4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Lift Heavy Weights and Why You Should Do It Anyways

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Many people want to get bigger and it is often advised that they should lift heavy weights, the heavier the weights they can lift, the more muscle they will break down and  rebuild so that their body can handle that huge load next time. There are also those who say that training with super heavy weights is unnecessary especially if you just want to get ripped and not Mr Olympia big. Let us begin with the reasons you shouldn't lift super heavy weights.

Frank Zane lifting heavy weights

In those days, I did what was necessary for me to win. This included training with heavy weights: a precursor for injury. So if I could do it over again I’d train with lighter weights, higher reps, no sets below 10 reps, with negatives slower than positives, and avoid injury. If I had done that, my physique wouldn’t have been quite as bulky, but with more definition and with less pain. – Frank Zane

Why You Should Not Lift Heavy Weights

  • They cause you to have poor form, if you have poor form it is like you are cheating. When you lift a heavy weight you cannot properly handle you have poor form which means you are not getting the intended workout to your targeted muscle, you would have been better served by a lower weight with proper form to get the most out of your workout through a full range of motion.

  • Lifting heavy weights often results in injury, injuries often caused by poor form and the inability to handle the weight you are lifting. Injury can take you weeks, months to recover or you could never recover from it fully. While you are injured there could be exercises you can do short term or can never do permanently just because you wanted to lift a weight you could not handle.

  • You are not a powerlifter or a professional bodybuilder who needs to be hulk size so it is not necessary to lift super heavy weights to get big. Even bodybuilders lift those super heavy weights for show. You do not need to lift super heavy to get big, you just need to lift smart and to know what you are doing.

  • Do not lift super heavy weights if you are by yourself and have no one to spot you, this is dangerous and could result in serious injury if the weight you are trying to lift crashes into you.

ronnie coleman nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights

Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights – Ronnie Coleman

Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights

  • When I was a kid I not only dreamed of being big and muscular, I also dreamed of being super strong, I don’t want to be those guys who only look strong and big, I want my size to be proportional to my strength or even be stronger than I look since my goal weight is not that big at around 85kg of shredded muscle.

  • Lifting heavy weights and doing compound exercises is the simplest way to gain good size and strength as fast as possible, but make sure that when you are lifting heavy weights you take the necessary safety precautions like wearing a lifting belt when doing your squats, deadlifts and whatever other exercise that involves your back to protect your back.

  • If you realize that you are not superman and you are not a power lifter trying to break some record. If you can avoid doing anything stupid like lifting to impress others, lifting only what you are able to lift. Do not risk injury due to poor form because you were showing off that you could lift the most weight. 

  • You can lift heavy weights as long as you go about it in the right way, do not go from lifting 60kg to lifting over 100kg’s when you are still not ready or strong enough, take time each week to build strength by progressing in small increments till you can reach that goal heavy weight of yours. Add a couple pounds per week to what you can lift and soon all those pounds of iron will add up to a colossal amount of weight that will help you build muscle along the way to becoming super strong as well.

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