Leg Workout - I hate leg day but I wanna get bigger

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Hey guys this is a leg day video I recorded yesterday, it shows the typical exercises we will be doing over the next few weeks. Usually we do 4 exercises in 3-4 sets but I like to change at least one exercise on a weekly basis. I feel like as long as we are targeting the muscles we want to work out it doesn't matter if we're doing different exercises. To give you an idea of what I am talking about I will explain to you what we have done for leg day in the past 3 weeks, so we always do squats for 3 sets and increase the weight in each set, we always do the leg press for 3 or 4 sets of 10 and we always do the seated calf raises for 3 - 4 sets of 10-20 reps. What we change is the 4th exercise every week, week 1 it was barbell lunges, week 2 it was Romanian dead-lifts and this week it was the leg extensions and lying leg curls. Next week we may do lunges again.

Here is the leg day workout video:


I have been noticing that since I have been back at the gym, my recovery period has been decreasing by this I mean during week 1 I felt the pain/effects of leg day for the whole week, week two things got better and week three although I can still feel that I trained legs yesterday I feel a lot better than the other weeks. We've squatted up to 110 kg (243 lbs) and leg pressed up to 180 kg (397 lbs) in plates not counting the weight of the machine for 10 reps so its not like we are lifting light weights. The plan is to first build up our strength and get used to the weights which is happening, then the next step will be to increase the frequency of training each body-part to twice weekly whilst still lifting relatively challenging weights.

Before Pics

I also want to share before pics of the guys I am training with so you can see how their bodies change/develop over the next few weeks. I will be recording other workouts with them and be taking progress pics along the way. 

Sizwe - 15 years old - 134 lbs (61 kg), 5'9"

sizwe skinny before pic

Siya - 16 years old - 154 lbs (70 kg), 5'11"-6'0"

Siya skinny before pic

Me - currently 174 lbs (79 kg), 5'11"

me at beginning of my bulk

I couldn't take Banele's before pic because his mother fetched him before we finished our workout, you would be surprised how often one of these guys parents request them before we even start a gym session. My mom did not understand my obsession with gym either but she realized that its important to me.

Building a big wide back - starting early (back workout with 15 year old cousin & friends)

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I have been working out 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks (actually this is the third week)  training each body part once per week on its own day. I will be doing this for the whole of December. A few days back my cousin and his two best friends and I, trained back and I managed to record some of the sets, so I will be sharing that workout in this post so that at the end when we have gained some mass you will know exactly how we did it (its not magic). Since I have stopped fasting last week and started my bulk, I have gained 2 kg already (4.4 lbs) in just a week placing me at 79 kg (oh my height is 5'11"). My cousin Sizwe (5'9", 61 kg) has lost 1 kg in the last week and Banele (5'9", 71.5 kg) has gained 1.5 kg so far, this week someone new joined us his name is Siya and he has a starting weight of 70 kg at 5'11-6'0" tall.

In this session we were targeting the upper back, we target other back muscles like traps on shoulder day with shrugs and lower back on leg day with Romanian dead-lifts. We did 5 exercises each for 4 sets of 10-12, and we increased weight each set, if the weight gets too heavy I try to reach 8 reps or I just decrease weight and do more reps. We did wide grip lat pull downs (they remind me of wide grip pull ups) for upper lats, narrow grip lat pull downs (they remind me of chin ups) which involves more biceps and lower lats, then we did bent over barbell rows, cable rows and one arm dumbbell rows.

The teens have been gaining strength every week so far, and have managed to improve their lifts each week, I tell them that if they can do 10 reps without feeling it then they need to increase the weight a little until they find a weight that challenges them. I am not about lifting unnecessarily super heavy weights but lifting too light is even worse.

In the video above you will notice we are slightly leaning backwards for the cable rows that's because there was an older gym guy and he was insisting we lean back when doing them, I did not want to disrespect the man as he was trying to help but I was watching a muscle and fitness video just before that session about how to do a seated cable row properly and it said one should try to be up right when in pulling position (start position) in the row exercise. I find it very hard to argue with my elders so you can imagine what it was like training and having the older gentleman watch to see if we were following his tips...hehe. I will post an arm workout video in a few days so be sure to add me on google plus, subscribe on youtube or like the new zulumuscle FB Page.

Fasting, Weightloss and New Training Plan (update)

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Its been a while since I posted an update on here, just a little over 2 months so I decided to give you guys an update and also share my plans for the next couple of months. Its also been a while since I last posted, I only wrote one blog post last month that is because I was busy with exams and helping friends of mine prepare for their exams (man am I glad November is over).

First I will talk about my intermittent fasting journey as well as the kind of training I was doing in the past 16 weeks. Then I will talk about my plans for the next two months (because I am changing my training a little).

Intermittent fasting and bodyweight training

intermittent fasting weight loss results
weight seems to have come off from the waist down

About four months ago I decided it was time to try intermittent fasting again, but this time I fasted using the eat stop eat method whereby I fast for one or two days (24 hour periods) a week. I had fasted before in 2012 using the leans gains method which is a 16 hour daily fast with an 8 hour eating window. I also decided that I was going to do mostly bodyweight exercises to maintain my body and improve my fitness levels instead of a full gym weighted program. I say mostly bodyweight exercises because I did use 22 lbs (10 kg) dumbbells to train my biceps and my shoulders. I trained the rest of my body using only bodyweight exercises. I trained 3 - 4 times a week for that 16 week period. 

intermittent fasting weightloss results

When I first started this 16 week intermittent fasting journey I weighed around 82 kg (180 lbs), during the first 8 weeks I only lost about 2 kg's (4.4 lbs) and just yesterday I weighed in at 77 kg (170 lbs) which means I lost 3kg (6.6lbs) in the last 2 months. In total I have lost about 5 kg (11 lbs) in the past 16 weeks(4 months). I started noticing in the past 8 weeks that my pants(32 inch waist pants) were starting to fall off if I wore them without a belt. I was not seeing much change in my upper body, this weight loss seems to have mostly come off my lower body (as you will see in the pics in this post my upper body does not show much change from my 8 weeks intermittent fasting progress pics).

intermittent fasting and bodyweight training

Workout plan for the next 2 months

The last time I was 77 kg (170 lbs) was 2 years ago in 2011, I don't like being in the 70's. I have been fasting for a while, i'm bored and its time to change things up again so the first thing I am going to do is to go back to a full gym weighted program ( I will still practice my clap, double clap and superman push ups during rest days because I still want to be able to do impressive body weight exercises). I will be training with my cousin for the next two months and I plan to record some of our gym sessions (we joined this small gym, it doesn't have everything but it has all the machines and free weights one needs to build an impressive physique and its affordable and close by). Also I am not going to fast any more at least not voluntarily, I am going to begin a slow bulk (increase calories by 300 - 500 daily above maintenance) from now till I am atleast 85- 91kg (187 - 200lbs). I will be training 5 days a week, and take weekends off. I think I will start off by training each body part on its own day then in the second month I will start mixing body-parts and training each twice a week. We will see and I will keep you updated on the training program i'm using and results I get.

McDonalds (fast food) doesn’t make you fat

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I have been watching a few videos and reading articles on dirty bulking and bulking in general and I have also been reading articles on clean eating and weight loss and weight gain in general. What I found was that a lot of people were quick to bash fast foods and blame them for obesity and poor health; some idiots even go as far as suing fast food chains like McDonalds blaming them for making them fat (which I think is just ridiculous, it’s like suing an alcohol company for being an alcoholic). I can’t believe courts would even allow such ridiculous cases.

eating too much makes you fat
good old burger and chips (fries)

Why fast food is not responsible for making you fat

Firstly I feel like, while fast food may not be the healthiest food around and while it may also contain a lot of calories it is not responsible for making you fat. You are responsible for making yourself fat; it’s a lack of self control that makes people fat. If you continuously make bad eating decisions everyday for 3 or more meals per day what do you expect the result to be? Fast food chains do not force you to eat their food; you willingly buy the food and eat it yourself, there is no gun pointing to your head threatening to kill you if you do not eat those burgers and chips (fries in America).

People are getting fat not because of fast food but because they eat too much (way more than they need) and to top it off they do not work out to burn off the calories they consume. If you ate “healthy” food as much as you ate “junk” food that food would still make you fat. The truth of the matter is it’s the amount of calories you consume that make you fat not the type of food, it just so happens that most fast foods have a lot of calories but you could still eat fast food at maintenance calories or under and not gain weight. Back in 2011 I was eating fast-food almost daily and I was in the best shape of my life because I was active and out of my 5 meals per day, the fast food meal would make up just one meal in my day not all of them.

Also note that the reason most people get fat is that they eat junk food throughout the day, so not only would they eat a big mac meal with large chips (fries) and a large coke they would eat other “junk food” throughout the day such as whole pizza’s, ice cream and chocolate cake (or whatever cake they like) and a bunch of other stuff so the calories add up.  So you see it’s a lack of self control that makes one fat, if one had the self control to limit the amount of calorie dense foods they consumed then one would not become overweight. Mix this lack of self control and lack of exercise and we have an obesity problem.

Eating your favourite food but not getting fat

Food is an energy source for the body, you should only eat when you are hungry and not for any other reasons because then you are asking for problems. Its fine to eat for enjoyment of food, so if you want to eat food you enjoy you can but you have to include it in your daily meal plans and not have it on top of your regular diet because then you are adding access calories, also be careful not to eat too much, portions are important. You should not be eating to the point where your stomach is a balloon and it starts to hurt.

Here is an interesting rant I came across on Tumblr which I fully agree with about the concept of "clean eating" http://thehealthjourney.tumblr.com/post/55542048625/clean-eating-it-seems-to-be-the-mantra-of. Also read my post on fat acceptance if you want to hear my views on that movement. 

The Gym – where you get out what you put in

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I was watching an awesome bodybuilding motivation video with epic clips and great inspirational speeches to go with the clips and the main focus of that video was to tell you why the gym lifestyle is the best life style, why going to the gym and drinking protein shakes was better than clubbing and drinking beer. What I got from watching that video was the gym life is awesome, it’s the best even if I am not an extremist (as I think going to the club every now and then is good for you and drinking the occasional beer won’t hurt much if you don’t make it a regular thing) but most importantly what I got out of watching that video was that you get out what you put in at the gym, unlike other things in life where things are unfair and people lie to you, the iron never lies to you, 200lbs will always be 200lbs.

daily dose of motivation
I'm giving you your daily dose of motivation

So if you want to grow and get stronger it’s up to you to increase those numbers, nobody is going to lie to you and tell you that you are working hard enough, you will know if you are working hard enough, if you are pushing yourself hard enough. If your numbers are not going up and you are still lifting light weights after lifting for a while that’s on you, you are the one lying to yourself saying you are putting in your all, that iron never lies if you are lifting 132lbs (60kg) it will not magically become 220lbs (100kg), you have to make an effort each week to increase that number from 132lbs to 220lbs and beyond. You’ve got to have a plan, be consistent and never stop pushing yourself. Keep going forward, as long as you are going forward you are making progress, it may take you a while to get to that 220lbs lift, but you will get there even it means increasing that weight by only 5lbs per week. That little progress adds ups.

Check out this Epic Gym Motivation Video:

The effort you put into gym is directly proportional to the results you get, don't stop, don't give up but most of all don't lie to yourself...you should really give it your all don't curl 22lbs (10kg) dumbbells and say you gave it your all when you could have curled double that if you tried. Do not compare yourself with others, some may get results faster than you but that doesn't matter because you are on your own journey and if you put in the effort and you are consistent you will get results. At first what you don't see in muscle gain, you will see in strength gain, you will know if you are moving forward, you will know if you are improving. Be patient, your masterpiece will be completed. 

Why I don't like doing cardio

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Hey guys I have not been posting here on the blog as often as I want because I have been really busy this past month. I decided to make this short video of me talking about why I don't like doing cardio, I go as far as saying I hate cardio. This does not mean cardio is bad, on the contrary there are a lot of benefits to different kinds of cardio, I have written about those benefits here on this blog before. All I am saying is that there are different ways to achieve great results, I just happen to not like using cardio to get shredded, I prefer to manipulate my caloric intake and use intermittent fasting to get results. Plus my body-type (endo-meso) gives me a sort of advantage, in that unlike an endomorph I require little effort to lose weight but I also find it more difficult to get bigger.

watch this video to hear what excuses I come up with for avoiding cardio like a plague:

Fat Acceptance is BS!

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I was watching videos on YouTube when I stumbled upon a video by Jason Blaha of Ice Cream Fitness, he was ranting about fat acceptance and I agreed about most of what he was saying. After watching this video I decided to watch other videos about fat acceptance, videos by people who support fat acceptance and those opposed to it. I have to say I did not like what I saw, I had not realized that this fat acceptance thing had become an actual movement. Basically what I saw over and over again are these obese people who had convinced themselves that being fat is healthy, that nothing was wrong with them, that they were normal. Normal is a relative term, and at this rate one could say being overweight is a norm nowadays, but that does not make it right or healthy. Just because there are millions of fat people convincing each other that its okay to be fat, does not make it alright or healthy, its does not make being obese any less unhealthy.

My view on fat acceptance:

On one video I watched you had this woman who was obese and she was a fitness instructor of some sort for other fat people, she made them do basic movements calling them exercise which apparently improved some of  the fat peoples mobility but did not necessarily help them lose weight. What these people failed to understand is that doing easy simple exercises where you hardly break a sweat will not help you lose weight, they were forgetting about the most important part, their nutrition plan and the calories they consume (calorie deficit for weight loss). So long as they continue to eat the same crap food it does not matter how much low intensity basic exercise they do. That exercise group or whatever you call it was nothing more than a support group for fat people in my opinion since the instructor herself was obese and clearly had no idea what she was doing.
fat acceptance is not okay
fat acceptance is not okay, set a good example for your little one's

I am not promoting skinniness, that is a topic for another post I am promoting health and fitness, I am saying accepting being fat is a step in the wrong direction. Do we want future generations to be fat and unhealthy and have to deal with the diseases related to obesity. I am saying we should not accept being fat because being fat has an easy and a free solution unlike many other diseases (yep some view obesity as a disease) which are costly. People with children who accept being fat are raising their kids with the same attitude, their children will probably also be fat because they picked up bad eating habits at home. I am saying that not setting a good example for your kids is failing them.

don't have time for exercise, you'll soon find time for illness

I hope this post was helpful, have a good day!

Bodyweight Leg Exercise - Pistol Squats (one legged squats)

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When you train legs at the gym you train them heavy, heavier than any other body parts. What happens when you stop going to the gym for some reason? How does one train legs if they don't have weights and they also don't have a gym membership? Well there are many leg exercises to do at home but today I am going to cover one of the more difficult home leg exercises which is the pistol squat also known as the one legged squat. What makes the one legged squat so good at working legs and the reason its difficult is because unlike the normal bodyweight squat, when you do the single legged squat you support your whole body and lower and raise it using only one leg which helps to build your legs better and faster than if you were to do an equal amount of normal bodyweight squats.

pistol squat for big legs at home
behind me are a few 50kg sacks sand, I can think of many workouts especially leg workouts to do using those

Watch This Video I Made on Doing Pistol Squats

Usually people do the pistol squat by finding their balance on one leg and straightening the other leg in the air and then proceeding to squat in that position. There is nothing wrong with this method of doing the pistol squat but I like to focus on the squatting movement itself and the leg I am using to squat rather focusing on stretching the other leg and what position it is in (that just makes my life a little more difficult). So when I do the pistol squat I do it on a  raised platform which helps me with my balance and also because I am not flexible I do not have to worry about straightening my other leg while I squat if I position myself correctly on the edge of a staircase or a raised platform.

I like doing pistol squats in sets of 5 reps per leg, since its half the reps I usually do I do double the sets, so instead of 3 sets of pistol squats I would do 6 sets of 5 reps then I would move on to the next leg exercise. I will make other videos/posts on other home leg workouts in the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to this blog or follow me on any social networks that I use, you can do that below.

3 Mass Gaining Tips for Skinny Guys

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I used to be a skinny guy not so long ago and I managed to gain some mass. I receive emails on this blog and asks on Tumblr asking me how I got bigger or how to get big or which workout to do to get big. I am going to answer part of that question in this post. I see mass gain as a really simple process, its not easy but its a simple process and I share 3 easy to follow tips with you guys so that you can finally gain some muscles.

Here is a video I made sharing 3 tips to getting bigger:

Using the 3 tips I share in this video you will get bigger and build a better body. The kind of workout you do does not really matter at the end of the day, as long as it incorporates compound exercises and works out the whole body. You could even do only bodyweight exercises and still be able to build mass, it will take longer and you will have to do enough challenging exercises in enough sets and reps consistently to get results. We are all different so what works for me may not work for you so its always great to try different workouts and workout splits to see what works best for you, maybe your body responds better to more frequent training. We all have different genetics so some guys may be able to gain more muscle in a short period of time whereas it might take others longer to get the same results the key thing is to be patient, keep pushing and to never give up.

Here are some other posts that might help you on your bulking journey:

Understanding your metabolism and body type - this post explains the different bodytypes and how to train if you are an ectomorph (skinny hard gainer), mesomorph or an endormorph. It also explain bmr and maintenance calories and what to do to lose or gain weight using your maintenance calories as your reference piont (eat above maintenance calories to gain mass and below maintenance calories to lose weight).

How much to eat at breakfast to get bigger - this post gives you an idea of how to count calories and how to see if you are eating enough to get bigger.

8 Weeks Results Intermittent Fasting (eat stop eat results)

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I have been fasting for the past 8 weeks now using the eat stop eat method for intermittent fasting which is a 24 hour fast done once or twice daily along with resistance training 3 or more times a week. Click here to read more about eat stop eat. I have only been fasting 1 day per week for most of the 8 weeks, my results will differ from someone else's results especially someone who fasts for 2 days a week or consumes less calories on non fasting days. My results will also differ from someone who does consistent cardio, I stopped jogging a few weeks back, I think its like a month since I last jogged (I ran a few km's then when I got back from my run I started coughing and feeling as if I was getting the flu, it was the end of winter here and people always get flu like symptoms when there is a change of season for some reason, so I decided I would not run for that week and I never got back into it hehe).

8 weeks results intermittent fasting

I lost some weight at the beginning but not a lot since I was pretty lean to begin with so I have been noticing little differences in abs visibility which signaled to me that my bf was decreasing but I was not losing a lot of weight even though I was at about a 3000 calories deficit each week. The less fat you have to lose the harder it is to lose more fat its like your body is holding onto it. I have also noticed that as my bf has been decreasing I have been looking more muscular, even though I weigh less I look bigger. You will find that many fitness model who look big really aren't that big, they appear bigger and more muscular because of lower body fat percentages.

8 weeks fasting results eat stop eat

I have been feeling and looking bloated lately but that's because in the past few days I have been eating a lot of sweet potatoes, they always seem to me me bloated. In the video and pictures I am posting here you will see how I am looking now but I usually have better looking abs and cuts when I am not bloated.

intermittent fasting for 8 weeks

intermittent fasting progress

getting ripped using intermittent fasting

The last time I wrote a progress post I said I was going to stop doing weighted oblique workouts so I did, the only abs exercises I have been doing every other day are sit ups and leg raises. If you have been following my recent blog post then you would also know that I am now doing mostly bodyweight exercises, there is a lot of core work i bodyweight exercises that why you usually find guys who do calisthenics with awesome abs, all those bar exercises are good for your mid section.

Advanced Push Up Workout for Home Training

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So last week on the post about how to do more push ups I shared my new goal with you guys. Its not really a new goal but now am focusing on it. I want to be super fit and want to be able to do elite level workouts and exercises. The exercise that is my target for now is the superman push up, its the ultimate push up in my opinion. To get there I know I will need lots and lots of practice which is why I have dropped my previous workout which was basically a slightly altered Arnold Schwarzenegger workout split. My new workout plan is basically mostly bodyweight exercises that I will be doing and a little bit of weights for body parts I feel need the most work or body parts I feel I can't target that well with the bodyweight exercises that I can do.

explosive push up workout
A bit more practice then off to the next level and the legs will also stop touching the ground
My plan to get to the elite level which is the superman push up level is practice, practice, and more practice...but what exactly will I be practicing? Well its no use practicing normal push ups if my goal is to do superman push ups, so I will start doing more challenging push ups and also more explosive push ups to build my explosive strength. I know if I tried doing superman push ups right now I would fall flat on my face and probably damage some teeth or something, so the plan of action is to progress through different levels of push ups.

I will start doing more clap push ups, then I will try and push my self as high as possible so that I increase the time between exploding up and touching the ground again, then I will try to do double clap push ups, whereby I clap twice before hitting the ground again, so I would explode up then clap once behind my back and once in front before hitting the ground in push up position again. After I get used to the double clap push then only will I attempt the superman push up.

I will not only be doing clap push ups I will be doing other variations of push ups as well as I have a physique to maintain and improve. I will be posting my bodyweight exercise workouts in the next few weeks starting with my advanced push ups workout that is going to be helping me towards my goal of doing superman push ups which I am posting below:

In the video above I am doing the side to side push up, the spartan push up, clap push ups as well as close grip push ups. I feel this is a nice upper body workout not just a chest workout and should you want to try it out try to do 3 or 4 sets and aim for at least 10 reps per set of each exercise.

Below are the videos that have inspired me and the level of fitness I want to reach.

How to Do More Push Ups for Beginners

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If you are just starting out with home training or bodyweight training, you may struggle to do normal push ups. Today I recorded a video sharing some tips to help you do more push ups and eventually move on to more advanced push ups. Push ups are a great upper body workout and require you to have enough strength to push most of your body weight up with control, that is not an easy thing to do so you should not be embarrassed if you can’t do many push ups to begin with.

How to do more push ups for beginners

3 simple tips to do more push ups

Do beginner push ups

If you cannot do a normal push up, it’s best if you start with the beginner push up which is the push up you do on your knees. It’s an easier variation because its decreases the weight you have to push up and down, making you lift mostly your upper body instead of your whole body. These beginner push ups will help you build some initial strength so that you can do a few normal push ups in a few weeks time (when you are able to do the normal push up will depend on how much you push yourself and how often you do push ups, the more you do them the easier they get).

Take your time

If you can do a few normal push ups even if it’s only 2 or 3, what you should do when you have time is do the push ups in sets of 2 or 3 or as many as you can do in a set, then take as much time as you need to recover, as soon as you can do another set you must do it and repeat this for a while (it will all depend on how much time you have (aim to reach a certain target for example 30 to 50 total push ups during that session). As you get used to doing push ups, you will take shorter breaks or you might not rest at all and do 1 set, it will take you less time to do 50 reps so you will have to increase reps and play around with the number of sets in the coming weeks.

Do them throughout the day

The third tip I have for you is to do push ups throughout the day, do your first set in the morning before breakfast, then have another push up session in the middle of the day then again right before you sleep. As I said before the more times you do push ups the stronger you get and the easier they get. Soon you will be able to combine all 3 sets into one session of 3 sets or 1 big set.

I will be recording a video sharing tips on how  to do more pull ups in the next few days, if you are interested in that be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, add me to your circles on G+ or just subscribe to this blog via email, whatever you like. I will also be changing my workout program to be more calisthenics which is in line with my goal to be super fit I will write another post to share my goal and how I going to get there soon.

What to eat for breakfast when you are bulking?

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I got this question on my tumblr a few days ago so I thought I would answer it here as well. Bulking is a major concern of skinny guys wanting to get bigger or just any person who wants to increase their muscle size in general; eating is a very important part of the bulking process. While eating is very important what you eat is even more important. If you eat healthy food you will get better results from your bulk then if you were to eat junk food during your bulk. So before you start bulking you have to think about your goals, do you want to get bigger slower so that you pick up less fat? or do you want to bulk up faster but pick up more fat than the clean bulk and then cut down when you feel you have gained enough size?

Bulking is a calories game

eating like a king at breakfast for size/bulking
This is something a normal person would eat for breakfast, its great but not enough.

It’s all about the calories but before you can start thinking about eating a whole bunch of calories you have to calculate how many calories you are currently eating to maintain your current body then from there calculate how much you want to add to those calories in order to gain mass. As long as you are in a caloric surplus you will gain mass and the opposite is true. You cannot copy someone else and eat as much as them for example you cannot be eating like an Olympia competitor, those guys are huge and they are on juice so they require more calories to maintain their monstrous size, if you were to try and eat double the calories you eat now (say you were eating 2000 calories a day and are now increasing it to 4000), not only would you find it difficult to consume that many calories but you would also get really fat which is not the desired effect. To gain some size just work out consistently at least 3 times a week and then increase your calories by about 500 calories a day so that if you were eating 2000 calories or if your maintenance was 2000 calories then your bulking calories would be 2500 calories.

Don’t be shy, have a big breakfast

What you eat at breakfast does not matter that much if it gives you the macros you need to meet your caloric targets. Breakfast is 1 of 3 main meals so you are going to be consuming a lot of calories here to start off your day especially if you had a fasted workout just before breakfast. I know some people don’t like big meals at breakfast because they want to feel light or whatever, but eating big at breakfast is not a bad idea, just think about it, whatever you eat will be used up throughout the day especially if you an active person. Some good meals to start the day off with are a couple bowls of cereal because you need those carbs for instant energy for example oats make a good breakfast meal  ½ cup  of oats is 150 calories, check the label of other cereals and see how many calories you get per serving. You can have 4-6 eggs(depending on how many calories you need that day) to get your fats and protein in, some people like eating egg whites and not the whole egg but you are bulking and its breakfast you could use the extra calories. A large egg has about 72 calories. Now because you are bulking you will have the eggs and cereal. If you were to have 4 eggs that would be 432 calories from the eggs (this is for boiled eggs) and if you had 1 cup of oatmeal that would be 300 calories, if you add the 4 eggs and the cup of oats together you get about 732 calories from breakfast, could be more depending on how you prepared you eggs and what you put in your oats since lots of people don’t eat plain oats. Oh and add some slices of whole wheat bread and that breakfast is hitting a 1000 calories.

muesli raisins and oatmeal good healthy breakfast for bulking

How many bowls of cereal you have and the number of eggs you eat will depend on the number of meals you will be having, if you plan to have 5 meals a day that means you can divide the calories evenly between the meals or you can do what I do if I am bulking which is, I do not change the calories of my main meals breakfast, lunch and supper, I just add the bulking calories as snack meals between breakfast and lunch and lunch and supper (so if I were increasing my calories by 500 I would add two 250 calories snack meals to my normal eating plan).

You could also just increase the calories in your 3 main meals but that is harder I think, like if you are bulking with 3000 calories a day, dividing that up between 3 meals of 1000 calories.

Anyways those were just my thoughts on making bulking easier for you, don’t over think it. Breakfast is the meal that needs the least thinking. I gave you the number of calories in eggs and oats to give you some perspective of how much you should be eating to meet your caloric target per day because most people think they are eating a lot when in fact they are not especially if you are having your meals with water or a mug of coffee which fills up your tummy. My food choices are boring and easy to make if you have time you could get creative and even make yourself some protein pancakes if you are a pancake person.

How to Lose Stomach Fat and Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

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Everyone would like to have ripped abs, but most people don’t have ripped abs because you have to work for them. A six pack is not something that you just work hard to get then you have it forever, you have to maintain it by not over eating, continuing to eat healthy and continuing to exercise in order to maintain your body the way you like it. If you want to lose weight and get shredded you better be prepared to make this a lifestyle change not just something you do until you get a six pack, then you will abandon this lifestyle because if you do that you will lose that six pack and gain back all that fat you lost. Now l will get into how to burn belly fat.

black guy with abs, ripped abs

How to burn belly fat

You cannot spot reduce fat unless you are having the fat surgically removed so in order to burn stomach fat you have to reduce fat in your whole body. Now that sounds like a lot of work to do just to get a six pack, well it is but it’s worth it because of the health benefits and the positive self image that will come with the end result.

How does one go about losing fat throughout their whole body, well the best way to go about reducing fat is reducing the amount of calories one consumes. This can be done using many dieting methods which all basically have the same goal of putting you at a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. It does not matter what diet you do as long as it reduces your calorie intake it will work. What does matter though is whether that diet is viable for long term use; the key to a successful weight loss plan is being able to keep the weight off months or years after the initial weight loss. With this in mind choose a diet plan that you will adopt as your lifestyle from now onwards, whether it’s a low fat diet or low carb diet is up to you. An easier method to reduce calories would be just to reduce portions, stay away from fast foods  and to eat slower to allow enough time for your body to realize you have had enough (most people eat more than they need).

An alternative to dieting would be intermittent fasting; below I will discuss how both the dieting and fasting will help you burn fat.

young black guy with abs

How dieting will help you lose weight/fat

The first thing you need to do is calculate how many calories it takes to maintain your current bodyweight (read this post about metabolism and body type to find out more about that) then after you know how many calories per day you need to consume to maintain your body you need to reduce those calories by 500 per day in order to lose 1lb bodyweight/fat per week. This means that in order to lose 1lb per week you need to be at a 3500 calorie deficit during that week. You must be aware that the less body fat you have the less weight you will lose, it’s easier for overweight and obese people to lose weight than people who are in normal bmi range. Also note that most weight lost in the first week of dieting and exercising is usually just water weight that’s why people usually have big weight loss numbers in the first few weeks then things slow down from there.

Basically above I was just telling you how many calories you need to cut to lose 1b of weight per week but the truth is as long as you are in a caloric deficit you will lose weight so anything between 300-500 calories below maintenance per day should be fine if you are normal sized/not over weight to cut bodyweight/fat nice and slowly so that you do not lose any muscle mass (more about this later). Depending on the type of diet you are on you will now then eat the foods you are allowed to eat to reach your new calorie target for the day which would be your maintenance calories minus 300-500 calories.

How intermittent fasting helps you lose weight

Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight first of all by manipulating/strong-arming the body to use fat as energy, but the other way it helps you lose weight it that it decreases the amount of calories you consume. You see if you are fasting using the Eat Stop Eat method you will fast for 1 or 2 days during the week that means you will be at a caloric deficit of 2 days worth of eating. Let me explain that to you in numbers, if you are fasting using the eat stop eat method, if say your maintenance calories are 2500 calories per day and you fast for 1 day during a certain week, at the end of that week you will be at a caloric deficit on 2500 and your body would have used fat as energy during your fasted state. If you managed to fast for two days you will be at a caloric deficit of 5000 calories which is huge and is accomplished pretty easily with fasting (remember to lose one pound you have to be at a caloric deficit of 3500, so fasting help you reach caloric deficit with ease without even thinking much or food choices).

I have cut weight to get abs using decreasing calories and fasting before, I am currently fasting now, check out my results from only 3 weeks of eat stop eat.

intermittent fasting eat stop eat results
Results from 3 weeks of intermittent fasting

You should exercise to burn fat and build muscle

To have a great body you have to exercise whilst you are dieting or fasting ( eat stop eat recommends you workout using resistance training at least 3 times a week in order to maintain your muscle mass and to build muscle if you want to gain lean muscle). You have to work out your whole body whether you just want abs or not, think about it this way, what’s the use of having abs if you don’t have the chest, arms, delts, back and legs to go with it. Building muscle actually helps you lose more fat by increasing your metabolic rate; one of the reasons why guys tend to have higher metabolic rates than girls is because guys have more muscles. Check out these workouts to see if you like any of them so you can try them out or you can read this post about bodyweight exercises if you don’t have a gym membership.

Abs workout for ripped abs

The good thing about abs is that there are many abs exercises to choose from. The thing to remember when you are choosing workouts for abs is that our abs workout must include exercises that target all 3 abs regions so that you have well developed 6 pack abs, you don’t want just your upper abs showing so you choose exercises that also target lower abs as well as oblique’s. To make your abs thicker and more developed you can add weighted absexercises. Lifting heavy also works out abs. Doing dead-lifts gives me a good abs workout even though that exercise is meant to target your back and legs, at one point I was not even training abs and only lifting weight and I still had visible abs because the heavy lifts were indirectly training my abs and my body fat was low enough for the abs to be visible.

Here are examples of exercises that target the different abs regions:

- Sit-ups and crunches target mostly your upper abs

- Leg raises/knees raises target mainly your lower abs

- Twisting abs exercises like the oblique sit-up and oblique twists target your obliques

- V-Ups and Jack knife sit-ups target both your upper and lower abs.

- Planks target your whole abdominal region, but as soon as you do side planks it targets mostly your obliques on the side you are balancing on.

I am sure you get that idea now, just mix the types of abs exercise you do and work on your abs regularly. Working out abs 3-4 times a week should be enough to get them nicely developed. It’s up to you whether you target different abs regions on different days or you mix in various exercises which target all abdominal regions during one session.

Doing cardio to get ripped

cardio is good for your health and helps you burn fat

If your diet or fast is going great and you are working out and doing your abs exercises  that may be enough to give you the results that you want, this is most likely going to be the case if you are an ectomorph but if you are not getting the results as fast as you like using only diet and exercise than you should start doing cardio (it not a problem if you start doing cardio from the beginning, I for one am not a fan of cardio but I realise it has many benefits). It is up to you whether you choose to do steady state cardio such as jogging or cycling at the same speed, or if you like doing HIIT exercise like sprints. It all works you just choose what is more enjoyable for you so that it will be a regular thing for you.

running can be fun
Have fun getting fit
Gif from: http://runnermotivation.tumblr.com/

That is basically all you need to do to get ripped abs, if you are disciplined and are consistent with your training and watch what you eat, you will get good results.

Why You Should Get Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Training

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I love bodyweight exercises, if you do them right, consistently  and you progress from easy to difficult bodyweight training routines and you do enough reps and sets per workout you should be able to get a great body but if you can afford a set of dumbbells then I suggest you buy them to support your calisthenics workout routine.  A set of 10kg (22lbs) dumbbells should be enough to start off with (you could start off by buying a heavier set if you can afford it) and it should be able to help you build muscles easier.  Some muscles are harder to target with just bodyweight exercises an example of this is your biceps even though you can get your biceps to grow using bodyweight exercises, training biceps using dumbbell curls is the best way to train them and the easiest way to make them grow.

why you should buy adjustable dumbbells
20kg (44lbs) set of adjustable dumbbells

Reasons to get adjustable dumbbells:

- The first thing is that adjustable dumbbells are affordable, you can get a 40lbs dumbbell set for only $50 and there is always a set on special so you can get a set of 40lbs dumbbells for only $25 or even less on Amazon ( 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 60 lbs Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells! The #1 on market (40 LB))  if you look in the right place.

- The other cool thing about adjustable dumbbells is that they are great for progressive training in that you could start off lifting light then add plates to your bar to make the weight you are lifting heavier as your strength grows and you progress. This way, as you gain strength you add more plates so that you continue challenging yourself in order to keep gaining muscle. One way of increasing weight using a set of adjustable dumbbells is to take out plates from one dumbbell and add them to the other so that instead of say curling only 22lbs you could be curling 40lbs with one arm. The other option would be to buy the weight plates at a later stage so that you could lift a heavier weight simultaneously with both arms, that’s what’s so cool about adjustable dumbbells you don’t need to buy a new set if you get used to the weight, you just buy more plates. You don’t always have to add plates to get more from your dumbbells; the other way to get more out of your dumbbells is to do more reps.

- If you have a sister, girlfriend or wife who is also into fitness and weight lifting they can also use your dumbbells, many girls will find a 22lbs dumbbell too heavy for them so they can take of  a couple of plates on each side and until the dumbbell is a weight they can manage with good form.

- For the same price or even for less than you would get 2kg (4.4lbs) whey protein you will get a set of dumbbells that you will have forever. You only pay once for the dumbbells but you will probably have to pay monthly for the whey protein. If you are training at home, you get more out of buying a set of adjustable dumbbells than you get from buying whey protein or any other supplement for that matter.

Be smart; think about what gives you the best value for money. If you can afford to buy dumbbells for home training buy them, if you can’t afford them now but you can save a little money each month then save up and buy them...you will not regret it unless you stop using them. Even if you have a gym membership it doesn't hurt to have a set of dumbbells in your room for when you can’t make it to the gym, they make it easier to maintain your muscle or even build more muscle when you don’t have time to travel to the gym but you do have time for a workout.

Week 3 Eat Stop Eat Results (intermittent fasting)

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Hey guys I am going to share my eat stop eat journey so far. It’s been 3 weeks since I first said I was going to fast again, I had previously used the lean gains method but I thought I would try out the more difficult but effective 24 hour fast. Just remember that when you are using the eat stop eat method you fast for 1 or 2 days in a week and these are not consecutive days, you also have to work out at least 3 times a week so that you maintain your muscle mass whilst burning the fat in your body because when you are in a fasted state the body uses the fat as energy after the energy from carbs is used up during your fast.

3 weeks eat stop eat results
3 weeks fasting using eat stop eat method

Something to think about

To lose fat or weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit, other diets require you to count macros but not intermittent fasting because technically it’s not a diet. So instead of thinking about what to eat and what not to eat I know if I fast for 1 or 2 days a week I am covered as long as I eat as I usually eat on the other days when I am not fasting, I must not try to eat extra food just because I was fasting. So I usually consumed 2500 calories to 3000 calories per day before I started fasting, I have not decreased the calories I eat on non fasting days so in a week I am eating at least 2500 calories less than before I started fasting or 5000 calories less if I fasted for two days during that week.

Think about it this way, to lose one pound of weight in a week you have to decrease 500 calories per day so that at the end of the week you are at a deficit of 3500 calories which equals 1lbs of fat. With eat stop eat you achieve this quite easily especially if you fast 2 days per week.

3 weeks eat stop eat ripped abs from side
3 weeks eat stop eat, abs from the side

How I coped with the not eating

I have used intermittent fasting before last year when I was doing 16 hour fasts daily and I did struggle a little at the beginning last year but I got used to it, this time around I have been finding it relatively easy. The thing I have been struggling with is keeping myself busy so I do not think of food. The hunger does not get to me, I feel just fine it’s just that I have programmed eating regularly into my brain that I sometimes find myself going to the kitchen to make coffee or a sandwich/snack then I realize I can’t eat anything because I am fasting, it’s not like I am hungry then just used to the action of eating, missing the feeling of a full stomach, my stomach is not used to being empty. You can drink coffee when you are using eat stop eat fasting method, but it has to be black coffee with nothing else, no sugar, milk or cream. Coffee by itself almost has no calories I think its 1 cal or 2 cal, the things you add to sweeten it carry the calories. I don’t like black coffee with no sugar so whenever I find myself heading to the kitchen I drink a glass of water instead then I go and find something to keep me busy so I don’t think about food.

eat stop eat results in 3 weeks
Eat stop eat 3 week progress picture/selfie

Am I seeing results yet?

I often had a little belly because my stomach was always full of food or bloated, but as soon as I started fasting that problem is solved, my stomach is always flat again and my ab definition is coming back (they were starting to disappear). My sister was teasing me calling me fat, telling me I eat too much, and a few friends I had not seen in a couple of years saw me in town, they were like "wow bro you have gotten buff, now you gotta work on that stomach". My goal with the fasting is to see how defined my muscles can get, to see how lean I can get whilst keeping my muscle mass. I also want to make my lower abs visible, so the fasting will help me get rid of the most stubborn belly fat that sits just around and below the belly button.

Watch the video below to see how I am looking on week 3 of Eat Stop Eat

Eat stop eat has been updated this year so it has double the content

Click here to find out more about the updated Eat Stop Eat

Do You Need Supplements to Get Bigger

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So many people out there wonder if they need supplements in order to get bigger, mostly because all of the top fitness models and bodybuilders out there use supplements often many at a time to help them out. This brings into question if one can get a great body without using any supplements and what exactly is the role of supplements in muscle building?

Can you build a great body without supplements?

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Yes you can build a great body without supplements; I can personally tell you that most of the weight I have gained has been without the use of any supplements. I went from about 64kg to 77kg (thats 13kg [28lbs] of weight gain)without using any supplements and then I tried creatine monohydrate for a month and I only gained about 1kg whilst taking creatine that first time (who is to say I would not have gained that 1kg regardless). I recently only bought whey protein so I could increase my protein intake since I felt that some days I was not eating enough protein in my meals, but I could have easily just got some peanut butter and lots of chicken breast instead.  Supplements are not the main factor in weight gain, what is the most important when it comes to gaining muscle is that you lift challenging weights consistently, and the second part is that you eat a balanced diet with enough protein to build and repair muscle but also to maintain any muscle mass you have. A lot of the muscle gain has to do with whether you are in a caloric deficit or a caloric surplus, obviously if you want to gain muscle and general size which won’t be 100% muscle you have to eat more calories than your maintenance calories. I talk about the Bar Brothers a lot on this blog because they are great example of what’s possible without supplements and without a gym or weights, they prove that all you really need to build a great body is some form of consistent resistance training ,to eat enough and to eat well, it’s really that simple.
Do you need whey protein and creatine to build big muscles
Supplements I am currently using whey protein and creatine monohydrate

What do supplements do for you?

So I will start off by defining what a supplement is so we get a clear understanding that they are not a replacement of a good diet but are meant to support a good diet and workout program.

Supplement – is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.
Supplement – a substance taken to remedy the deficiencies in a person’s diet.

So by this definition you use supplements to cover up for anything you feel is lacking or to improve something for example there is creatine in food we eat (meat) but it’s not in high quantities so we supplement with creatine monohydrate or creatine ethyl ester in order to increase the amount of creatine in our body. I said above that I recently bought whey protein because I felt that on some days I was not eating enough protein, so you could say I am using the supplement whey protein to “remedy the deficiencies” in my diet.

The general use of supplements is to make more energy available, to make your gym sessions last longer, to make conditions in your body support muscle building and recovery, to make you stronger and to boost your natural muscle building hormones etc.

Should you get supplements?

If you have the money, I say why not? If you do not have the extra money I say don’t worry about it, you do not need supplements they only provide an advantage, they are a want not a need. What you need to get bigger is resistance training and proper nutrition which I have been stressing throughout this post. Some supplements are over hyped in my opinion and they are just a waste of money, an example I would say is creatine X4 vs creatine monohydrate powder, I personally tried both and feel like you are just wasting money buying the more expensive X4 when I feel both work just the same when one is advertised to be more effective (if there are any differences in performance I feel they are so small that they are unrecognisable). Also I feel that often supplements have a placebo effect in that even if some don’t really work you would not know because you would be convinced that since you are taking a certain supplement you should be stronger and end up feeling stronger regardless of whether it’s the supplements or your mind making you feel stronger.

Oh and one more thing I mentioned bar brothers earlier so here they are doing their thing

What is the best workout in the world?

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People like knowing what is the best [INSERT SOMETHING] in the world. We are a competitive species there has to be a winner and loser in whatever we do, we want results...no I mean we want the best results. So anyone getting into fitness will want to know what the best workout program is to gain muscle fast or to lose weight in the fastest time possible. There is just one thing though, that question is not easy to answer. A lot of fitness, weight loss and diet products out there claim to be the best because the word “best” lures people in. We think why should we just settle for good results why not get the best result?

What kind of workout is the best for gaining muscle or losing weight?

So I am going to go ahead and tell you that most workouts work, some may lie and claim to achieve certain results in unrealistic time just so you buy them. For example never buy anything that promises you 30lbs of lean muscle gain in a month or two, you will have to be a beginner and have the right genetics to be able to do that in a year or you would have to take illegal supplements as well as work your butt off in the gym to achieve such ridiculous results.

What is the best workout in the world?
SUN's OUT GUNS OUT|gymandmotivation

Also never buy something that promises you super fast weight loss, every week...sure obese people often lose big weight their first couple of weeks training and dieting but that is mostly water weight and things slow down as they slim down to normal size. So if you are not obese or overweight by BMI standards do not expect to lose 10lbs every week and do not buy anything that promises things like that because you are setting yourself up for disappointment and whatever it is its probably unhealthy and cannot be maintained for a long period of time (in which case you will gain back all the weight you lost).

Some women fear weight while other embrace weight and become fitness goddesses
Eleonora Dobrinina trains with weights while some women fear weights so its all about personal choice

Different Workouts Work for Different People

How well a workout works for you will depend of what your goals are for example someone training for an endurance sport does not train like someone training to compete in a power-lifting competition. So if you just want to get fit and have abs, you may not necessarily train like someone who is training not only to be fit but to get big and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Also people training to get strong powerlifting style often use low reps and super heavy weights doing basically 3 lifts (squats, bench press and deadlifts) and they usually have a lot of bodyfat compared to bodybuilding type guys who use all kinds of reps but mostly 8-12 range and use different kinds of weights and a range of isolation and compound exercises to get super shredded to very low bodyfat percentages.

Also if you are trying to get fit and have a nice body to the general public you don’t even need to join a gym, you can train using calisthenics at home or a local park. If you want a body that is well muscled from neck to calves you have to join the gym or lift weights but even then the workout you choose to do (you will probably try different workouts until you find one that works for you, even then you will change it every once in a while to break plateaus).

Doing a workout that matches your personality and that is fun for you is the best way to get results because you will stick to it longer and therefore get results a lot of the time people fail to reach their fitness goals because they quit too early and there was no progression in their workouts. So some people prefer to go train in groups so that they feel like some sort of a community. Think about cults like cross fit. Some people would rather work out at home but with an instructor so workout programs like Insanity and P90X work best for them. Calisthenics is also a big thing nowadays with people forming calisthenics crews and competitions.

Body type also affects the way you train and which workout fits best with your goals

3 bodytypes and how it affects workout and training
3 Body Types

In addition to what I have just written above people with different body types have to train differently in order to look the same. For example on stage at a fitness competition you may see all these ripped guys at extremely low BF but all of them have a training style that works for them, an endomorph does not train the same way an ectomorph or a meso morph trains, he probably has to work twice as hard to get ripped and stay ripped, an endomorph has to eat the cleanest and do the most cardio, where as an ectomorph probably found it easier to slim down and finds its easier to stay ripped, he may actually not even do cardio but is ripped. The ectomorph also probably found the gaining of the muscle the hardest part of getting ready for the competition. The Mesomorph probably found it the easiest to get ready, he bulked up nicely and did some cardio and cleaned up his diet to shred away the fat keeping as much muscle as he could, but it doesn't mean it was easy for him. Just that his journey was easier than the other two. Check out this article I wrote about body type and metabolism and how it affects weight gain.

Good form will get you far

Also if you are going to be lifting weights good form is more important than the heaviness of the weight you are lifting (good form gets you far no matter what type of training you are doing), you want to get the best of every weight you lift, you don't want the weighting getting the best of you from the get go, if so you are asking for injury and robbing yourself of gains. Lifting to get big is about getting the best of the weight with good form for the first few reps and getting more tired with every rep until towards the end of your set the weight starts to get the best of you. Here are some tips on good form when doing heavy compound exercises (which are great for gaining mass)...

Be Patient, Sweat for a bit

So just choose a workout program that fits your lifestyle the best, choose a workout that you enjoy. This will allow you to stick to it and as you progress in the level of lifts or exercises you do, you will also make progress in appearance and strength as well.   Consistency is what it is all about, get rid of all this get quick results mentality and realize that great bodies come with time and hard work, read this article to read how much muscle you can expect to gain naturally each year (get educated by gurus).Work hard, be patient and you will get a kick ass body. Peace out!

I Am Fasting Again – Trying Out Eat Stop Eat

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Hey guys last year I tried intermittent fasting as a way to cut fat and maintain lean muscle or even gain lean muscle while I burnt fat. I knew of 2 popular ways of fasting the lean gains method which requires one to have a daily fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window each day and the supper to supper fast which is a 24 hour fast not done daily. The first time I tried intermittent fasting I did the lean gains daily fast, but I did it with the goals of doing a lean bulk which meant even though I was fasting I made sure that within the 8 hour window I was still consuming enough calories to help me grow but I also wanted the benefit of my body going into fat burning mode caused by the fasting. The plan was to use fat as energy because of fasting while gaining muscle from the calories I consumed during the 8 hour feeding window and resistance training.

My results were not too bad; you can read about my experiences the first time I tried intermittent fasting here. I feel that over time I started under eating because the longer I fasted the less I wanted to eat as much as I was eating before which made trying to lean bulk very difficult. I also feel I need to give fasting another go but this time with more discipline to make sure I get the full benefits of fasting. I saw this as an opportunity to try out Eat Stop Eat which is a book about the IF lifestyle.

Brad Pilon Author of Eat Stop Eat
This is brad Pilon the author of Eat Stop Eat. Its evident from this picture that he practices what he preaches

What is Eat Stop Eat?

So this guy Brad Pilon used to work in the fitness industry for a supplement company until he decided to quit and dedicate his life to finding out the truth about weight loss which led him to discovering the benefits of intermittent fasting (which is not a knew thing). In his journey to debunk fitness myths he got a post graduate degree and acquired knowledge about weight loss and fasting backed by real research. One of the myths he found out about was the claim that if you fast you go into starvation mode and your body starts burning your muscles for energy, through studies he found out that short term fasting (24 hours like he recommends) did not cause muscle wasting but in fact caused the body to start using fat as energy in the fasted state.

Basically most of the book Eat Stop Eat teaches you about all the false information you have been getting from the fitness and food industry, its educates you on some of the myths about weight loss and fasting by giving you facts acquired by university studies. It also gives you some possible reasons why you have been misled by the food and supplement industry for years.

eat stop eat intermittent fasting book

Eat Stop Eat is not a diet; it’s more of a lifestyle?

Like the lean gains method to intermittent fasting, the Eat Stop Eat Method is meant to make your life easier by giving you the benefits of a calorie restricted diet whilst giving you the choice to eat the way you want to thus making it easier for you to stick with intermittent fasting over the long run. Most “diets” fail not because they don’t work but because people find it difficult to stick to them because they require a complete lifestyle change and they are highly restricted in terms of calories and the type of foods people are allowed to consume.

Brad Pilon recommends that you fast for one or two 24 hour periods in a week for the best results while training using resistance training for 3 days a week in order to maintain lean muscle mass while shredding fat. He also claims it’s possible to even gain lean muscle mass while on Eat Stop Eat which is what I am hoping to get while I chip away at my body fat.

What are some of the benefits of intermittent fasting?

I will not go into the details for that you need to get an updated copy of Eat Stop Eat, but I am going to list some of the benefits:

·         Decreased bodyfat and bodyweight
·         Maintenance of skeletal muscle
·         Decreased blood glucose levels
·         Decreased insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity
·         Increased lipolysis and fat oxidation
·         Increased glucagon levels
·         Increased growth hormone levels
·         Decreased food related stress
·         Increased norepinephrine and epinephrine levels

These are some of the health benefits of Eat Stop Eat and Brad has got studies and references to those studies to back his claims unlike many others in the fitness industry who use the words ‘research’ and ‘studies’ without actually sharing with us the studies they are talking about. Brad also has the ability to correctly interpret the information within those studies as he has formal education in nutrition (He went to graduate school to study Human Biology and Nutritional sciences).

What I look like now and my workout during Eat Stop Eat

I will still be using the Arnold Type Split but I will only be training each body part once a week instead of twice during my trial period of Eat Stop Eat to account for the decreased overall calories and days of fasting when I will not be working out. I plan to add a day of body weight training so that my total days of working out each week equal to 4.

So new workout will look like this:

Day 1 – Chest and Back
Day 2 – Legs
Day 3 – Fast
Day 4 – Shoulders and Arms
Day 5 – Whole Body Bodyweight Training
Day 6 – Fast
Day 7 – Rest Day

The workout program above is what my weeks will generally look like, I may swap the fasting, workout and rest days around to better fit my life. Also on the rest days I will be working out abs. 

Below is a video of my current condition to see how I look now at the beginning so it will serve as a before video. The rest of my body looks fine but my stomach has a bloated look here and abs are not looking good so I am hoping the fasting helps with that.

I will be posting progress updates in the next few weeks on how I am coping with Eat Stop Eat and the results I am getting so stay tuned to this blog.