you are afraid they will get finished, save some for yourself in a lunch tin or something. Also eat slowly so your brain will register when you are full instead of eating till you are uncomfortable sitting in a chair and have to lie down.

  • Drink a lot of water; preferably ice water (apparently burns more calories) about an hour before your main meals to lose weight.

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