Happy New Year, Now Let’s Get Back to Work

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Christmas and New Years day have now come and gone, we have survived the apocalypse or it has been postponed(who knows), we have had lots of food and much needed time with those we love now it’s time to get serious again, eat well and go back to a full blown gym schedule.

I am 21 now and I have been looking at how old some of my favourite fitness models are and how old they were when they achieved their goal physiques or the physique that they have now come to be famous for. Many of them had fitness model physiques in their teen and early 20’s. I decided that I too want to get my goal physique by the end of this year.

A Tough Year Lies Ahead

When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you ~ Zig Ziglar

I know that it is going to be tough and my diet is going to have to be on point and that I will probably need to do more cardio then I was previously comfortable doing but it needs to be done, it is what is necessary to go to the next level. I feel it is time I progress from just having a fit buff body to a body that very few people have or should I say I want to have a body that very few people are willing to put in the work for.


I am not a big fan of supplements but I feel it will be easier to gain muscle and keep it with the aid of protein shakes, especially whey protein. I think it is very difficult and expensive to buy and consume loads of chicken/fish or other protein rich foods just so I can get enough protein by eating several times per day. I have never used protein shakes before so this will be a first for me and I hope I see great results. I know quality of whey protein is important so I will use a trusted brand just so I do not waste my money.

And who are those young inspirational fitness models I was talking about?

Jeff Seid is still only 18 yet he has the body that people who have been working out for years still dream of.
jeff seid spartan warrior pose

Josef Rakich is still in his early 20’s yet he sports one of the most ripped bodies in the world.
josef rakich ripped abs

Kirill Chayka is only 21 years old and yet he looks better than the Spartans in the movie 300.
kirill chayka ripped bodybuilder

Marc Fitt has the most cut abs I have ever seen and great body at the age of 21 even though he does not have much mass, he has a kind of body that chicks are into.
marc fitt crazy ripped abs

marc fitt abs gif
Marc Fitt abs 

My current favourite and goal physique is Ryan Terry who is 24 years old but he got his awesome physique in his early 20’s too.
ryan terry mr international ripped physique

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